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We all are connected

There is a reason why we meet a few people in our lives and we end-up in having a relationship with them. It is fascinating that one event in family can be seen from chart of any or all family members. You may need to do little more research and spend little more time but in 99% of cases, you would be able to see the same event from every chart in family.


1. My grandfather's critical health was very evident from his chart which made me to travel all of a sudden as I realized that this month could be tough for him.


2. But then while sitting in hospital and then at home, when I reflected back at charts of other family members, I realized that same event can be seen from any chart in family.


3. Like, if we just look at my chart here 




my main running dasha is Jupiter-Venus. As discussed in my Sannyas related article 




this dasha only looks good as both planets are benefic by nature but actually they both are Maraka Planets for me. So, this dasha is not as benefic as it looks like for me.


4. Now, I was under Jupiter-Venus-Sun dasha when I was initiated in Sannyas. Sun rules my 10th house/Leo of public recognition and my recognition as Vishal S Saxena was killed and I got a new recognition as Swami Premanand Bharti.


5. Now, Venus is in 2nd house/Sagittarius and Jupiter rules it. So, both maraka planets are activating my 2nd house/Sagittarius. Along with other things, this house represents our family lineage. As I spent more than half of my life under the shelter and guidance of my maternal grandfather, for me, that becomes my family lineage because his family was the one which I saw from 5 years of age. I never had any major connection with my father side relatives. Also, as a family, we all belong to UP and my grandfather was the last link who was keeping us connected to those roots. So, this maraka dasha very much indicates that some event related to family lineage may happen.


6. Then the most important factor, pratyantar dasha of Moon from 27th July, 2019 to 16th Oct, 2019. Moon represents Mother and Mother side relatives. Moon is in 7th house which is 4th from 4th house. As 4th house represents Mother, 7th house would represent Mother's Mother. So, event may take place in family of mother's mother. Needless to say that 7th house itself is another Maraka house.


7. Also, 2nd house is 8th from 7th house which indicates major transformation in family of mother's mother. So, dashas itself is indicating that some event can be there at family of mother's mother which can be of transformative nature.


8. Now, annual transits. Transit of the year, Saturn-Ketu transiting in 2nd house of family lineage and over 7th house lord Venus, separation from family lineage. 2nd house lord Jupiter is also in Scorpio, a sign of death and re-birth.


9. 7th lord Venus was already in Virgo on the date of his demise. So, no support from 7th lord too.


10. Rahu entered in Ardra at about 12 noon and he passed away around 4 pm.


The purpose behind posting this analysis is only to let you know that an event in family can be seen from any member's chart. Likewise, any positive event would also be seen from any family member's chart. May be next time I will post analysis on some positive event from any of my family member's chart to keep balance. Our lives are connected somehow. Also, this indicates that if any event happens in our lives then it requires conspiracy of all planets. Only one planet going here to there or dashas starting or finishing can be just a foundation for an event but actual event would require assistance of majority of planets.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


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