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Joint Impact of Jupiter-Saturn in transit from April, 2021 to April, 2022.

To start with, please read these articles Transit of Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021-22 (https://www.astrosaxena.com/JupTrAqua2122) & Saturn Transit in Capricorn from Jan, 2020 (https://www.astrosaxena.com/sat20) to understand the base behind this article.

In this article, we will see how joint impact of Jupiter & Saturn on Libra is going to impact our lives from April, 2021 to April, 2022. Let's cover this analysis on following points -

Concept of Joint Impact - So, the concept goes like if while transiting Jupiter & Saturn are both impacting one house/sign of a chart, then things related to that house/sign are most probable to happen. For Ex - If Jupiter is transiting through Cancer and Saturn is in Scorpio, then Jupiter-Saturn joint impact will be on Scorpio (as Saturn is sitting there and Jupiter has 5th house aspect there) and Capricorn (as Saturn has 3rd house aspect and Jupiter has 7th house aspect there). So, wherever Scorpio and Capricorn falls in your chart, things related to those houses are most probable to happen. It rarely happens that joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn doesn't work for someone.

Reason behind the Concept - A normal reason that is given for this concept is that these 2 are biggest planets in Solar System, hence their impact on a house/sign works in a given time. Valid argument to a great extent but there are few more reasons as I see. These are as follows -

a. Positioning of Jupiter & Saturn in Sky - If we see the positioning of Jupiter & Saturn in the Solar System, they are farthest away from Sun among all visible planets. Hence, their orbit of revolving around Sun is biggest. It also means that all other planets work under the orbit of Jupiter & Saturn. So, when these two are simultaneously indicating towards a portion of Sky (house/sign), then other planets are bound to follow the indication.

b. Joint Impact of Transiting Planets - Another way of saying same thing is that normally Jupiter-Saturn transits are for a long period of time. So, their joint impact also lasts for a longer time. So, if Jupiter-Saturn joint impact will be there for even 6-7 months on a house/sign then it is a good enough time window to predict the event as not only Jupiter-Saturn are impacting the house/sign but in those 6-7 months, other planets like Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Venus are also supposed to pass through same sign as they have smaller transits. So, at a given time, 3-4 planets can be impacting a house/sign, which makes it more probable that things related to that house/sign can manifest during the transit. So, it is joint collaboration of all transiting planets.

c. Duration of Joint Impact - Another important reason is, as I said, duration of transit. When planets are impacting a house/sign for a longer time of 6+ months, then possibilities are high to make a meaningful prediction. This is also the reason why predictions of negative events have more possibility of being successful than predictions of positive events. Negative Events depend on transits of malefic planets like Saturn/Rahu/Ketu/Mars. Except Mars, all other planets have longer transit time. Positive Events depend on transits of Jupiter-Venus-Mercury-Moon. Except Jupiter, all others have very short transit duration. As joint impact of Jupiiter-Saturn normally lasts for 6+months, there are more chances of things happening in this time frame. So, duration of transit plays an important role in manifestation of predictions.

d. Last but not the least, Saturn is the one which makes us do hard work and Jupiter is the one which provides the results. So, when Jupiter-Saturn both impact any house/sign during transit then it means that Saturn will make us put efforts related with that house and then Jupiter provides the results of that house. Like this, they work in tandem. We can say that if someone is ready to put his hard work and efforts in certain area of life, as per Saturn’s requirements, then he is supposed to get benefits of the same house.

e. So, these are the reasons why joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn is more probable to give us results.
Jupiter-Saturn positions between April, 2021 to April, 2022 -

i. Jupiter will be in Aquarius from April, 2021 to Sep, 2021 and then from Nov, 2021 to April, 2022.

ii. Saturn will be in Capricorn from Jan, 2020 to Jan, 2023.

Joint Impact of Jupiter-Saturn - So, between April, 2021 to to Sep, 2021 and then from Nov, 2021 to April, 2022, joint impact of Jupiter-Saturn will be on -

i. Libra - Saturn will have its 10th aspect on Libra from Capricorn and Jupiter will have its 9th aspect on Libra from Aquarius.

ii. In between, Jupiter-Saturn will join again in Capricorn sign from Sep, 2021 to Nov, 2021 and will jointly impact the Capricorn-Cancer axis. Results of that joint impact were explained here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jupcapri2021.

Nature of Aspect – Now, it is also important to understand the nature of aspect which Saturn-Jupiter are casting on Libra –

i. It is Saturn’s 10th aspect which is aspect of duty and responsibility. So, Saturn’s 10th aspect on Libra will bring the responsibility or duty related with house where Libra is falling in chart. It can also bring responsibility related with things which Libra represents.

ii. It is Jupiter’s 9th aspect which is aspect of awareness and fortune. So, Jupiter’s 9th aspect on Libra will make us become aware of our responsibilities related with house where Libra falls in chart and if we are ready to put efforts then Jupiter’s aspect can bring fortune related with that house.

iii. Again, Saturn is the one which makes us do hard work and Jupiter is the one which provides the results. So, we need to put our best efforts in order to gain the results.

iv. Hence, we need to watch-out for the house where Libra sign falls in your chart as things related to that house is more probable to manifest. At the same time, as Saturn is involved, we need to keep in mind that it will require hard work and perseverance for at least the whole year of joint impact to manifest things/events.

Planets in Libra - Also, as always, if you have any planet sitting in Libra, those planets will also give their results as per their karaka things and houses they rule.

Mahadasha/Antardasha - Last but not the least, full impact of results will be seen by people under Jupiter or Saturn Dashas. Others will have its impact as per Antardasha/Pratyantar dasha times of Jupiter/Saturn.

During the month of March, 2021, I will be posting the joint impact of Saturn-Jupiter on the house where Libra falls as per every ascendant. I think by dealing every ascendant through a separate post, I will be able to share more information and cover them in a better way, rather than by talking about all of them in one article here. Hence, next post will be on result of Joint Impact of Jupiter-Saturn transit on Libra for Aries ascendant or Aries Moon sign people.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any comment/question/suggestion.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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