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Timing of Marriage and Delays in Marriage.

Timing of Marriage and Delays in Marriage.

So, today I am going to disturb an emotional chord for everyone, i.e. Marriage.
First, lets see how to know the right timing to get married. For seeing the timing of marriage, we look at 3 houses.

2nd house - as it is house of Family.
7th house - the main house related with Marriage.
11th house - as it is house of Desires and Marriage is almost everyone's desire, unless someone has become Monk.

Like, in the attached picture. 2nd house has Gemini Sign (3) in it, 7th house has Scorpio sign (8) in it and 11th house has Pisces Sign (12) in it.
Now, Gemini's lord is Mercury, Scorpio's lord is Mars and Pisces' lord is Jupiter. So, whenever this person goes through Mahadasha/Antardasha of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, then there is strong possibility and also auspicious time of this person getting married.
Now, comes the other side of coin, Delay in Marriage.
Delay in Marriage is caused by either Saturn or Mars. As I have already discussed in my post related with Mangalik Yoga, that Mars' maturity age is 31 years and if a mangalik person is getting married before 31 then only care he should take is to get married with another mangalik person and of-course to follow the above rule of mahadasha/antardasha of timing of marriage.
Now, comes the Big Boss, Saturn. Saturn delays the marriage, when it is placed in 7th house like here in the picture or it aspects the 7th house [Saturn can aspect the 7th house from Ascendant (7th aspect), 5th house (3rd aspect) and from 10th house (10th aspect)]. In case of Saturn placed in 7th house or aspecting from Ascendant or 5th house, marriage should be delayed till 32 years of age and in case of Saturn's aspect from 10th house, marriage should be delayed till 36 years of age. Why upto 36 or 32? Because Saturn's maturity age is 36 years and it starts relieving its impact from 31/32 years of age.
Now, there is another situation by which Saturn can delay the marriage. It is when Saturn becomes the lord of 7th house of marriage and 8th house of in-laws, i.e. for Cancer Ascendant people. For Gemini Ascendant, it becomes the lord of 8th house (Capricorn) only and for Leo Ascendants, it becomes the lord of 7th house (Aquarius) only. For Cancer Ascendant, it rules both the houses (7th house - Capricorn and 8th house - Aquarius), in this case also marriage should be delayed till 32 years of age.
In my little experience of reading horoscopes, only saving grace in any of these situations, where marriage should be delayed and person gets married before the given age, is Jupiter. If Jupiter is sitting in 7th house or Aspects the 7th house or it is in 6th house (as it is a house of disputes and Jupiter in 6th house saves person from having disputes and thereby saves the marriage) or person goes through Jupiter Mahadasha while Jupiter is in good dignity like in exalted (Cancer), own signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) or in friendly signs (signs ruled by Sun, Moon and Mars) then Marriage remains blessed.
Again, anyone can get married at any time. Even in 21st century, in Central India at least, Child Marriages are rampant on Akshaya Tritiya. So, none can stop anyone from getting married, only thing is seen through Astrology is whether marriage would be able to survive?
Also, if someone's marriage is delayed, then the divine message behind it is that in your last life, you didn't treat your spouse well enough, so in this life, spouse's arrival in your life will be delayed so that you should realise the value of that relation, which you mistreated. Again, Saturn only delays, it never denies the marriage.

Hope it helps.

From tomorrow onwards, have a look at the life pattern of every ascendant, starting from Aries Ascendant.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • Sir, my saturn is in my first house in aries aspecting the 7th house. And my Jupiter is my darakaraka in 12th house and my jupiter mahadasha will start in the year 2025. Please tell what this means.

  • @ Ashini - Please apply for marriage consultation.

  • Please let me know when i will possibly get married. I have Saturn in 7th house. dob 05/12/83 time 3 15 pm birth place Mumbai India

  • Please let me know when i will possibly get married. I have Saturn in 7th house. dob 05/12/83 time 3 15 pm birth place Mumbai India

  • @ Soumya - Life Path is going towards foreign lands/companies/people or spirituality.

  • In my navamsa 1st house lord jupiter in 12th house wt does it mean

  • @ Rinki - may be dasha and transits are not supporting the relationship. Thanks,

  • Hello Sir, I am a Pisces Asc person and my saturn sits in 9th and Mars sits in 11th house, still my marriage gets delayed. However I have Ketu and Sun in 7th house. Could this be the reason of delay? Please advice.

  • @ veena - i would say person will get used to it.

  • Thank you - I always had this question and you have the answer - If Saturn aspecting 7th house and if marriage happens early then - Problems/difficulties in marital life until age 36. But marriage is saved by Jupiter if well placed (and/or in guru dasha). What happens after 36? difficulty reduces or person gets used to it and treats it as the new normal(lower the expectation in marriage). -Veena

  • @ keyuri - there will be some marital issues. Delayed marriage is advised.

  • Hello sir, what if Saturn is sitting in 7 th house in Pisces and lord of 7 th house Jupiter is sitting in 5th house debilitated.

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