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Venus Transit & Retrograde in Pisces in 2017.

Venus goes retrograde after every 18 months and this time it will go retrograde in the sign of Pisces. As we are coming near to that time when Venus Transits into Pisces from Jan 27, 2017, I feel it is worthy to look at it and see what we can expect from this transit? Normally, Venus transit into a sign takes about 23 to 25 days and hence nothing much concrete can be predicted for such a short time, but when it goes retrograde in any sign, then it slows down its pace, moves back & forth and hence takes about 4 months to cover the sign which it normally covers in 25 days max. Hence, it is considerably longer time and we can predict things/events for this time period. This time also, Venus transit in Pisces starts on 27th Jan, 2017 and it ends at 31st May, 2017. Hence, good enough period to predict things and events. 

For more info on what actually is Retrograde Planet in general or Retrograde Venus in specific, please check these links - http://astrosaxena.com/retro & http://astrosaxena.com/retrovenus. 

Venus retrograde is normally a 40 days long period in which Venus moves backwards or at least it looks like that from Earth. Generally speaking, Venus represents our conveniences in life and when it is retrograde then in its most literal sense, it means that our conveniences are going back. It means that we are supposed to live a life of inconvenience in these 40 days. But as I said, it is most literal meaning. Things are much more deep in Astrology. Also, if we see then different Religions and God’s incarnations have had importance of going through 40 days of fasting & penance. Islam and Christianity have specific events/stories related with these 40 days time period when Muhammed & Jesus respectively went through fasting/penance during this time and then they were Enlightened. As we go through this article, we will deal in detail as to what other factors can be attached with Venus Retrograde in general and Venus Retrograde in Pisces in specific. Now, let’s begin to first understand all the important things attached with coming Venus Retrograde. 
  • Venus - Venus represents Beauty, Desire and Love. Venus is the main significator of Marriage. Venus represents Girlfriend or Wife for a Man. Venus is the significator of all relations, may it be Husband-Wife or Mother-Daughter. Venus is Wealth & Conveniences, Vehicles & Luxuries. Venus is also Service and Devotion, which is where Venus is most pious. 
  • Pisces - As Pisces is the 12th sign of zodiac belt, it represents the same energy and things which are represented by 12th house such as Isolated Places, Spirituality, Imagination, Other Dimension or Other World etc. Besides these things, it also represents your Hidden Talents, Ability to work in background, Spiritual Self etc. Pisces is consisted of last 2 and half nakshatra, i.e. Purva-Bhadrapada, Uttara-Bhadrapada & Revati. Pisces' lord is Jupiter. 
  • Venus in Pisces – So when Venus is in Pisces, 1st thing we need to remember is that Venus is exalted here. Its exact exaltation point is 27 degrees. Now, why Venus is exalted in Pisces Vs in any other sign? Venus is basically Love & Wealth and Pisces is sign of Spirituality. So, by giving Pisces as the sign of exaltation for Venus, Sage Parashara wanted to say that real love and wealth is spiritual love and spiritual wealth. Another way of looking at it is Pisces is the sign of knowing no boundaries and when planet of love Venus is here, it means someone who believes in Universal Love and Love without conditions. So, when Venus is in Pisces in Birth Chart, these people are actually very hard to deal with as a lover because their love is for 100% love. They are not looking for money, property, good looks or physique; they are only here for that feeling of pure love. And obviously, it is hard to find it in everyone. That is where it is hard to find true love for them. They are not into bullshits of caste/religion/society when they look for partner, but what they look for is unconditional love, which we only talk about in stories. If they get married, then they want their partner to be as unconditional as they are in love and if they are unable to find it then even after marriage they won't think twice before breaking up the relation and look for new one. Any person with this placement would look for a partner who is very spiritual and believes in Universal Love, which is hard to find. A position which actually defines the true universal love without any boundaries and reservations but which most of us are unable to understand and grasp. So, as much as it looks great to see that Venus is going to retrograde in its exalted sign and it may be the best time for getting into true love, well yes but it may also be a great time during these 4 months to realize that true love is for no reason and without any expectation. In these 4 months, we are supposed to realize the true meaning of love. To seek it within and not to go without. I know it all sounds very philosophical but it’s the biggest truth. Just to make it more profound, Love in this day and age was quite appropriately described by Osho Rajneesh in one of his preaching on relationship as “Two Beggars asking money from each other”. Such is condition in Love matters for majority of us where everyone is asking for love from other person. So yes, it is certainly better to have Venus retrograde in Pisces but at the same time we might be called upon to learn its highest lesson, i.e. Love & Happiness without Reason & Boundaries. In one sentence, this Venus retrograde can take us from the base representation of Venus, i.e. Desires & Lust, to the highest representation of Venus, i.e. Service & Devotion. 
  • Venus Retrograde – Retrograde literally means Reverting Back or Reflecting Back. So, whichever planet goes retrograde during transit or even when it is retrograde in Birth Chart, it makes us reflect or think over things related to that planet. As Venus represents Relationship, Wealth and Convenience aspects of life. Although people also reflect back on their wealth & luxuries (and they must under Demonetization, lol) but as relationships remain the key aspect of almost everyone’s life, Venus retrograde normally leads to the situations where person reflects back to the fact that if he/she is in right relationship? So, Venus retrograde normally leads to some uneasy situations in relations, either married or not, when couple starts reflecting back as to what is wrong or missing. But it is not all negative all the time. Venus retrograde is also the time when Venus will be closer to Earth, hence its rays will be reaching more intensely. Whenever any planet is retrograde, it remains the most prominent time for events related to that planet. As Venus is mainly about relations, this can also be time of getting into new relation if someone is single or an ex-lover can come back in life. At the same time, Venus Retrograde is not considered as an auspicious time to begin a new relationship. Another thing is when do we actually reflect or think back over something? When things don’t go as per our wishes or when we feel like we failed. So, Venus retrograde can be a good time to introspect why relations and wealth aspect of our life is not as we wished so. 
  • Venus Retrograde Dates - Venus will start retrograde motion on March 04, 2017 and will move direct motion on April 15, 2017. 
  • Last Venus Retrograde – It is interesting to note that this Venus retrograde is in Pisces, where Venus is exalted, and last Venus retrograde was in Virgo, where Venus is debilitated. It was between July 2015 to Nov 2015 and it was a real tough time for relations as Venus transited from Cancer to Scorpio, all negative signs for Venus except Libra in between, there also it was caught in Paap-Kartari Yoga between Saturn in Scorpio & Rahu in Virgo, and then it also went retrograde and those 4-5 months saw some real stress in relations, at least with people whom I knew. As Venus is exalted now in Pisces, one thing is sure that it won’t be such a stressful time and we will be able to see the highest characteristics of Venus, i.e. Service, Devotion and Love without Expectation or Divine Love. 
  • Houses – Now, Venus will retrograde in Pisces but for every ascendant Venus rules different houses and hence takes shape of planet ruling a different area of life. Like, for Aries Ascendant, Venus rules 2nd house (Taurus) & 7th house (Libra), hence Venus is relation & family related planet for Aries but for Leo Ascendant, Venus rules 3rd house (Libra) and 10th house (Taurus), so it becomes an effort and career related planet for Leo Ascendant. Also, Venus will be in different house in every chart. So, during this Venus retrograde, not only we will reflect on Love, Relationship, Wealth and Luxury but also, to some extent, we will reflect on things related to the houses Venus rules and house where it sits in a chart. We need to keep in mind where Taurus and Libra falls from a certain Ascendant or Moon sign. 
  • Venus’s Aspect – To a lesser extent, Venus will impact Virgo also with its 7th house aspect, it means whichever house Virgo falls in a chart. I said to a lesser extent as Jupiter is in Virgo currently and it is biggest planet of our solar system. So, Jupiter’s impact on Venus will be far more than Venus’s impact on Jupiter in Virgo. 
  • Dashas – As always, this retrograde Venus will be more impactful on those people who are going through Venus’s or Jupiter’s (Lord of Pisces) MD/AD. But as it is 4 month long transit, everyone should be impacted at some level during this time. 
  • Retrograde Period – Venus will start retrograde in Pisces on 4th Mar, 2017 and will start forward motion again on 14th April, 2017. Exactly 40 days. It is fascinating to think how it happens for exactly 40 days after every 18 months. 
  • Nakshatra – During this transit and retrograde motion, Venus will transit over all 3 nakshatras of Pisces, i.e. Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada and Revati. Hence, it will also be impacted by placements of lords of these Nakshatras, i.e. Jupiter, Saturn & Mercury, in birth chart and in transit. I am always repeating that Venus will be impacted by other planets and not vice-versa because Venus and Moon are gentle planets. They get impacted easily. If Venus can impact any planet with real effect then I guess it is Moon only. 
  • Planet in Pisces – Now, if someone has planet in Pisces in birth chart then results related to that planet will also be seen during these 4 months as Venus will be going back and forth over that planet. Any time transiting planet going over birth chart planet is indication of concrete events happening. 
  • Jupiter in Virgo – Somehow I feel that biggest saving grace for relations during this Venus retrograde will be Jupiter in Virgo. It means Jupiter will be exactly opposite to Venus and directly aspecting it. Another thing is that Jupiter will also be retrograde during this period. Hence, its energy will also be intense. It means though we will reflect back on relationships during this time but Jupiter will be able to bless the relation with its intense benefic aspect of Wisdom. As also, Jupiter & Venus both are benefic. Hence, we are surely going to understand the true divine meaning of love and relations in these 4 months. Last but not the least, during the period of Venus transit in Pisces (January to May 2017), Saturn & Jupiter’s mutual impact will be on Virgo which will get additional impact by Venus’s aspect from Pisces. Hence, the house, where Virgo falls as per your ascendant, will be triple activated and events related to that house will surely manifest. 

Now, the main course.

Please see results of this transit from Ascendant and Moon Sign both. Predictions from Ascendant Sign will show what will actually happen and predictions from Moon Sign will show what our mind desires and how mind will react to such events. Another thing is that when Ascendant and Moon sign both point towards one event that event is bound to happen. Throughout this analysis, we need to keep in mind that Venus will remain exalted in Pisces. It means a benefic planet in its best dignity. So, end result may or may not be as per our desires but it will always be for overall good. 

So, let’s begin – 

  1. Aries Ascendant or Aries Moon Sign – For Aries people, Venus rules over 2nd house of Family & Wealth and 7th house of Marriage & Spouse. As Venus will be retrograde in 12th house of Loss in Pisces, this may lead to a situation where person may make wrong investment of Wealth in Business and might end up in suffering losses. This may make them reflect on their investments. This also shows person going on a Spiritual Travel with Spouse & Family and being charitable to others (a better way to lose money). As Venus rules house of Wealth and Relationship/Business, person will reflect back on these areas of life. This will also lead person to go back on his creative side of life. It can be an important time for people in Stock Market as 12th house is Foreign Lands, MNCs & Working behind the scenes and Venus is Wealth. So, they should be careful/reflect back while making any new investments during this Venus Retrograde. Besides relationship, person will reflect on Wealth. Events related to 6th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. 
  2. Taurus Ascendant or Taurus Moon Sign – For Taurus people, Venus rules 1st house of Self/Life Path and 6th house of Work Routine & Obstacles. Venus will be retrograde in their 11th house of Gains/Incomes and Desires. It means besides relationships, person will reflect back on his life path and the work routine he has. As 11th house is of gains, person will think whether his current life path and work are giving him gains as he should get? Whether his desires from his work are getting fulfilled? So, during these 4 months, person will reflect back on his gains, desires & income and find out what he can do at his work to improve the situation. So for Taurus, it is more a transit related with achievements of desires through their work. Events related to 5th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus.
  3. Gemini Ascendant or Gemini Moon Sign – For Gemini people, Venus rules 5th house of Creativity & Romance and 12th house of Working behind the Scenes, Foreign Lands & Imagination. Venus will be retrograde in their 10th house of Career. It means besides relationships, this time will be important for them to reflect on their creative aspect of life. Anyone who is in Career related to Stock Exchange or Creative Pursuits will reflect back and think a lot on how to be more creative or more intelligent to gain more out of Career. This shows some positive Foreign Connection at Career. This also means someone finding Love at his Work Place during this time. Person will work hard on Creative aspect of life. Events related to 4th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. 
  4. Cancer Ascendant or Cancer Moon Sign – For Cancer people, Venus rules 4th house of Home & Mother and 11th house of Gains & Desires. Venus will be retrograde in 9th house of Far Distant Places. It means besides relationships, Cancer people will reflect on home, peace of mind & their relations with Mother. They will also think back at their desires and try to find out why those desires are not getting achieved? They will take a trip to far distant places or go to a Pilgrimage or find a Guru which can lead them to peace of mind. As 9th house is also seen for Resignations, this might be time when person leave a job for another and go to different place in search of peace and better gains from job. As 9th house is Bhavat Bhavam of 5th house of Romance, person is bound to reflect on Love Matters. Events related to 3rd house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. 
  5. Leo Ascendant or Leo Moon Sign – For Leo people, Venus rules 3rd house of Communication, Efforts & Younger Siblings and 10th house of Career, Work & Father. Venus will be retrograde in 8th house of Transformation and Changes. It means that besides relationship, person will reflect on his relation with younger siblings, communications and his efforts. He will also think back why his efforts could not give him recognition in his Career. As Venus retrograde is happening in 8th house, person will take transformative steps to improve his efforts which can bring rewarding results in Career. This also indicate that person’s career may go through a big change in these 4 months as 10th house lord will be retrograde in 8th house of transformation. Here, Love Matters may suffer and people may see stress and sudden changes in their relations. Events related to 2nd house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. 
  6. Virgo Ascendant or Virgo Moon Sign – For Virgo people, Venus rules 2nd house of Family & Wealth and 9th house of Luck & Fortune. Venus will be retrograde in 7th house of Spouse & Marriage. So, here it is a transit effecting relationships directly. Person will reflect back on his wealth and luck factor but as planet of relationship will be retrograde in house of relationship, these people need to be careful during these 4 months regarding relationship. As Virgos have natural tendency to seek perfection, this habit may harm the relationship aspect of life during this time period. They need to be less critical and analytical during this time as their partner can also run out of patience. Events related to 1st house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. 
  7. Libra Ascendant or Libra Moon Sign – For Libra people, Venus rules 1st house of Self and 8th house of Marriage Benefits & In-Laws. Venus will be retrograde in 6th house of Disputes. This is another ascendant where this transit and retrograde motion will directly impact relationship. As Libra is sign of Relations, 8th house is also related with Marriage and Venus retrograde in 6th house of Disputes and Obstacles means either people seeing disputes in their relations or they are finding obstacles in getting into relations. During these 4 months, they will reflect on why these disputes and obstacles are coming in their relations and how they can mitigate them? Events related to 12th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. 
  8. Scorpio Ascendant or Scorpio Moon Sign – For Scorpio people, Venus rules 7th house of Marriage & Spouse and 12th house of Spirituality & Creativity. Venus will be retrograde in 5th house of Romance & Creativity. Another ascendant where 7th house of relation and 5th house of love are getting impacted. Scorpio people will either involve themselves in Creative Pursuits and work hard to improve on their creativity or they will be engaged in reflecting back on their relations and love matters. From my own experience of being a Scorpio, engagement in creative pursuits is a much better bet than relations, lol. But on a serious note, this can bring a new love matter as Venus will be retrograde in 5th house of Romance itself. Person will think back on how he can improve his relation and marriage? For Scorpio, relationship always gets linked with 12th house of spirituality or foreign lands as Venus rules both houses and when Venus is going retrograde in 5th house of Romance, it means either a relation with very spiritual/foreign person or loss coming to an existing relation as 12th house is also of losses. Events related to 11th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. 
  9. Sagittarius Ascendant or Sagittarius Moon Sign – For Sagittarius people, Venus rules 6th house of Daily Work Routine, Debts & Obstacles and 11th house of Gains, Income & Desires. Venus will be retrograde in 4th house of Home and Mother. Sagittarius people will take the gains of 11th house & debts of 6th house and put it into home. It means they will think back and may plan to renovate their home and beautify it with their gains and loans. It may also mean that person’s mother may take a loan for real estate or health purpose as 6th house also relates to diseases. But good time to focus on Home and Mother. Events related to 10th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. 
  10. Capricorn Ascendant or Capricorn Moon Sign – For Capricorn people, Venus rules 5th house of Creativity & Romance and 10th house of Career & Work. Venus will be retrograde in 3rd house of younger Sibling, Communications and Efforts. It again shows that person will reflect back on how to be more creative in his approach at his work to gain more recognition. As 3rd house relates to efforts, person will make a more sincere effort towards his Career. Person may even go on travelling due to work purpose or with loved one. Activation of 10th house and 5th house together shows the transformation in work as 5th house is 8th from 10th house and from 3rd house Venus would aspect 9th house of resignation where Jupiter & Saturn’s mutual impact will be at work. So, it can be a good time for change of job for Capricorn Ascendant. Events related to 9th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus.
  11. Aquarius Ascendant or Aquarius Moon Sign – For Aquarius people, Venus rules 4th house of Home & Mother and 9th house of Far Distant Places, Pilgrimages etc. Venus will be retrograde in 2nd house of Family & Wealth. So, Aquarians will be focused on Home, Mother & Real Estate related issues. They will travel to far distant place for a Pilgrimage. Venus retrograde in 2nd house of Wealth shows that Wealth will come into Family due to 4th house related things or 9th house related things. Thinking and reflection will be on 4th house, hence it may be time of buying/selling of property for them. Money will definitely come in family. Events related to 8th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus.
  12. Pisces Ascendant or Pisces Moon Sign – For Pisces people, Venus rules 3rd house of Communication, Younger Siblings & Business and 8th house of Marriage Benefits, In-Laws and Transformation. Venus will be retrograde in Ascendant. As Venus will retrograde in Ascendant itself, it will have major impact and these people will reflect on relationships. As 3rd house is Bhavat Bhavam of 8th house, both houses ruled by Venus here indicates change and Venus getting retrograde in 1st house means change will impact the person himself. Events related to 7th house will definitely happen due to mutual impact of Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. This makes the Venus retrograde transit for Pisces ascendant a relationship focussed one. So, they will reflect on relations and may like to curb the nature of being critical and analytical on partners for good relationship. 
So, this is the way this transit may be seen. Again, these are very generic results as per every ascendant. If we go into real details and truckload meanings of all the representations of signs, planets and houses, then this article will never end. 

Hope this is understandable and helps. Please feel free to comment if there is any doubt. 

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer 

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