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Vargottama Planet.

Vargottama Planet.

Though Lagna Chart remains the most important chart for us but Vedic Astrology also provide the luxury of different Divisional Charts or Varga Charts. Actually all the divisional charts are made up from Lagna Chart and if we consider Nakshatra, Pada and Degree while reading Lagna Chart then there is no need to look into divisional charts, but in some matters like Career and Position of Atma Karaka & Amatya Karaka, Divisional Charts help a great deal. Divisional Charts also show a higher concious level of person in later stage of life. Another thing is that Lagna Chart and Divisional Charts will never show an opposite picture of life altogether. Divisional Charts are only going to confirm the promise shown by Lagna Chart.

So, now with this prelude, let's see what is Vargottama Planet?

Vargottama Planet literally means a planet which is in same position in most of the main 4 charts (Lagna Chart, Navamsha Chart, Dashamsha Chart & Saptamsha Chart). So, a planet which is in same sign in Lagna Chart and all the 3 main Varga (Divisional) Charts as stated above is called Vargottama Planet.

So for example - if Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in Lagna Chart but it is in any other sign than Cancer in Navamsha Chart, Dashamsha Chart or Saptamsha Chart, then it won't be considered as Vargottama Planet. Some Astrologers don't include Saptamsha for this consideration.

Again, if Moon is exalted in Taurus in Lagna Chart and then it is also exalted in all the three divisional charts as stated above then it will be considered as Vargottama Planet.

So for considering a planet as Vargottama Planet, it should be in same sign in all the 4 charts as stated above. If it is not in same sign in even one of the above charts, it can't be considered as Vargottama Planet.

What if a person has a planet as Vargottama Planet as stated above? Then this planet will give 100% good and positive results in its Mahadasha.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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18 Comments on this post

  • MBJ - everything is in addition, vargottama and FM both will give results.

  • Hello sir If the planets are functional malfic in rashi. Dose Vargottoma make it Strong benfict or srong malfic ? How much stronger or weaker ...? Thank you sir

  • Good morning Sir,thank you for your valuable reply for my query on vargottama concept.I became fan of you sir.

  • @ Rk - jupiter represents teacher, family, husbamd , children

  • Sir, what are the jeevakarakas effected when Jupiter is vargottama in libra 12th house?

  • Excellent Explanation

  • @ vivek - vargottama is sign based system not house based. Jup dasha in this example will give result of different houses for different charts.

  • Sir what is the effect of houses in vargottam concept. For ex Jupiter in Aries sign in 7th house in Libra asc birth chart but in 6th house in navmansh chart in Aries sign, but same Jupiter in 5th house in dasmansh chart in Aries sign .How u see this vargottam Jupiter.

  • @ dk bose - I recently made video covering all points you raised - http://astrosaxena.com/vargakarma. please check. Merc Deb Vargottama can make someone very creative writer but can have issues with siblings. Thanks,

  • Dear Vishalji, Can rahu or ketu also become vargottama? if yes what would be generic effects if placed in strong signs - rahu in taurus and ketu in scorpio? Thanks

  • Dear Vishalji, What be the generic prediciton if vargottama planet mercury is debilitated in pisces for a capricorn ascendant. D-1 it is in 3rd house and D-9 it is in 7th house. Thanks.

  • @ anu - results will be seen with delay and much frustration if planets are combust, mostly in 30s. everything is in addition, so nodes will be vargottama but still have some negative impact on jeeva karakas due to bad dignity. Thanks,

  • Hello, Nice explanation. I wanted to ask some questions regarding vargottama. What is the effect of combust planet in Vargottama? If mercury is combust within 1 degree in aquarius in birth chart and it is vargottama again sitting with sun in navamsa..? And does rahu and ketu be considered strong when they are vargottamma in enemy signs?

  • Thank you sir :)

  • @ pravesh - delayed results of vargottama planet.

  • Sir!!!How to understand a Vargottama+infant state, Vargottama+retrograde/combust

  • @ Deepak - I wont look in d-charts. It should do good in its dasha.

  • If planet is not vargotam but is exalted in natal chart and is the lord of ninth house, do we need to see the position of the planet in all other 4 charts like navmansha, Saptamansha etc. Will it give good results in its mahadasha

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