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Fame After Physical Death.

There was a request to write about the chart of Late Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moosewala, who was recently killed. Although, he was already popular and followed by many on social media but his fame suddenly rose after his passing away. Then if we see in history, we will find people who rose to fame after their demise. Hence, rather than focusing the whole article on one person or one event, I would like to cover different charts in this article for people who got extreme fame after their passing away.

Let’s cover this article on following points –

Concept of Fame.

Houses related with Fame.

Houses related with Death.

Astrological Combination of Fame after death.

A few examples.



Let’s cover all points one after the other –


Concept of Fame – Timing of attainment of fame is one of the most common questions asked during a consultation. Now, it is important to know what does actually fame mean? Fame means that you are known among masses. That means people should know you. Now, people can know you only if you are connected with people through any means, i.e. either sports, media, arts, politics or any profession which requires you to connect with masses on daily basis through your work. So, fame is only possible when you are following your creative pursuits, interests, hobbies and passions in a business-setup of career. This is sad reality of job-setup career that you can have very limited fame or popularity there among your team or on your floor. For the fame among masses, you have to come out of your comfort zone and connect with masses. Then only you can expect your chart, planets and dashas to bring some fame to you.


Houses related with Fame – As we know that main house of Fame is 10th house as 10th house shows your public image, authority and recognition.10th house shows that person is well recognized in his field by society. Another house related with Fame is 7th house as 7th house is house of masses and people.  7th house involvement shows that native is connected with people for one reason or the other.

Houses related with Death – Likewise, we need to check the houses related with Death. As we know that 2nd house and 7th house are Maraka Houses. We also know that 2nd house or 7th house can also bring death-like circumstances or a feeling that death is better than going through XYZ situation in life but here in this article, as we are specifically looking for physical death of person, we need to consider 2nd house and 7th house as purely Maraka Houses only; i.e. death inflicting houses.

Additionally, 8th house represents death and re-birth. It can also be a house where a person can experience death like situations as it is 7th from 2nd house and 2nd from 7th house. So, it is maraka for both maraka houses.

Astrological Combination of Fame after death – Now, whenever we can see any energy exchange between 2nd house or 7th house or 8th house with 10th house, we can say that person can gain fame and recognition after passing away as house of fame is getting connected with houses of death.

For example – 7th house lord in 10th house or vice-versa, 10th house lord and 2nd house lord conjunct in 8th house, 8th house lord and 10th house lord conjunct anywhere in chart etc.

Basically, there should be some energy exchange between 2nd house or 7th house or 8th house with 10th house. If this energy exchange is taking place in these houses only then bigger possibility of this event to take place. Also, it is better if energy exchange is by conjunctions or sitting in each other house/signs. I meant to say that aspects between these lords in chart may not bring such results.

A few examples – Here are a few examples where we can see such combinations taking place time and again which confirms this theory - 

  • Vincent Van Gogh (https://celebrity.astrosage.com/vincent-van-gogh-birth-chart.asp) – As per online information available, Vincent Van Gogh was born on 30 March, 1853 at 11 am at Zundert, Netherlands. In his chart, we can see that 7th house and 8th house lord Saturn was sitting in 10th house/Aries where it was debilitated. It shows almost no fame for him in lifetime. In his lifetime, only one of his painting got sold and people could realize true value of his art only after he passed away. So, this first example is very much fitting into the theory we discussed.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche (https://www.astrosage.com/celebrity-horoscope/friedrich-nietzsche-birth-chart.asp) – One of the best psychological brain of all times, Friedrich Nietzsche was born on 15th Oct 1844 at 10 am at Rocken, Lutzen, Germany. He had Moon ruling 10th house/Cancer of fame and Moon was in 2nd house/Scorpio alongwith Rahu. So, we can again see the connection between house of fame (10th house) and maraka house (2nd house). Interestingly, in this example, Moon is in Scorpio sign of death and rebirth and it is also with Rahu which is karaka of Fame. Needless to mention the influence Friedrich Nietzsche has on modern psychology, philosophy and religion. When Osho prefers to repeat his quotation “God is Dead” many a times then we have to accept his influence on some of great minds of all times.
  • Osho (https://www.astrosaxena.com/osho) – We can see how Osho’s literature is changing the shape of 21st century after Him leaving the physical body in 1990. As per online information available, Osho was born on 11 Dec 1931 at 5.45 pm at Kuchwada, India. Apparently, this is a chart which has flooded 8th house. His 2nd house lord Mercury, 7th house lord Mars and 10th house lord Saturn are all conjunct together in 8th house/Sagittarius. This shows a mystical person and someone who could be understood (if at all) and recognized after his death.
  • Sidhu Moosewala – As per online information, Sidhu Moosewala was born on 11th June 1993 at 2.30 am at Mansa, India. In his chart, 2nd house/Scorpio and 7th house/Aries lord Mars was debilitated in 10th house/Cancer. So again, we can see a prominent connection between Maraka houses and house of Fame.
  • Franz Kafka (https://celebrity.astrosage.com/franz-kafka-birth-chart.asp) – As per online information, Franz Kafka was born on 3rd July, 1883 at 7.01.59 am at Prague. He had 10th house lord Mars with 7th house and 8th house lord Saturn in 11th house. In astrology, we also consider Ketu as Karaka of death as it is the planet of letting-go and originally rules 8th house/Scorpio along with Mars. Franz also had Ketu in 10th house of Fame which can be considered as another indication of Fame after life.
  • Oscar Wilde (https://celebrity.astrosage.com/oscar-wilde-birth-chart.asp) – As per online information, Oscar Wilde was born on 16th Oct, 1854 at 2.38 am at Dublin, Ireland. He had 7th house lords Saturn-Rahu in 10th house/Taurus and 10th house lord Venus in 2nd house/Virgo. So again, there is a connection between Maraka Houses and 10th house.
  • Nikola Tesla – And here comes the difficulty in relying online birth details of people who were born way back in 1800s or prior to that. Wikipedia shows Nikola Tesla was born on 10th July, 1856 but astrosage shows his chart based on 9th July, 1856 whereas astro databank shows that his chart with birth date of 28th June, 1856. Hence, I would not take Nikola Tesla chart in consideration for this analysis.
  • Sushant Singh Rajput – Even with Sushant Singh Rajput case, there are different charts floating online which shows him as person of different ascendants. Hence, we need to skip this example too.

Likewise, I couldn’t get birth charts of Stieg Larsson and Vivian Maier. For Karl Marx, internet is giving different times of birth. Hence, we can’t analyze these charts too.

Some worthy mentions here of people who got fame after their passing away are Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, William Shakespeare and Sandro Botticelli. People can analyze these charts too on similar lines to confirm the same rule we discussed theoretically.

Conclusion – As per above analysis, we can say that the result of gaining fame after passing away can come in following situations –

  • There is an energy exchange between lords of  2nd house, 7th house, 8th house and 10th house.
  • This energy exchange should happen through either sitting in respective houses or being conjunct.
  • This result is more potential when planets involved are natural malefic planets and also losing dignity.
  • Additionally, Ketu in 10th house can also bring this result of Fame after passing away.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti


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  • You could give examples of Avicii and Kurt Cobain

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