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Astrology, Kundalini Energy and Chakra Activation.

There were two requests which were quite connected with each other, hence I am taking them together and writing this one article. One person asked about Astrology’s link with Chakras in Human Body and other person asked about Astrology and Kundalini Energy.

As little as I have information about Kundalini Energy and its activation, I understand that once it gets activated, it starts flowing through our Chakras in human body. So, this is where I feel that both these requests are linked. Hence, I am writing this common article.

As this is more a spiritual topic, I would take help from Osho’s preachings, as always, to explain things as I have no spiritual experience of Chakra or Kundalini Activation. So, consider it as information rather than knowledge.

Before understanding astrological indications of Kundalini Awakening or Chakra Activation, I think it is important to first understand what are Chakras and Kundalini Energy in human body as I understood from Osho –

Chakras – Chakras are 7 different points in human body. We consider them as Centres but Osho says that this word Chakra should be interpreted as Wheels. These 7 points are where Soul gets connected with body. It is like when Soul enters in Body at the time of conception, it needs some kind of support to stay in it and Chakras are those points which provide that support to keep soul attached with body. Obviously, these are 7 invisible points in body which cannot be found through naked eye and no matter how developed technique we use to find them.

These 7 Chakras are –

Mooladhar Chakra – It is also known as Root Chakra or the Base Chakra.

Swadhishthan Chakra – It is over Root Chakra. It is also called Sacral Chakra.

Manipura Chakra - It is also called Navel Chakra.

Anahata Chakra – It is at the Heart in human body. That’s why; it is also called Heart Chakra.

Vishudhha Chakra – It is at the Throat in human body. That’s why, it is also called Throat Chakra.

Ajna Chakra – It is at the Third Eye or in between the eye-brows in human body. That’s why, it is called Third Eye Chakra.

Sahastrara Chakra - – It is at the top of the head in human body. It is also called Crown Chakra.

When they speak about Seven Heavens in mythological texts then it is related to these seven chakras only. It means that if a person is able to evolve through these Seven Chakras then it is like he has reached the heavens.

Likewise, they say that there are Seven Chakras in lower body of human being. These are named –

Atala Chakra (Hips) – It represents Fear and Lust.

Vitala Chakra (Thies) – It represents Anger.

Sutala Chakra (Knees) – It represents Jealousy.

Talatala Chakra (Calves) – It represents Confusion.

Rasatala Chakra (Ankles) – It represents Selfishness.

Mahatala Chakra (Feet) – It represents Absence of Conscience.

Patala Chakra (Soles of the Feet) – It represents Malice.

Now, when they speak about Seven Hells in mythological texts then it is related to these seven lower chakras only. It means that if a person is going downwards in his evolution through these mean acts represented by lower chakras, then it is like he is going towards 7 hells.

Kundalini Energy – Now, what is Kundalini or Kundalini Energy? By name itself, we can understand it is somewhere related with Serpent Energy. Kundali refers to a Coiled Snake. It is interesting that even Horoscope is referred as Kundali many a times. Understand that Serpents or Snakes carry a sort of secrecy around them when they are sitting in Coiled Position. We don’t know whether they are sleeping, taking rest or preparing to attack.

Hence, Kundali is related to something very secretive. So, we use this word with energy when it relates to Kundalini Energy as it is also most secretive energy. If we pay attention then Root Chakra is right in between of these two set of Chakras. From Root Chakra, the energy can go upwards in evolutionary way and person can evolve in this life and reach super-consciousness or the same energy can go downwards in mean actions and person can go down in Hells because if you do bad then bad will come back at you.

It is also interesting that in different mythologies Sex Energy is connected to Serpents and Snakes. Also, 99.99% of us have only Sex Centre active in our body and rest of all centres are inactive because Sex is the only constant thought we have. Whatever we think, it gets activated. If we start thinking of some higher things for a long time then higher chakras will be active. If we start thinking of some mean actions represented by lower chakras for a long time then higher chakras will be active. It is always our wish, what we want to think about and where we want energy to flow?

So, Kundalini Activation is nothing but activation of Sexual Energy at Root Centre and it flowing upwards. This is where it is useful to call these Chakras as Wheels because as energy moves upwards, it will start hitting at these Chakras/Wheels at different parts of our body and that would kind of activate these Wheels and they will start going round. Now, if someone has a some particular chakra absolutely blocked then energy will get stuck there and will continue to push that Chakra. Like, if someone has Throat Chakra absolutely blocked, then Kundalini Energy will rise up to Throat Chakra and will get stuck here. It will continue to push that Chakra and wait till this rusty and blocked chakra becomes little mobile. This is why it is better to understand these Chakras as Wheels and Kundalini Energy as means of moving these Wheels. Finally, Kundalini Energy will get stuck at Sahastrara Chakra and then we need to wait for divine blessings as when Universe wishes that person to have a Self-Realization by activating Sahastrara Chakra.

Now, how to know that your Kundalini Energy has got activated and it is moving upwards through different Chakras?

As Kundalini Energy is closely connected with Serpents and Serpents slides through for its movements, the first indication of Kundalini Energy activation is when you feel like sliding. Suppose, you are sitting in your room comfortably on a couch and suddenly you felt that you did slide from your position. It is not like falling down from couch. Just a feeling of little slide from position, may be by 1 centimetre. Actually, nothing happens physically. You are still sitting at exact same position. Not a single centimetre changed, but you have this feeling of sliding from your position little bit. Again, person doesn’t actually slides but person feels that out of nowhere, he has moved/slided little bit. This is the first indication that Serpent Energy is active and sliding inside you. Then same sliding you can feel when you are going for sleep. Again, it is just a feeling of sliding/moving, not actually moving. This is the first indication which can give us idea that Serpent has started moving inside your body.

Then the second step is when Kundalini Energy starts moving upwards from Root Chakra into different chakras of higher level. Understand that it is same sexual energy which we utilize in sexual intercourse but now it has got the outlet to move upwards in your body rather than flowing downwards. When this happens, you feel that a subtle vibration is moving upwards through your spine from Tail Bone. You actually feel that there is some energy which is slowly moving upwards through your chakras in spine. This movement is so slow that it may take years to cover the whole of spine. As energy moves upwards through the spine, you feel this subtle vibration moving upwards. There will be a time when you can feel that energy has covered your spine and there is this vibration throughout spine. Moreover, this is something which is 24x7. By paying little bit of attention, you can note this vibration at any time. Especially, when you go to sleep then you can really feel the vibration at higher intensity as your mind can have better focus on it at that time. Along with this vibration, you can have pain throughout spine, sometimes more and sometimes less.

As I said, if any of your chakras are blocked then energy will find it difficult to go through it and then you need to wait for further advancement of energy at higher levels/chakras. If you get a Reiki Healing Session from a good Reiki Healer then you can easily come to know that which Chakras are blocked in your body and what actions you should take to unblock these Chakras, so that energy can move further. But even if someone is not willing to take those actions then also, sooner or later energy will be able to break the blockage and move further to higher Chakras.

Like this, Kundalini Energy will pass through all your Chakras and finally would settle at your Sahastrara/Crown Chakra. This is when person can feel continuous pain in skull, again sometimes more and sometimes less. Please note that I didn’t say that person will have a headache. I said pain in skull. You will know the difference if it happens to you. By this time, the vibration which was limited up to your spine only, it can get spread in your whole body, covering all your Chakras; i.e. Higher Chakras and Lower Chakras. You can feel this vibrating feeling from back of the head to Toe. This is when person can also have an out-of-body experience as all the chakras are functioning now and person is ready to realize the gap between Body and Soul.

After that, it depends on how long your ego fights against this energy. Ego may lose the battle in one moment or ego may continue to resist this energy for many lives altogether. It depends on the ego of the individual. Individual needs to surrender himself to Energy/God/Universe and wait for the moment when Universe decides to give ultimate experience of Self-Realization to the individual. This last event is something which is beyond prediction. Even a Self-Realized person won’t be able to predict this last event for anyone else.

So, this is what the whole process of Kundalini Energy Rising and Chakra Activation is. Needless to say that all these experiences are more available to person who meditates regularly as Meditation re-directs the energy at Root Chakra towards higher chakras. Else the same energy can continue to flow through lower chakras.

Now, what are the astrological indications related to such an event happening for someone?

Again, spiritual or mystical events are something which can’t be predicted. We can only know if person can be spiritually inclined and may give his time in meditation or not. All other above-mentioned activities are possible only after someone meditates regularly. So, all we can see is the time when person can be inclined towards spirituality and meditation. After that, it is Universe’s wish as to whenever IT wants to bring experience to individual.

So, following houses/signs/planets become important in astrology chart to know if person is becoming spiritually inclined or not –

Moksha Margi Houses – Following are houses related with liberation, spirituality and meditation. So, these houses, planets in these houses and house lords are important -

4th house – This is the house of meditation as it is the house of your peace of mind.

8th house – This is the house of occult and mystical events, which are beyond comprehension of human mind.

12th house – This is the main house of spirituality, hidden matters and sub-conscious mind.

Water Signs – Likewise, Water Signs are important as they carry the corresponding house energy –

Cancer – It is the 4th sign. Hence, it has the 4th house energy.

Scorpio – It is the 8th sign. Hence, it has the 8th house energy.

Pisces – It is the 12th sign. Hence, it has the 12th house energy.

Planets – Jupiter is the main planet which can bring spiritual inclination. Along with Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are also responsible to make person spiritual because the mythology related with Rahu and Ketu is of Churning of Ocean and when Kundalini Energy rises-up through spine, it feels like churning only inside.

Nakshatras – There are a few nakshatras which are directly connected with Kundalini Energy. So, they are important here –

Ashlesha – It is represented by Entwined Snakes which are again representation of Spine through which energy is moving upwards.

Moola – By name itself, we can connect Moola with Mooladhar Chakra.

Purva Bhadra – This is nakshatra of initial spiritual experience which includes beginning of Kundalini Awakening.

Uttara Bhadra - This is nakshatra of later spiritual experience and it is represented by Coiled Snake. This includes Kundalini Awakening reaching the finl extreme points.

So, any combination between these houses/planets/signs/nakshatras can make person spiritually inclined during the appropriate and can bring some spiritual or mystical experiences.

Finally, Astrological representation of Chakras –

Muladhara Chakra is represented by Saturn and its signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

Swadhishthana Chakra is represented by Jupiter and its signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

Manipura Chakra is represented by Mars and its signs Aries and Scorpio.

Anahata Chakra is represented by Venus and its signs Taurus and Libra.

Vishuddha Chakra is represented by Mercury and its signs Gemini and Virgo.

Ajna Chakra is represented by Sun-Moon and their signs Leo and Cancer respectively.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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