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Horoscope of Adolf Hitler – Importance of Elements

There was a request to write about the Horoscope of Adolf Hitler. As I like to cover these Celebrity Horoscopes based on some concepts of Astrology, I feel it will be good to study chart on the concept of elements in Astrology. Going further, we will know why I chose this? Let’s cover Adolf Hitler’s chart on following points –

Introduction of Person and Chart – As I see, I need not to introduce people to Adolf Hitler. No major political story of first half of 20th Century can be completed without mention of Adolf Hitler. If still someone doesn’t know about Adolf Hitler then Wikipedia may help you - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler. Astrologically speaking, as per the information available online, Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April, 1889 at 6.30 pm at Brunnau, Austria. He was a Virgo Ascendant person with Moon-Ketu-Jupiter in 4th house/Sagittarius, Sun-Mercury-Mars-Venus in 8th house/Aries, Rahu in 10th house/Gemini and Saturn in 11th house/Cancer. There is another Libra ascendant chart which is available for Adolf Hitler in some sites but I will give reasons why I feel that Virgo ascendant chart aligns with Adolf Hitler and his life more.

Elements in Astrology – As we know that there are main 4 elements in which zodiac signs are divided. These are Fire Element, Earth Element, Air Element and Water Element. Now, the total elements of nature are five; i.e. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Space. So, anyone can ask where is the Space Element in Astrological Chart? Well, Space is where all these Zodiac Signs are placed in Sky. Then all these elements should be balanced in a person’s life. If a person has heavy accumulation of energy in one element and almost no energy in another element then it is imbalanced chart and we need to work on the element which is missing in chart. For example, I have 4 planets in Earth Signs (Taurus and Capricorn). One of the trait of Earth Element is practicality and logic. The only feedback I regularly get from people is that they find my analysis very practical and logical. At the same time, I have no planets in Gemini, Libra and Ketu is in Aquarius. This means that Air element is missing in my chart and I need to work on the things represented by Air element and develop them to balance the energy between elements. One of the trait of Air Element is Communication and I had to work a lot on my communications. Those who know me at personal level, know that even today I am a very quiet person in personal life and I speak more only in professional life. Even there, I had to work a lot on my communications. Also, this is another way of knowing an enlightened being is that He has all elements balanced in His life and hence, He has gone beyond element.

Now, if we see Adolf Hitler’s chart, it is heavily Fire Element chart. 3 planets (Moon-Jupiter-Ketu) in Sagittarius sign and 4 planets (Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars) in Aries sign. This means that he had 7 out of 9 planets in Fire Signs. Let’s understand this –

Understanding and Interpretations –

Ascendant – He was a Virgo Ascendant. It is natural 6th zodiac sign and has 6th house energy of Conflicts. Virgo ascendant people naturally get into lots of conflicts or they invite conflicts in life. This is where I feel that Virgo ascendant chart is correct for him as Libra is the sign of peace and diplomacy. If he had been a Libra ascendant person then he would have had at least some traits of peaceful negotiation and diplomacy.

Ascendant Nakshatra – His ascendant nakshatra was Hasta. Although, it is nakshatra of Healing but there is another representation of Hasta which is about Ambitions and Control because it is also represented by a Clenched Fist. If we reflect back, Hitler actually wanted to keep a clinched fist over the whole world.

Fire Element – Now as discussed, Hitler has 7 planets in Fire Signs. Fire Element represents Action, Aggression, Desire to rule over others, Fiery Nature and Violence etc. When so many planets are in Fire Signs then it is obvious that he was having this heavy fire energy within himself which he eventually exhibited. Let’s understand all planets sitting in these Fire Signs –

Sun – Sun, itself the source of all fire, is in 8th house/Aries where it was exalted. The desire to reach in high authoritative position was there.

Mars – Mars is another fiery planet and it is in own sign in 8th house/Aries. Mars is a Soldier and Adolf Hitler was a Soldier who fought the First World War. Sun-Mars together in Aries were enough to make him extra aggressive.

Mercury – Mercury represents Communications. Mercury along with Sun-Mars in 8th house/Aries gave him a very fiery way of communications with people. When I initially heard some of his speeches, I felt that he was unable to control himself while speaking and many of his speeches were very agitated ones. It is almost like someone is ranting over someone else. His initial fame and recognition was also of a very aggressive and influential speaker.

Venus – Venus represents relationship and Venus was heavily impacted by Mars-Sun and relationship life obviously was not a great one. Although he was in relationship with Eva Braun over 15+ years but he had complete dominance over her, which at least I don’t perceive as relationship at all.

Then he had Moon-Jupiter-Ketu in 4th house/Sagittarius, which is another Fire Sign –

Jupiter-Ketu – Jupiter is although in own sign but it is at the axis of Rahu-Ketu which creates Guru Chandal Yoga. In matters of belief system, they beat their own drum. Also, malefic planet (Ketu) impact on Jupiter/Sagittarius shows that person can be adamant or fundamentalist about his belief system which was very much evident in Adolf Hitler’s behavior. Another thing is that Jupiter represents expansion. Jupiter sitting in a fire sign and aspecting other two fire signs expands the fiery tendencies of person.

Moon – Moon is Mind. As Moon is also in Sagittarius, it shows that even mind was working in a very fiery and aggressive ways.
As we can see that all seven planets were making him fiery and aggressive in his ways. Also, when so many planets are in Fire Signs then no matter which dasha you are in, you will be impacted by this fiery energy.

Other Elements – Now, let’s see the situation with other elements in this chart –

Virgo ascendant – Virgo is an Earth Sign. As it is his ascendant, we can say that presence of Earth Element was there in his chart.

Rahu in Gemini – He had Rahu in 10th house/Gemini from where Rahu aspects 2nd house/Libra and 6th house/Aquarius. They all are Air Signs. As Rahu is also an expansive planet and impacting all Air Signs, even Air Element was prominently present in his chart.
Then what is missing?

Water Element – He had no planet in 3rd house/Scorpio and 7th house/Pisces. Also, Saturn was in 11th house/Cancer. All these are Water Signs. 2 of them are empty and Cancer had the most malefic planet Saturn which represents lack of something. So, Water Element was almost absent in his chart. One of the main traits of Water Element is Human Emotions. This person was lacking in Human Emotions quite clearly.

As I said through my example, whichever element we are lacking, we need to get into the activities related with that element. This would make that particular element’s energy to increase and we can expect energy between elements to be more balanced. So, if this person had even tried to deal with people with little more emotions and compassion then things would not have been so horrible for the world.

Another example of similarly heavy fire energy chart is of Osho - https://www.astrosaxena.com/osho where he had 5 planets in 8th house/Sagittarius but Osho also had Jupiter exalted in 3rd house/Cancer, Sun in 7th house/Scorpio and Rahu in 11th house/Pisces. So, Osho also had good presence of Water energy in his chart. That’s why; although Osho is most fiery , blunt and harsh of Orator of all time but underneath it, purpose of speaking so harsh/blunt/fiery was to awaken the people. So, he spoke like this out of compassion towards people.

Finally, one of my friend asked a good question regarding Hitler’s chart is that although all these planets are in Fire Signs but they are still in 2 houses (4th house and 8th house) which are originally houses of Water Signs (Cancer and Scorpio) respectively. Then why Hitler didn’t exhibit the results of Water Element or how we can interpret this?

First of all, houses get moulded into signs. Sign’s energy overtake the house energy. That’s why; we will see more results of these Fiery Signs rather than Houses in this chart or in any similar chart. Another way of understanding is that when Water and Fire energy is coming together then obviously Water will turn into Steam and evaporate.

Conclusion – Let’s conclude this analysis with this response from Osho on a question where questioner asked that if everyone starts believing in his (Osho’s) concept of destiny then people will become lazy?

Osho says –“Let it be so. What is the harm? What harm or what loss a lazy person has caused to anyone in this world? This world has suffered only because of hyper-active people. If Hitler had been little lazy then it would have been a great blessing for whole world.”

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

PS - If anyone wants to learn more about Elements then Ernst Wilhelm's book Gruha Sutra can be of great help.

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  • Thank you for the article! Very insightful! Could relate to the part where you mentioned no planets in air sign has need to work on communication because I have 0 planets in air sign and my communication, especially verbal, is not that good. Would be great if in future there’s articles on general implications of no planets / too much planets in different element signs (just a suggestion, please don’t feel obliged)

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