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Second or Subsequent Marriages & Astrology

There were repeated requests from either clients or from visitors on site that I should write about 2nd Marriage as in what houses or planets cause the 2nd marriage to happen. And I was like, why I need to write about 2nd marriage or any subsequent marriage when I already wrote enough about Marriage & Astrology and their apparent no-connection? How 2nd marriage or any subsequent marriage can be any different from 1st marriage astrologically? But then I was told and I also realized about different prevailing concepts around 2nd marriage as per Astrology, especially in online world. So, I decided to write about this topic in my effort to remove the confusion surrounding marriage again. You can use the concepts I am going to talk now about marriage for any number of marriages. Hence, there will be no further article for 3rd marriage. 

As always, let’s divide this article on following points – 

Astrology & Marriage. 
Houses/Planets involved. 
Prevailing Concepts on 2nd marriage. 
My responses on these concepts. 
Success of 2nd Marriage. 
Need for Marriage. 

Let’s deal with all points one after the other – 

Introduction – First of all, Kudos to those people who read my views about marriage and requested me to write about 2nd marriage, LOL :D :P. Those who have followed my articles on relationship matters would know that I don’t find any connection about marriage and astrology. Astrology is limited up to relation and after that it is all social circus. So, in matters of 2nd or any subsequent marriage, my views are not going to change. If someone had 2 serious relations in his life then I will consider that he is married twice already. Please read these articles to understand my views on marriage as an institution 

Astrology & Marriage – As I said in both above articles that Astrology has no connection with Marriage. Hence, Astrology cannot have any connection with 2nd Marriage too. In his book named Hidden Mysteries, Osho Rajneesh discussed about Astrology in last 2 chapters and said that Astrology can be divided into 3 parts, i.e. Essential (which can’t be changed as in your destiny), Semi-Essential (things which can be changed through awareness & counselling) and Non-Essential (things which should not even be part of Astrology practices). He kept marriage under non-essential things as it is irrelevant with Astrology as to when your child is getting married because there can and there does exist societies without marriage. Hence, it is completely non-essential and irrelevant thing to be connected with Astrology and I agree with it. 

Houses/Planets involved – Still, if you ask me what houses and planets need to be active as per dasha to have a marriage then irrelevant of which number of marriage it is, I will always look at 2nd house, 7th house, 8th house, 11th house & 1st house and their lords as the main houses of marriage. It is immaterial as to person is marrying for 1st time or 100th time. Houses of marriage will remain the same. Among these, 7th house will remain the most important as it is house of interaction with other people, relation and your partner is one among other people. Likewise, Jupiter & Venus will remain karaka of marriage for all, no matter it is 1st marriage or any number of marriage. When these houses/house lords/planets are active and transits also get align with these houses then person can have a relation/marriage. I explained this concept of multi-marriages in detail in Celebrity Horoscope of Elizabeth Taylor (http://astrosaxena.com/chet2) as to how she got married every time these houses got activated and how she got divorced every time 6th house of disputes was activated as per dasha.

Prevailing Concepts on 2nd marriage – Now, the reason behind writing all this. The many prevailing concepts behind 2nd or subsequent marriages. Here are they – 

  • 2nd house – 2nd house is 8th from 7th house. So, some people believe that 2nd house should be seen for 2nd marriage as it is like death and rebirth of 1st marriage. 
  • 9th house – Likewise, 9th house is 8th from 2nd house. So, they say it should be seen for 3rd marriage as it becomes house of death and rebirth of 2nd marriage. Some astrologers also have a view that your 2nd spouse is like younger sibling of 1st spouse, so 9th house works as it is 3rd from 7th house.
  • 11th house – Recently, I was told that 11th house is seen for 2nd marriage and when I couldn’t figure out how and when I asked back the person to explain the logic, I was advised to read Ancient Vedas to understand it. 
My responses on these concepts – Now, let me clear some confusion here by throwing some further confusions, LOL. 

  • 7th house – For me, 7th house is always the house of relationship/marriage. No matter how many times you get married or have a relation, you always attract the person represented by your 7th house. For the simple reason that 1st house is self and directly opposite to 1st house is 7th house. i.e. your partner. You always meet same kind of partner, no exception. Let me know if any other house can represent you as a person except 1st house/ascendant? If not then how your partner can be represented by any other house than 7th house?
  • Different Houses – Now, when you are changing houses for 2nd marriage or 3rd marriage or so on, what house you are changing for Self? If 2nd house represents 2nd marriage/2nd spouse then 8th house should represent you (Self) at the time of 2nd marriage, as it is opposite 2nd house. If 9th house represent 3rd spouse then 3rd house should represent you (Self) at the time of 3rd marriage, right? And if ancient Vedas say that 11th house is for 2nd spouse then after that your life should be seen from 5th house, exactly opposite to 11th house, right? But if you are not changing Ascendant (Self) then how can house of spouse can be changed?
  • 9th house – I think that the concept, which says that your 2nd spouse is like younger sibling of 1st spouse hence it should be seen from 9th house, has its origin from traditional Indian society where we used to hear the stories that a widow got re-married to younger brother of her husband or a widower got remarried to younger sister of his wife. Except this, I don’t find any logic as to how a 2nd spouse can be treated as younger sibling of your spouse. 
Let me throw few more curve-balls – 
  • Re-marriage with same person – What if a person takes divorce from 1st spouse and re-marries same person again after sometime. Which house to look for 2nd marriage now? Marriage is 2nd but person is same? So, 7th house or 9th house or 2nd house? LOL.
  • This one should be conclusive. If we can change houses for considering one relation then we should be doing it for all relations. What if X person’s mother passed away and Father re-marries? Step-Mother will be seen from 4th house of Mother or 6th house? Likewise, for Step-Father. If Mother and Father are forever seen from 4th house and 10th house, then there is no reason why we should change house for 2nd spouse? 4th house represents Motherly figures in our life, no matter she is your father’s 1st spouse or 2nd spouse or whatever number spouse? Hence, 7th house will always represent your partner or spouse, no matter what number of marriage it is?
  • Reading Vedas – Is anyone really reading Vedas these days? All we have are translated versions of Vedas which are translated numerous times by God knows how many people? Whether these people knew Sanskrit as well as the Rishis who wrote Vedas? I am not sure. Even then, it is all about how you interpret anything? If I just throw few doubts/questions like above then I can change the whole interpretation of the multi-translated versions of Vedas. So again, I will prefer reading from people life rather than these multi-translated versions of Vedas. 
Success of 2nd Marriage – Then how 2nd marriages are more successful? For 2 reasons. 1st reason is that by the time, 2nd marriage happens, person is normally in 30s. His Saturn Return is over and he is much more matured. He does not react to the non-sense of married life in the same way as he used to do in his 20s. We can say that people get used to non-sense in 30s and 40s. They are more realistic and practical about life. 2nd reason is that social pressure works. Person thinks back at what people will say if even 2nd marriage didn’t go well? So, it is not that 2nd marriage is any type of bed of roses but maturity of persons and social pressure make people stay in relation. There can always be few exceptions, here and there.
Need for Marriage – But why we need to get married at all? Specially, if someone has suffered once in marriage, why he/she still wants to see if some better person or life is in store in 2nd marriage. Osho says that if you have known one man, you have known all men. There is no difference. Likewise, if you have known one woman, you have known all women. Then why people look for relation/marriage one after the other? Lord Mahavira said that biggest courage in this world is to be alone. People are afraid of being alone in life. Hence, they find groups, societies, castes, religions and countries. Anything that makes them feel that they are not alone. There are people around them. Marriage also serves the same purpose as person feels he/she is not alone in this world. He/She has some company. In that desire of companionship, people keep on seeking new partners. But my experience as a counsellor in last 3 years suggests that nowadays only that person should marry who is happy being alone. I meant that marriage should not be necessity for him. Lastly, if marriage has anything to do with happiness then 99% of world’s population would have been happy and counsellors like me won’t have had any work. 

Conclusion – So, I hope this clears some confusion regarding 2nd or any number of subsequent marriages. I look at same houses and planets which I look for 1st marriage. Last but not the least, Osho said once, I don’t say that don’t commit a mistake but don’t commit same mistake again and again. Hope it is understood.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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