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Meaning of Venus's aspect through Houses for Scorpio Ascendant.

Today, meaning of Venus's aspect through Houses for Scorpio Ascendant

Let’s take a look at those things which matter here –

Venus - It is beauty, desire and love, liquid money, Venus is beauty, desire and love. Venus is the main significator of marriage. Venus represents girlfriend or wife for a man. Venus is the significator of all relations, may it be husband-wife or mother-daughter.

For Scorpio Ascendant people, Venus rules the 7th house & 12th house of chart with its sign Taurus & Libra. So, let’s look at 7th house, 12th house, Taurus and Libra too.

7th house - It is house of market place, other people (masses), business partnerships, agreements, marriage, spouse, marital happiness etc.

12th house - It is house of Losses, Expenses, Isolated Places, Spirituality, Foreign Lands, Foreign Companies, Imagination, Sub-Concious Mind, Charity, Donation, Asylums, Jails, Hospitals, Hidden Talent and Secrets of Other World etc.

Taurus - It is the 2nd sign of zodiac belt, so it represents many things related with 2nd house of horoscope like, Hoarded Wealth, Assets, Savings, Finances, Luxuries and Liquid Money. All in all a sign related with luxuries and all the conveniences of life, Taurus' lord is Venus.

Libra - It is the 7th sign of zodiac belt, hence it represents the energy and things related with 7th house of horoscope, i.e. market place, business, partnerships, relations etc. Basically Libra is sign of relationships. Libra's lord is Venus.

What will Venus do in Aspect? – Now, Venus can be sitting in any house of chart for a Scorpio Ascendant person.1st of all, Venus will take the energy of house of chart, it rules with Taurus & Libra sign, and take it to the house where it sits. Then from the house it sits, it will throw its aspect on the 7th house from its place. Now, as Venus basically represents Relations & Creativity, with Venus's aspect on a particular house, it shows that person wants to be creative with things related to that house or has natural love/relationship towards that house.

Things which I still can’t cover – Although, I am trying to make it a detailed analysis of planetary aspects but I still can’t cover few things like dignity of planet involved, like Venus conjunct with other planets, if there are planets in 7th house from Venus where it aspects in which case those planets will aspect back at Venus and impact it, and planets aspecting Venus from other houses. That’s why, no matter how detailed analysis you do in Astrology, there are still few things uncovered and that just shows the limits of Human Efforts.

Now, let’s see the meaning and impact of Venus's aspect through different houses for Scorpio Ascendant people.

Venus in 1st house –Venus is in Scorpio here. 1st of all they are very attractive people. They become center of attention wherever they go. As 7th lord is coming to 1st house, it means relationship and other people are coming to them. They desire to be in relationship and among people. It is hard for them to be without relationship. At the same time, relations are roller-coaster ride for them. It is never stable. Venus's aspect on 7th house again shows an immense desire to relate with other people. It again shows a person all about relations but relations are never easy for Scorpions as Venus also rules 12th house of losses. So, relation also brings a sense of loss with it.

Venus in 2nd house – Venus is in Sagittarius here. This shows a person who likes to be in relationship with someone from foreign land or different ethnicity. This shows spouse/other people are coming and bringing wealth to family, so it may show a Businessman. A natural love towards higher education is there. Venus's aspect on 8th house shows desire to have good relation in marriage and in-laws. It also shows a passion towards Occult and desire to have higher education in Occult field. They like to serve people through their higher education in occult and earn their wealth as such.

Venus in 3rd house – Venus is in Capricorn here. This shows someone in Business of Creative Arts, Skills and Hobbies etc as both houses of Business, i.e. 7th house and 3rd house, are getting connected. Here, Business may be of skills and hobbies but realization of such skills will come in 30s as Venus is in Saturn ruled signs. They may do such Business away from homeland. Venus's aspect on 9th house also shows an inclination towards connecting and relating with people of different ethnicity. They will have a natural love towards travelling. Pleasant in talking.

Venus in 4th house – Venus is in Aquarius. This shows someone running a home based business and looking for a spouse who is motherly and can take care of home like a Mother. They love to beautify and decorate their home. Their love is Universal and for whole Humanity. Venus's aspect on 10th house shows that they desire to have cordial relation with people at work plus they want to utilize their Business and Skills to help the whole of Humanity. Serving one and all is their goal.

Venus in 5th house – Venus is exalted in Pisces here. A love marriage is on the cards as 7th house lord is in 5th house of romance. Person is highly creative and connects with people based on creativity. They might travel to Foreign Lands to show case their talents. Venus's aspect on 11th house not only shows that they gain out of their creativity and arts but it also shows that they use their creativity for helping humanity and working for higher social welfare.

Venus in 6th house – Venus will be in Aries here. This shows someone in love with service and special affection towards animals. This also shows that they themselves or their spouse may be in Healing & Health Care field. Venus's aspect on 12th house also shows a love towards working in hospitals and connecting with patients cordially. They may even travel to Foreign Lands to heal people.

Venus in 7th house – Here Venus is in own sign in Taurus. Promises to be a good married life and benefits from marriage. Partner may be from Foreign Lands. Business with Foreign Lands or Foreign People also brings good gains. Person is all about relationship. Another such situation where person can't stay without relationship. Venus's aspect on 1st house shows that when they are able to connect with partner or other people well enough, then only they realize their self worth. Recognition by other people is very necessary to realize own value.

Venus in 8th house – Venus is in Gemini here. They may go through roller coaster ride in relations and may face ups/downs in love matters. At the same time, they would love to keep good relations with in-laws. This shows a passion about research and occult matters. Venus's aspect on 2nd house shows that they will earn wealth through serving others and they seek love from family while going through all the ups/downs in love life.

Venus in 9th house – Venus is in Cancer here. A natural love towards higher education and a desire to nourish people through higher education and philosophy can be seen here. They love teaching and preaching people. They are quite motherly with their teaching abilities. Venus's aspect on 3rd house also shows a love towards teaching and communication. They also love travelling. They are pleasant in communications.

Venus in 10th house – Venus is in Leo here. This shows that person or spouse may be working with Govt in Authoritative position. This also may be a case of someone in a very creative career as Venus & Leo both represent Creativity. Pleasant relations with parents. Venus's aspect on 4th house shows that they want to serve people of homeland through their position of authority in Career, either in Govt or through Creativity. Person desires to have beautiful relations at home and with Mother.

Venus in 11th house – Here, Venus will be debilitated. This shows person or spouse feels that relation could not manifest their desires from each other. But at the same time, it may indicate towards Career in Finance or Health Care field. Venus in Mercury ruled signs give a Career in Finance and Venus in Virgo naturally reflects a Healer. So, it can be in either side but Venus's aspect on 5th house makes it lean over more towards Financial Business as 5th house relates with Stock Market, Speculation and Gambling. So, it can make a smart share market expert.

Venus in 12th house – Venus is in own sign Libra. This shows someone getting married to foreigner or travelling to foreign lands after marriage. This also shows a Business in Foreign Lands. Venus in own sign in 12th house will indicate wealth from Foreign Lands. A job in foreign lands or a career as diplomat is also on. Venus's aspect on 6th house also shows someone who wants to keep a cordial relations at work place and with colleagues. They love to work in service/job setup.

So, this is a basic idea of how Venus's aspect will work in different houses for Scorpio Ascendant people. Love, Wealth and Relations will remain natural factors with Venus.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and queries, if any.


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer 

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