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    Rhea 2021-12-30 22:50:24

    A True and real master of divine science of Astrology. I stumbled upon his work and didn't think twice before booking a consultation and it exceeded my expectations. It is the highest quality of consultation I have ever gotten after trying other astrologers and practitioners. None offered the same level of precision, meticulousness and attentiveness. His consultation is like gold mine, very insightful and extremely accurate. He took his time to answer all my questions thoroughly. His approach is very practical and helpful as he offers solution and guidance in the right direction, on top of reading of the chart. Thank you so much and God bless you.

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    Sandy, UK 2021-05-16 11:02:04

    If you wish to get genuine answers about your horoscope, you need to speak with Vishal ji. He is genuine, explains with a high level of clarity and will no simply tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what he can see. He is honest, approachable, genuine and can help you make sense of your current and near future situation to those regardless of your level of understanding of astrology. After having disappointing experiences with other vedic astrologers, I found my answers in a straight-forward, simple manner. You will not be disappointed.

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    Udit Kumar 2020-09-11 19:17:37

    I was mentally perplexed until I heard Vishal's words. My chart is a typical case of Saturn dominance, not only most of all planets in Saturn's Nakshaktra, but Sade sati is at its peak. I was about to change my career path , however I was waiting to interact with him. He explained me that perseverance is key. He told me that even if I change my career, Saturn will compel me to show patience. Moreover, in the new area of life, it will take even longer to establish as Saturn is at its play. I was relieved. Then, I had taken consultation in 2017 , so at this he had warned me that I may be going in for a repeat consultation. Even, I was not aware of this fact that I had already consulted with him. He is the manifestation of generosity. He saved me from spending duplicate charges. I am thankful that he is here when times are tough for me.

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    Tejal K.K. 2020-06-20 23:16:28

    Vishal Sir is a true Gem in astrology... He gives honest(no sugar coating )practical consultation... His mailed report seems like consulting him personally when you read it... He has so comprehensive, detailed and simple approach to consult... He would help you to know your destiny... I feel he is a messenger of God who helps you with the help of astrology... God bless you Sir... Thank you so much...Tejal...

    Emperor angelfish
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    Neha Yadav 2020-05-01 11:28:23

    I highly recommend Vishal for any consultation you seeking. True value for money and trust me you won't be disappointed. People read reviews and think possibly this might be written under any influence - close friends, family etc. This honest review is coming from someone who took the service and found him on youtube firstly, that leads to finding him on other social media platform - facebook page then leads to his website www.astrosaxena.com and flabbergasted by his knowledge which is phenomenal and too much detail oriented which is amazing to see in today's time. Not officious to any gems or mantra's simple guidance do the MAGIC. That shows his personality in his reports on how brilliant and honest he is in his job. He gives so much attention in making the consultation reports and those reports will answer all your questions that you probing. Highly Highly Recommend!!!! Neha - Pennsylvania, USA

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    Tanya 2019-11-01 12:28:32

    I had been looking for an experienced astrologer on the internet for a long time. And finally I found him in the face of Vishal. The decision to receive consultations appeared after reading articles on his side. His site is filled with huge amount of interesting and useful information. When I was reading my first consultation, prepared by Vishal, I was impressed by the amount, consistency and usefulness of the information. Vishal puts all his deep knowledge into each forecast, answers all clarifying questions. Having received the predictions, I see how Vedic Astrology plays in our life. Not much time has passed since I received consultations on different matters, but I have already seen confirmation of the events that Vishal indicated, in particular in the sphere of Career. I thank him for his sincerity. Always the desire to help! Highly recommend Vishal as an astrologer.

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    Amit Dhawan 2019-10-03 10:32:50

    I started following Mr Saxena's Facebook page on Astrology a while ago. I found it randomly and was quickly surprised about how much great knowledge he has on Astrology and I read his thorough articles on his website. I decided to get a consultation from him and when I read it, I was blown away. He has tremendous knowledge and wisdom on the subject. He was very detailed and quite articulate in his breakdown of information. I was very impressed by the entire consultation. I would highly recommend him as a fantastic and thoughtful astrologer. Thanks for the consultation. _/\_

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    Divya Das 2019-08-23 12:17:05

    I have been interested in astrology for almost decade and a half, have consulted few astrologers as well. Since i read a lot on the subject i happened to come across his page and got hooked. I then took 2 consultations from him in a span of 2 years The best part about him is his live for the subject and since it being his motivator he doesn't dilute the essence of this beautiful science unlike other astrologers these days, he doesn't subscribe to things like stones, unrealistic remedies, he talks about perseverance, change in mindset. He is honest, well read and most of all Reachable. Thank you Vishal...

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    Amanda Fullerton 2017-09-07 20:24:28

    Recap After having a reading with Vishal back in May he warned me of some health issue I may have and to just watch it. Because of this I decided to get some test done and blow me if the Dr didn't confirm back to me what Vishal had told me. Not only that, other issues were flagged up as well, as you can imagine I was really glad I'd had my reading done. Thanks Vishal.

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    Padma 2017-08-09 21:47:07

    I have consulted Vishal on various questions and issues in my life, and I have been immensely impressed with his honesty, expertise, perceptiveness, guidance, and professionalism. He is impressively knowledgeable and gifted in his professional realm. Moreover, the spiritual pearls and insights he conveys are immeasurable and profound. Vishal explains this wealth of information and analysis clearly and with thoughtful consideration. His hope and wish to help others is reflected by his genuine care and concern for others, his accurate and affordable consultation services, his patience with questions and his prompt feedback. I am truly grateful and appreciative of encountering his informative and enlightening website, and connecting with him to gain a deeper understanding of my own life puzzle and purpose. Many thanks Vishal!

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    Akshat Saraf 2017-07-08 16:52:10

    Vishal's analysis has been instrumental in my career growth. The way he explains the situation based on the planets and their combinations is very easy to comprehend. He is always available for any guidance or advise which makes him approachable. Thank you Vishal.

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    Amanda Fullerton 2017-05-19 10:05:20

    I picked Vishal S Saxena to do a Astrological reading for me because I felt a certain pull towards him and been a student of Astrology myself I know this is an important factor when considering a reading with Astrologer.... I wasn't disappointed neither this man was very accurate and didn't mince his words. I found him to be honest and thorough with the reading and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to people... really pleased Amanda Fullerton (UK)

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    Lochani 2017-04-24 21:57:20

    Vishal Saxena is one of the best astrologers that I have come across throughout my astrological life. He's got a very good knowledge and insight into astrology. Also he's very updated on the subject and he knows what he's talking. The career consultation I got from him was very informative and superb. I have no problem in recommending him to anybody who wishes to get his astrological or spiritual service. Not to mention he's a very good human being and a mentor. Thank you Vishal may god bless you!

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    Simona Krsteva 2017-04-02 00:12:04

    I discovered Vishal Saxena two years ago during the most challenging time in my life. I was struggling through losses in my career, in my relationship with others and in my own health. I spent months searching for answers in numerous astrology books and on website, but found very little to help explain what was happening and why. I prayed every day for God to send me help and little did I know, I would find that help 1300 km/8000 mi away. After going through heavy surgery, I stumbled on a Vedic astrology article that caught my eye. I found that his work was uniquely logical, systematic and "light filled" in approach. Unlike other authors who would often make me feel afraid and pessimistic about my chart, Vishal's work provided objectivity and inspiration. There was a strong balance between scientific logical argumentation and the metaphysical, intuitive and spiritual essence underlying Jyothisha. I have no doubt that God led me to the right person. My inner voice pushed me to contact him and express my admiration for his work. This was something I had never done before. Part of me was afraid to reach out-- that maybe he would make me even more afraid of my karmas; but my inner voice pushed me nonetheless. I was surprised to find how remarkably humble he is and how passionate he was about his service to others. I felt a great bond with him, as if we were friends for many lives. and I immediately trusted him. I ordered a reading with Vishal Saxena after several days of speaking with him. I shared how confused I was about the direction of my life, work, my failing relationships and the sudden change in my health. Vishal listened with great compassion and non-judgement; he promised to address all of my fears and questions in the reading. I waited for great anticipation for the report to come in. My report was, first and foremost, extremely detailed and organized in a way I could easily understand. He explained his logic, much like a caring Ayurvedic doctor would explain why he or she prescribes a certain remedy. He explained the positions of planets in my chart based on the ancient rules and techniques, doing his best to provide a fair and objective assessment-- rather than feeding into my own fear or worse, telling me what I want to hear! Vishal explained how these positions relate to what I experienced at the physical, mental and emotional levels. He helped me understand the greater purpose to the circumstance and possibilities on the horizon. Vishal helped me see the changes in a different light. He guided me through overcoming my own self imposed,victim-mentality carried over from a troubled childhood. I could see how my own inner belief system which was preventing me from seeing god's blessing and guidance, even when my ego refused to cooperate! He helped me see that the greatest pressures in life form the strongest, most brilliant diamonds capable of refracting great love in the world. I could not allow these struggles to obstruct the expansion in my consciousness and ultimate liberation from pain. Vishal never let me give up on myself. For many months I consistently reread his report and challenged myself to research ways I could help balance my turmoil through Ayurveda, meditation, journaling, studying the vedas and upanishads. I was hungry for knowledge and Vishal encouraged me to open my mind and see the perfection inherent in myself. He also helped me see my strengths, so that I could focus on my own devine gifts, rather than focus on what I have lost or don't have. Admittedly, there were days when I felt angry, sad, lost, frustrated-- wondering why I was cursed with such misfortune... but Vishal reminded me that I am perfect as I am, my life is perfect and I only need to seek God to find the answers. Months later I ordered another report, addressing more specific questions which emerged through the healing process. I was surprised that Vishal sent back a report which was improved from the prior one-- the format, the integration of principles, the holistic nature of the work-- all advancements. Indeed, I could see into my teacher's heart-- god inspires him to be better and better in his service to others, even when he doesn't have to. I really respected this about him. Two years later, I look back on those readings and smile-- my teacher and counselor was right about so many things. His encouragement helped me adopt a new physical, mental and spiritual lifestyle. Ayurveda, the vedic a physiology, meditation and astrology are at the heart of how I live and the direction of my life. There's no doubt that his guidance and encouragement was the vehicle for great transformation. I recommend Vishal to my friends, family-- even those I don't know. I believe that he practices astrology as it was intended to by the ancient rishis and enlightened ones. -- as a way of looking into the desires of the soul to overcome suffering and transcend temporary happiness. He helped me rediscover the light in my own hear, so I can share it with others. Thank you Vishal for helping me prepare my spirit for the next chapter in my life. You will always be my guru, my teacher, and friend. Namaste.

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    Vineet Prasad 2017-03-26 19:51:59

    I have consulted Vishal on a host of topics ranging from marriage to career and from property disputes to understanding of Mahadashas. He is one I have been privileged to meet in my life not only because of his knowledge and wisdom but also how humbly he explains and interacts with you. He is prompt with his answers and ever ready to answer any doubt you may have regarding your reading. Regardless of the cost of the consultations which is consciously kept low by him to be able to help as many people he can, his reports are elaborate and take a lot of effort on his part to prepare. They tap into a lot of deep areas of Astrology which many astrologers may not know or ignore to incorporate in their overall assessment. It is his sincerity, in my opinion, that sets him apart from the rest. I have consulted a lot of astrologers in my life and Vishal's knowledge and eagerness to help make him a wonderful guide and spiritual light. Lots of Blessings to you, Thank you for all your help and a Lot of Wishes on your wonderful site changes!

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    Aruhn Murthy 2017-03-22 21:50:29

    Vishal Saxena is a new generation astrologer who believe in combining logic and common sense in reading and analysing charts . If one reads his analysis one would find it to be 100% personalized and educative . This guy never seems to tire out and loose patience and post one analysis , he goes much beyond his scope of work and not only ensures that follow up questions are answered promptly but there is a great deal of education as well...simply put one can become a functional astrologer himself if he reads Vishal's reports!! I have had the good fortune of getting analysed almost all kinds of reports that are done by him and needless to say every one of them is brilliant ,,sincere and resonates within. I would strongly recommend his over all life path analysis - which gives a very good insight into all aspects of ones life and then follow that up with specific areas of consultancy . Its value beyond money. I wish him the very best of luck and many more years of fruitful consulting and making peoples lives better . If any one wishes to know more on Vishal's brand of consulting , please feel free to send me an email." God bless him !!

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