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Concept of Tara Bala.

Another pending request here is about the Concept of Tara Bala. So, let's try to understand it on the basis of following points -

Meaning of Tara Bala.
Concept of Tara Bala.
Table of Tara Bala.
Importance of Moon.
Other Important Factors.
Occurrence of an Event or Muhurt.

Let's begin.

Meaning of Tara Bala - Let's first understand meaning of these 2 words, then it may be easy to understand the concept itself. "Tara" means Star and here it is used in exchange for Nakshatra or Constellation. "Bala" means Power or Strength. So, this term literally means the Strength of Star.

Concept of Tara Bala - Now, the Concept of Tara Bala says that as every person is born with Moon in a particular Nakshatra and as Moon transits in a particular Nakshatra on a given day, the distance between person's birth nakshatra and nakshatra of the day can bring some good or bad event.

For ex - I am born with Moon in Rohini Nakshatra and as I write this, Moon is in Jyeshtha Nakshatra today. There are 15 nakshatras between Rohini to Jyeshtha (both inclusive). Now, this 15 number can indicate a good or bad event for me today depending on which group it is falling in the table of Tara Bala.

Table of Tara Bala - So, here is the Table of Tara Bala -

Nakshatras Name Result
from Birth Nakshatra
1st, 10th, 19th Janma Tara Bad
2nd, 11th, 20th Sampat Tara Good
3rd, 12th, 21st Vipat Tara Bad
4th, 13th, 22nd Kshema Tara Good
5th, 14th, 23rd Pratyak Tara Bad
6th, 15th, 24th Sadhan Tara Good
7th, 16th, 25th Nidhan Tara Bad
8th, 17th, 26th Mitra Tara Good
9th, 18th, 27th Parama Mitra Tara Very Good.

So, the way to read or understand this table is like if I am born with Moon in Rohini Nakshatra and durinng any given day Moon is transiting through Rohini itself (1st nakshatra from Rohini) or Hasta (10th nakshatra from Rohini) or Sravana (19th nakshatra from Rohini) then that day may not be good for me and I should avoid taking some major task on that day or doing some auspicious important act on that day. But if Moon is transiting through Uttara Phalguni (9th nakshatra from Rohini) or Uttara Ashadha (18th nakshatra from Rohini) or Krittika (27th nakshatra from Rohini) then it can be a very good day for me as this group of nakshatra falls in last row of table which are Rohini's Param Mitra Taras or Best Friend Nakshatras.

Hope it is understandable.

Importance of Moon - As we can see that this concept gives huge importance to Moon's transits on a given date and none can deny the importance of Moon in birth chart of any person. I already posted chart of Mark David Chapman (http://astrosaxena.com/chapman) who was born with 4 exalted planets but he happened to have trashed Moon due to malefic impacts over it and he ended up in becoming a murderer. So, Moon's importance in chart and its importance in bringing an event on a particular date is beyond any doubt or discussion/arguments. For me at least, Moon remains the most important planet in our chart. But what I want to add here is that Moon's transit as per this concept of Tara Bala brings the final event on surface but it doesn't mean that whole event took place that day only. There are lots of other factors involved.

Other Important Factors - And these other factors are your birth chart, your dashas and your transits of other important planets. Because let's face it, Moon will transit through the same nakshatras after every 27 days but you don't see repetition of events in your life after every 27 days. Like, if Moon is in Magha Nakshatra today then it is 7th nakshatra from my birth Moon and falls into Nidhan Tara which can bring death-like situations for me but it is not that after every 27 days whenever Moon is in Magha Nakshatra, I will feel the same or get similar results. So, it is obvious that other factors like birth chart, dasha, antardasha and other planets' transits are setting up the stage for an event and Moon's transit is only bringing the occurrence of the same event set by other factors. Like, if someone is getting married today then it is not that the whole marriage related talks and formalities will be finalized today only. Everything must be going on for at least past 5-6 months but the final result of all efforts is getting manifested today. So first of all, person's chart should allow marriage, then dasha/antardasha should activate marriage related houses/planets, then transits of Jupiter/Saturn/Rahu & dasha planets should indicate towards marriage related houses/planets and then at last Moon's transit from a particular nakshatra can show a good Tara Bala for the day when the person gets married. So again, everything is in addition. Tara Bala is important concept but it is as important as other concepts.

Occurrence of an Event or Muhurt - At the same time, it can be very useful in matters of the exact day of an event or deciding a Muhurt for an auspicious event. Like, if you are deciding the date of marriage or buying a property then you can see when Moon is transiting through nakshatra of Param Mitra Bala or Sampat Bala respectively. You can use it to prevent or safeguard yourself from a negative event too. For example, if your birth chart and dasha/antardasha are indicating towards accident related houses or planets then you can avoid travelling when Moon is transiting through nakshatra of Janma Tara, Pratyak Tara, Vipat Tara or Nidhan Tara Bala. That may help you in escaping any major losses.

Conclusion - Like this, we can use Tara Bala for our advantage or to safeguard ourselves by little awareness. Again, an event won't just come from nowhere. It is always coming from many months and Universe has given us many indications but we have chosen to remain negligent or ignorant. Astrology's only job is to make us aware so that we can negotiate through bad times in a better way.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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  • Thanks Laura

  • This is one of the best, most direct explanations of Tara Bala. Most excellent! Thank you

  • U - married life is always challenging for all.

  • Hi, what if 7th lord is in Naidhana tara - does that mean that marriage life will be bad ?

  • But the tara bal concept is related to dasha only! And moreover dashas originate from moon nakshatra only.....

  • @ Ankit - As I see, only moon changes its nakshatra position on daily basis. hence, we can interpret daily results only through distance of moon birth nakshatra and moon transiting nakshatra. I think we should not stretch it upto activation and results of dasha.

  • Why tara bal concept only applies to moon transit? It also applies to dashas, which originate from moon nakshatra! For ex if someone is going through rahu mahadasha which is sequence wise his 4th dasha(kshema) it should be a good dasha considering only this concept! Tara bal concept should also apply to mahadashas and not just moon transits

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