Astrology, Kundalini Energy and Chakra Activation. - 2

This can be considered as sequel of my earlier article on Chakras in human body and how they get activated through Kundalini Energy - I would suggest people to go through this quoted article first before going through one I am writing now.

In this article, I would tell how a person can himself activate his higher chakras by focusing at certain activities. Again, as it is spiritual topic and I am not a spiritual person at all, all this information is coming from Osho.

Let’s begin –

Energy and Focus – Again, if we go back to the basics, we can say that everything around us is Energy and we are also manifestation of same energy. Another thing is that wherever we focus our energy, that thing grows in life. If we focus on resentments and grudges in life then our pessimism will grow and if we focus on blessings in life then positivity will grow. Redirecting our energy/thought/focus towards better or more evolved activities is still very much under our free will. At least, we can think what we want to think.

Chakras – Basically in earlier article, I stated the symbolism on the basis of which a person can understand that Kundalini Energy is active in his body and Chakras are getting activated. In this article, I will try to state the kind of activities we can do to activate Kundalini Energy and thereby it can activate Chakras.

As discussed before in the above article, our human body has 7 upper chakras and 7 lower chakras. Kundalini Energy flows through these chakras and one after the other activates these chakras.

These Chakras are –

Mooladhar Chakra or Root Chakra or Base Chakra.
Swadhishthan Chakra or Sacral Chakra.
Manipur Chakra or Naval Chakra.
Anahat Chakra or Heart Chakra.
Vishuddh Chakra or Throat Chakra.
Ajna Chakra or Third-Eye Chakra.
Sahastrar Chakra or Crown Chakra.

Now, every chakra represents certain things. First Four Chakras (from Mooladhar Chakra to Anahat Chakra) represent things in 2 categories. These categories can be termed as Basic Possibility Vs Evolved Possibility of these Chakras. And the catalyst which can help us to move from the Basic Possibility to Evolved Possibility is Awareness or Mindfulness. Just like Electricity plays the catalyst between Hydrogen and Oxygen which converts them in Water, likewise Awareness or Mindfulness can make us realize the difference of Basic Possibility Vs Evolved Possibility and help us move from Basic Possibility to Evolved Possibility of every chakra. Another thing is that Basic Possibility and Evolved Possibility just look opposite to each other but they are one and same foundationally. For example, it may surprise you if I say that Love and Hate are same. Understand it like this; you cannot hate someone just like that. First, you must be in love with same person. Now, the love has turned into hate for some reasons but if you see closely then you will realize that in the foundation of every hate, love is involved. As Osho said, “Love Affair never ends. It just turns into Hate Affair”.

Likewise, all these representations of various chakras only look opposite on surface but if we look at it closely then foundation is one and the same. Awareness can bring that close attention and we can transform our energy/focus from Basic Possibility to Evolved Possibility of same Chakra.

Now, let’s understand what every chakra represents and how we can use the same energy for evolved possibility to activate a particular chakra which will help us in moving to a higher chakra.

Mooladhar Chakra or Root Chakra or Base Chakra – It is the center of the body where energy is accumulated and energy can travel into either direction. It can move downwards in Sex and it can move upwards through spine to activate higher chakras. So, the basic possibility of Mooladhar Chakra is Sex or Sexual Desires and the higher evolved Possibility of Mooladhar Chakra is Brahmacharya.

Here, we need to understand this word Brahmacharya in correct perspective because it is misunderstood as Celibacy. Brahma is the Creator as per Hindu Mythology and Charya means behavior or living like. So, Brahmacharya actually means behaving like Brahma – The Creator or living like Brahma – The Creator.

Now, either we can exhaust the energy at Mooladhar Chakra in satisfying our sexual desires or through awareness, we can redirect that energy in being a Brahma or living like a Brahma; i.e. in creating something else in our life.

Now, understand that how we can bring awareness here. The basic possibility of Sex is that before we leave this incarnation, someone else should take birth through us to replace us. Now, the same possibility can be accomplished through creating something new.

For example, you may find many creative people like Singers, Painters and Musicians etc never feel the need of getting into relation and creating a child because they have created something which will remain in existence much longer. If this awareness can come in us that through Sex or Sexual Desires, we are kind of wasting our energy, as the sexual desires would never be fully satisfied for anyone by anyone, which could be utilized for higher creative purposes then the transformation has taken place and you have overcome the obstacle of Mooladhar Chakra.

Most important here is that we should not start treating Sex or Sexual Desires as our enemy. Understand that if we are engaged in Sex or thinking that Sex is our enemy then in both cases, you are somewhere connected with Sex. Treating someone as enemy is also a connection. Love is one pole of connection and Hate is another pole of connection. Right in between is indifference where you neither love a person nor hate. Person’s existence itself doesn’t make any impression on you. That’s where the indifference is.

So, getting engaged in sexual desire is one pole. Treating sexual desire as enemy is another pole. Right in between is awareness that we can transform and use the same energy in other creative purposes.

So, the moment this awareness starts to come in to you, you have started going towards evolved possibility of Mooladhar Chakra. The day you start working on those other creative purposes, you have crossed the Mooladhar Chakra and entered into Swadhishthan Chakra. In a way, it is the biggest obstacle to move from Mooladhar Chakra because it is so difficult to become aware and move away from attraction of Sex or Sexual Desires.

Swadhishthan Chakra or Sacral Chakra – After clearing Mooladhar Chakra, now energy will enter in Swadhishthan Chakra. Energy at this chakra can also be utilized in two ways. Its basic possibility is Fear, Hate, Anger and Violence etc. Its evolved possibility is Love, Compassion, Friendship and Fearlessness. Again, it is our free will where we want to divert our energy at this Chakra. If we are diverting energy by focusing at basic possibilities then we can’t activate and evolve through this chakra. Then we will be stuck at this chakra only. We need to focus and divert our energy towards Love, Compassion and Friendship etc to pass through this chakra and enter into the next Manipur Chakra. Again, it can be the obstacle to evolve through this Chakra if we start treating Fear, Hate, Anger and Violence etc as our enemies and if we start fighting against them. Again, the catalyst for transformation of energy will be awareness. The day we become aware that we can’t overcome our fears until we face them, the fear becomes fearlessness. The day we become aware that we hate the same person whom we loved at some point of time then hate is transformed. The day we become aware of the anger, it transforms into compassion. Again, we need to utilize awareness here to transform and redirect the energy towards the evolved possibilities so that we can enter in Manipur Chakra.

Always remember that we can do anything wrong only when we are unconscious. Consciously, we cannot be angry/fearful/violent etc.

Manipur Chakra or Naval Chakra – Then energy enters into the Manipur Chakra. Its basic possibilities are Doubt or Thoughts. Both are one and same. Thoughts bring Doubts. A thoughtful person is naturally a doubtful person. Its evolved possibilities are Faith or Wisdom etc. When Doubt transforms, it becomes Faith. When Thought transforms, it becomes Wisdom. Now, how to go through this transformation. Again, through awareness.

Suppose, your mind has given you some doubt. The peak of this doubt will be achieved when you start doubting this doubt also. The moment you do that, your doubt will transform in faith. I have gone through this process, so I know this. Likewise, Wisdom can develop only by going through peak of Thoughtfulness. As I said, thought and doubt are same things. They co-exist. So, when you have got Faith after crossing doubt, you have also got wisdom by crossing over your thoughts.

Also, it is important to know the difference between faith and belief. Belief is something you only believe in. You haven’t seen its manifestation. You are told by others about it and you start believing in it.

Faith is manifested belief. When you actually see those things happening which you believed then it is Faith.

Again, it will be an obstacle to treat Doubt as enemy and to fight against it. We need to look at our thoughts or doubts with awareness and start doubting our doubts to reach Faith. Then we move into Anahat Chakra.

Anahat Chakra or Heart Chakra – Now, we are at Anahat Chakra. Its basic possibility is Imagination or Dreaming etc. Its evolved possibility is Will or Vision etc. I think it will be helpful to understand through Law of Attraction that how Imagination can become Will or how Dream can become a Vision? When you imagine something intensely with whole of your being involved into it then it transforms into Will as that imagination starts pushing you to achieve it. Likewise, the peak or pinnacle of Dreaming is Vision. If I dream intensely to get something or achieve something, then it is quite possible for me to have the vision of same achievements. If we read stories of famous sports persons of the world then we would realize that they all envisioned their success before actually achieving it.

Again, it would be an obstacle if we start considering imagination as only imagination and dream as a mere dream. We can utilize our awareness to redirect our Imagination to Will and Dreams towards Vision. Then we can move into next Vishuddha Chakra.

Vishuddh Chakra or Throat Chakra – Now, we are at Vishuddha Chakra. Up to now, the possibilities of Chakras were divided into two parts; Basic Possibility Vs Evolved Possibility. From the 5th Chakra, there is no dualities of possibilities. But there is still a difference between a person who has entered into 5th chakra and a person who has still reached only up to 4th chakra. This difference is only of awakening. We can say that 5th chakra or the Vishudhh Chakra is first one to indicate possibility of awakening. The difference between a person at 5th chakra and person up to 4th chakra is that 5th chakra person will be awakened in every sense. Even when he is sleeping, he is aware of his sleep also. He is always aware in all his actions. Person up to 4th chakra would be asleep in one way or the other. Somehow some part of such a person is always sleepy.

But in a way, journey is easy from this chakra as there is no duality to deal with. You just need to enter here and pass through it. Osho also says that such a person, who has crossed 5th Chakra, can be called as The Buddha or The Awakened One. Osho also says that such a person will not be born again in human form. If at all he takes birth, it will be in some God’s incarnation.

The obstacle with this Chakra is that person can stop his journey here only and may not try to go through the remaining 2 chakras. As he has attained awakening, he may be contented by knowing Self and may not wish to know any further about God or existence or source energy. So, keep moving ahead is the biggest obstacle here. Journey can only continue after this chakra only when the journey was initiated with the aim of finding the ultimate truth. If Journey was initiated to awaken then person can stop here as he got the awakening. But if a further question is there that from where this awakening entered in me then journey will continue and person will move into Ajna Chakra.

Ajna Chakra or Third-Eye Chakra – Now, we come to Ajna Chakra. Awareness of Self is at 5th Chakra and awareness of existence is at 6th chakra. Person will become aware of Existence or Being at the 6th chakra. This itself is the biggest obstacle of this Chakra. Now, person feels that he has completed the journey as he has known existence itself or being itself. But if “Being” is there then there has to be something as “Non-Being” too. Non-Being is yet to be realized but the biggest problem is that how to realize as person doesn’t know how to go beyond this Being or Existence? In this situation, person can stay for many lives altogether. Nothing can be said as to when and how person will cross this 6th chakra and enter into 7th chakra.

Sahastrar Chakra or Crown Chakra – This is final Chakra of Nirvan or Liberation or Moksha. Nothing can be said or written about it.

Needless to say that all this information is posted here as I understood from Osho.

Conclusion – As we can see that we can evolve through chakras through our own efforts and awareness. All we need at all these chakras is awareness and awareness can develop through mindfulness or meditation. Please meditate regularly.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti


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