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The Way Ahead....

As I see, following is the way ahead after we have finished Planets through Nakshatra Series –

1. Tomorrow; i.e. on 17th Feb, 2021, I will post an article titled “Decoding Astrology”. One may say that this article will have the gist of all my experience of working as an astrologer from last six and a half years.

2. As I have written and covered all important topics in astrology, I won’t be writing any new series of articles, unless and until I find something interesting to write. Obviously, I will be writing articles on important annual transits, important astrological events (as and when they happen) and some interesting celebrity charts, if I find any, but there may not be a series of articles now.

3. Going forward, I may be more active on Live Sessions; either at Facebook (
) or at YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqqqKatRW25Q2rzdtyF-cBw). Hence, if you like, you may subscribe/follow these pages for timely updates.

4. Although I am already doing couple of live sessions over weekend, I am planning to do some more sessions during weekdays. So far, I have spoken only on Astrology but now with these sessions, I would try to help people on other aspects of life too; i.e. Spirituality, Religion/Philosophy or Overall Life etc.

5. Now, the important portion –

  • If someone wants to know about their planetary placements in charts during Live Sessions, then weekend sessions are more useful where I am replying to random questions of people.
  • These new sessions during weekdays would be more useful if you have some questions of higher importance for everyone. So, in these sessions, I won’t be taking questions on individual charts or planetary placements but I would appreciate if people can ask conceptual questions on Astrology, Psychology, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, and Literature or on any other aspect of life or on life itself, answer to which could be helpful for all. I would try to help as per my little understanding on these subjects.
  • Now, as I understand, answering such questions of conceptual nature or of higher importance would take a considerable time. So, I would be taking only 3-4 questions in a session. More importantly, these questions won’t be picked up from live comments. Whoever has any such question; he/she needs to email me their question at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. Email address for these questions would be [email protected].
  • From the received questions, I would choose 3-4 best questions which are helpful to all and then we would talk about those questions during live sessions.
  • As of now, I am planning for 2 sessions during the week; i.e. on Tuesday and on Thursday.
  • If you want to send any question for these weekdays’ sessions then please email me at [email protected] with Subject Line – Weekdays Sessions Q&A.
  • I repeat that if you have questions related with any planetary placement in chart then you can directly ask during weekend Q&A Sessions. You need not to email me those questions.
  • We will begin these weekly sessions from 1st week of March, 2021. Needless to say that if anyone has any suggestion regarding these sessions, then they can email those suggestions at [email protected].

6. Please feel free to comment your views and suggestions.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • A - i have already written about AK/AMK. They should be interpreted as per individual chart. Also, written on relocation. I dont know about life path number. Understanding self is only possible through meditation.

  • Hello Vishal, Just to give you a suggestion, if you write on the following topics it might be useful for the people; - Planets as Atmakarka, Amatyakarka and house positions of Atmakarka and Amatyakarka respectively; - Relocation astrology; - Life path number; - How to understand the self through astrology. Thanks and Regards The Auditor :)

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