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Global Events and Human Consciousness


In recent times, many people have asked me if I have analyzed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Chart or Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s chart or if I see the possibility of World War happening in near future astrologically?

This post is in response to these inquiries –


Not Willing – I understand the concern of people but short and quick response to all the above queries is that I am not willing to analyze any of these things.

Now, the detailed response as to why I am not willing?

Planetary Energies and Human Consciousness – In recent times, I have clearly stated in many of my articles that everything around us is just the energy. We are also manifestation of same energy. Planets are also manifestation of same energy. God is also another name of same energy. I have also said that energy is neutral and it depends on the person using the energy as to how he wants to use it? Nuclear Energy can create Electricity for you and it can also create Atom Bomb for you. It depends on you, what we want to create? Fire can cook food for you or it can burn the whole house. It depends on you, how you want to utilize the fire?

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All I am trying to say that Planetary Energy is Neutral. It depends on person who is utilizing that energy as to how he wants to utilize it?

One Planet, One House or One Sign represent 1000s of things. It depends on the consciousness level of person as to what he wants to choose.

People say that “I was under Mars MD or Mars transit in my 1st house, that’s why I got into fight or violence as Mars represents Violence”. Well, Mars also represents Protection, Sports or Defending Others. Why you couldn’t do any of these activities? Why you chose only Violence?

It is because you wanted to choose violence as per your evolution level and Mars transit in 1st house is only your excuse.

1000s of representations of houses or planets or signs are just different options Energy/God/Universe/Nature is giving us to manifest the energy. We choose option as per our consciousness level.

Another way of understanding this is that Osho is author of 900+ published books but majority of population only talks about one book; i.e. From Sex to Superconsciousness. It only shows evolution level of those people as they are obsessed about Sex and can’t see the remaining 899 books.

This is where I think that we should stop blaming planets or God for our lives on Earth because we are choosing our life as per our consciousness level.


Difference in Evolution Level – Let’s take this example. Right now, our Dear Politicians have all the Nuclear Weapons and we are scared about the World War or total destruction of this beautiful planet which can be the only planet where Human Life became possible.

But then give all this Nuclear Energy in the Hands of Gautam Buddha or Jesus Christ and would you feel the same fear for your existence?

I am 100% sure that we won’t have any fear as we would know that now power is in safe hands. Actually, only a Buddha should have weapons in his hands as he knows if he should use it at all?

Planetary Energies are same but a power grabbing politician will utilize for destruction whereas compassionate person will utilize for creation.

Outer Life Vs Inner Life – Now, why we have such a mismatch between the power available in outer world Vs low inner consciousness?

It is because we have lived an outer life. We have developed outer life; i.e. technology, machines, weapons, bombs etc. But we haven’t paid any attention to consciousness. Since last 6 years, I am telling people to meditate but rarely someone is willing. Osho and Jiddu Krishnamurthy told the same to people for 4-5 decades and a very few people were willing to follow the path. So, I can’t complain actually in 6 years’ time, if people are not listening to my advice.

Now, obviously when we don’t work on our inner consciousness then we will be in these situations again and again when our lives will be at stake due to some political madness? We have given all the powers of destructions in the hands of politicians who are at lower consciousness level. So, result which we are seeing is very obvious due to imbalance between Outer World and Inner Consciousness. Again, no need to blame any planet or God for this situation. Blame our own consciousness.


How Meditation can bring better life? – The whole purpose of Meditation is to make you reach up to the state of No-Thought. When you are in the state of No-Thought then Mind no longer exists as Mind is nothing but brooding ground for thoughts. No Thought = No Mind. It means that this person won’t have any egoistic desires because thoughts only bring forth the desires. When there is no desire then why person would try to dominate or control or destroy any other person? He will be happy to work as an instrument of God/Energy and let the works done through him as per the energy of the moment. Then God works through the person and person becomes the instrument of God.

But right now, situation is that God/Energy is the instrument by which we are adamant to manifest our thoughts and desires.

I am sure that if all country’s Prime Ministers and Presidents are told to meditate one hour daily then no war can take place in this World. You cannot do anything wrong when you are conscious.


Blaming Planets and God – I think at least now is the high time when we should stop blaming Planets and God for our condition in our lives. No God is having any fun or joy in leaving children orphaned on the streets of War-torn countries. Blame our own consciousness and our own unwillingness to rise to a higher consciousness.

Blaming planets and God is never going to help us in improving our human existence. We have to accept that our own consciousness is our God and we create or we destroy our world through our consciousness or unconsciousness respectively.

But here comes the troublesome part that if we don’t blame Planets or God then we have to take responsibilities on ourselves that we are in mess because of ourselves and that would hurt human ego. Hence, blaming planets and God is easy way out.


I am sure even after reading this, majority of people would be interested in putting-forth their arguments for some futile discussions rather than starting meditation. Discussions, Logics and Arguments are mind’s way to keep you trapped, so that you should not meditate. But to realize this, people would have to grow.


At the level of human consciousness or evolution we are, it is actually a matter of surprise that why we haven’t seen World War already!!!!


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti



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  • I felt this in my soul. Thank you for your wisdom!

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