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Venus in Cancer.

Today, Venus in Cancer.

A thing to remember here is that these posts are strictly meant for the particular planet position. Like, today we are looking at Venus in Cancer, so the description given here may change for you if your Venus is although in the sign of Cancer but with conjunction with or aspected by other planets.

So, lets see what Venus can do in Cancer without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent --

Venus is beauty, desire and love, liquid money, Venus is beauty, desire and love. Venus is the main significator of marriage. Venus represents girlfriend or wife for a man. Venus is the significator of all relations, may it be husband-wife or mother-daughter. Philosophically speaking, Venus is also the cause of all the sufferings in our life. How? Because Venus represents our desires and we get pain and suffering in our life only when our desires are not fulfilled.

Cancer is 4th sign of Zodiac Belt, hence it represents the things represented by 4th house like Mother, Mother's care, Emotions and Nourishment etc. Cancer is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatras namely Punarvasu, Pushyami and Ashlesha. Cancer's lord is Moon.

Cancer is ruled by Moon and it is enemy of Venus. So, 1st thing is that this person may not get the desired love of life. Whomsoever he gets, he feels frustrated in that relation. This person can earn his wealth through ways of taking care of others like Medicine and Healing. His spouse can be working at home and taking care of home responsibilities. They can have a beautiful home or they like to decorate it. But when it comes to relation, person can have natural dissatisfaction as he feels that it is not what he desired as relationship. Venus in Cancer can be termed as motherly spouse. 

Now, the question comes about the level at which Venus is going to give good results. So, it again would depend on the Nakshatra Venus is sitting in. If Venus is in Punarvasu Nakshatra, then we have to look for Jupiter's position as Jupiter is Punarvasu's lord. If Venus is in Pushyami Nakshatra, then it will be directed by the condition of Saturn in horoscope as Pushyami's lord is Saturn. Again, If Venus is in Ashlesha Nakshatra, then it is impacted by Mercury as Nakshatra lord.

Also, as Cancer is ruled by Moon, we need to look at Moon's position. Moon's position will actually determine that how Venus is going to behave in Cancer. Again, horoscope should be judged in its totality.

Tomorrow, Venus in Leo.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • @ HP - wealth through serving, taking care and nourishing ppl

  • Sir I have venus in pushyami nakshatra in 4th house. The nakshatra lord Saturn is in aries in 1st house. Please tell what this means.

  • hi, my 7th lord venus conjuncts my 8th lord mars within 7 degrees in the 4th house in the sign of cancer. mars is holding the lowest degree in the conjunction, and mars and venus conjuncts in pushyami nakshatra. also my Jupiter which is my darakaraka is retrograde in the 12th house. please tell me the type of spouse I will get.

  • @ NS - please apply under marriage consultation. thanks,

  • Love

  • I am girl and Venus is my 7th lord and its in pushyami pada 2 conjuct mercury and mars (both in ashlesha; mars being lagna lord)...aspected by moon (dhanista pada 1) and retro jupiter (sravana pada 2) in capricorn. Will i not marry someone I love? My saturn (vishaka) and ketu (swati) are in libra while sun (magha pada 4) is in leo...

  • @ UG - problematic for relationship. good for finances.

  • Venus is in cancer at 29 degree and 19 mins with Sun and Mercury. Also, moon in Leo in 7th house. What will related outcome?

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