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Vipreet Raj Yoga.

Vipreet Raj Yoga.

This is a unique type of Raj Yoga, where planets, which are supposed to give bad results, start giving good results to individual.

So, there are different types of houses in our horoscope. Kendra Houses, Trikona Houses etc. There are 3 houses, which are known as Dushthana Houses. These are house # 6, 8 and 12. They are considered kind of malefic houses. Why? For the kind of portfolio they hold.

Sixth House - Debts, Diseases, Disputes, Enemies, Obstacles etc.
Eighth House - Death, Sudden Events, Accidents etc.
Twelfth House - Losses, Expenses and places like Jails and Hospitals.

So, because of holding these kind of subject matters, these houses are called Dushthana Houses.

Now, a Vipreet Raj Yoga happens when Lords of Dushthana Houses are sitting in Dushthana Houses only. That means Lord of 6th house is in 6th, 8th or 12th house, likewise Lord of 8th house is in 6th, 8th or 12th house and Lord of 12th house is in 6th, 8th or 12th house. To understand it with example, lets see through attached horoscope.

Sixth House sign and its Lord - Sagittarius (9), its lord is Jupiter.
Eighth House sign and its Lord- Aquarius (11), its lord is Saturn.
Twelfth House sign and its Lord - Gemini (3), its lord is Mercury.

So, we got the lords of all 3 dushthana houses, i.e, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Now, lets see where these 3 planets are placed? Jupiter (lord of 6th house) is in 8th house, Saturn (lord of 8th house) is in 12th house and Mercury (lord of 12th house) is in 6th house with Sun. So, it makes a triple Vipreet Raj Yoga. Even if one planet had exchanged its house, like if only Jupiter has been in 8th house without other two placements (of Saturn and Mercury), then even that had created a Vipreet Raj Yoga. Now, whenever this person goes through Mahadasha/Antardasha of any of these three planets (who are lord of a malefic house), which should give a bad result under normal rule, will actually give good results and take person to the new heights in his life.

Hope it is understandable.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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14 Comments on this post

  • @Gautam - Great. Congratulations!!

  • In my horoscope triple vipreet rajyoga present.. In cancer lagna... Means Jupiter placed in 12th house Saturn placed in 6th with mercury...

  • Renjith - During Mars dasha, you can be helping people and resolving their problems. It is a good position to serve ppl.

  • Sir aries ascendant... 1st and 8th lord mars in 6th house virgo. 3rd and 6th lord mercury in 8th house scorpio Both placement creates VRY and a parivarthan yoga.... how this will work in mars dasha.......mercury was my birth dasha........I think this place show my life purpose bcs mars is my lagna lord and is in hastha 3rd pada....saturn in aries ascendant

  • @ Mahesh - you can utilize this time in starting your own business and serve ppl through it. Thanks,

  • Greetings Vishal sir. For cancer lagna; Saturn (7&8 house lord) in 6th house; Rahu (8th house co lord) in 8th house. Currently I am running Venus-Saturn-Rahu. Venus conjunct Ketu in 2nd house leo..thus ketu aspecting Saturn, Venus & Rahu mutual aspect. No other planet aspects these planets. What can I expect from this Venus-Saturn-Rahu period & what kinda result I will get under these Vipareeta rajyoga? Hope u will make me see how things work here sir. Tq

  • @ rahul - double transit will benefit mars in aquarius but why it should help planets in scorpio/

  • Sir, in one of your articles, you have mentioned drushti of Shani and Guru on Kumbh and Mithun till period of October 2018. As mentioned in below comment, in my natal chart & navamansh - Mangal is in Kumbh - which is Vargottama. In natal chart - Kanya lagna & Vrischik rashi, having 5 planets in Vrischik. Being lord of Vrischik, the drushti of Shani and Guru shall help Mangal AND planets in Vrischik? Please guide.

  • @ rahul - yup, now it is vargottama lagna and vargottama mars.

  • Sir, thanks for the quick guidance on my below query. In natal chart and in navamansh - lagna is kanya. Is it benific? Also, Mars in Kumbha in both - lagna and navamnsh. Is it Vargottama?

  • @ RB - it is VRY but not Vargottama

  • Kanya lagna, Vrischik rashi. Mars in 6th house - 14 degree. Also in Navansh it is in 6th house. Is it vargottama and forming vipareet rajyoga? In 3rd house, there are 5 planets - Sun 2.28 degree, Moon 12 degree, Jupiter 19 degree, Venus and Mercury both 23 degree. Rahu in 5th house, Ketu in 11th house - 14 degree.

  • @ mjoshi - Mars is in enemy sign in 6th house. We have to remember base rule, "everything is in addition". Thanks,

  • I hv kanya lgna simha rashi, 6thlord in karma,8th in 6th n 12 th in 8th with budh shukra ketu bhagya n guru in 7th of meen but I had had the most horrble life since mangal mahadasha, grave situations....... but I found ur shukra ketu yuti to each n every point correct, highly impressive n accurate analysis... thnx __/\__

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