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Meaning of Sun’s Transit.

So finally, I am able to start the articles related with interpretations of timely Planetary Transits. Major reason behind delay is that we are in process of shifting our home. So, I am running around almost everywhere. So, apologies for the delay. Let’s begin with meaning of Sun’s transit. Let’s see the things important for understanding this – 

Sun - Sun represents Personality, King, Government, Father, Authority, Career, Top Positions, Ego, Self Esteem, Health, Education etc.

Transit Time – Sun transits through a sign in about 30 days. 

Mahadasha/Antardasha – Person will be most impacted by Sun’s transit if he is also under Sun’s Mahadasha or Antardasha. 

Sun’s Dignity – First important thing to see is Sun’s dignity in Birth Chart. If it is well placed in Own/Exalted/Friendly Sign then Sun related things will come easily in life, else Sun will require person to put extra effort to gain those things. 

Transiting Sign – Likewise, we have to be sure of Sun’s dignity during transit. If Sun is transiting through Own/Exalted/Friendly sign then things related to the house where it is transiting will be accomplished easily but if it is transiting through Enemy/Debilitated sign, then it will create situations where we need to put extra efforts to get things done. 

Eclipse Season – A point to remember is Sun’s transiting the same sign where Rahu/Ketu are transiting. This will cause the Sun to Eclipse. This means that all or some of the things related with Sun will be eclipsed in life. This time creates troubles in Career, own/Father’s health. So, be careful about these things when Sun transits into Eclipse. 

House Ruler – One of the most important thing is to keep in mind as to which house Sun rules with Leo sign in your chart. For Aries Ascendant, it will rule 5th house but for Virgo Ascendant, it will rule 12th house. Now, wherever it goes into transits, Sun will bring the energy of the house it rules in your chart. Like, if you are an Aquarius Ascendant then Sun rules 7th house with Leo sign. 7th house represents Relationship, dealing with other people, Business etc. So, wherever it goes in transit, person will be feeling the energy of 7th house in that house. Like, Sun going into 9th house, person will be interested in higher education which can improve his Business. Sun going into 6th house, person will be going through a loan related process connected with his Business etc. These are just few examples. 

Transit over a planet - As I said, main results of transit comes when a planet is transiting over another planet from Birth chart or in transit too. So, it is important to see that Sun is transiting over which planet? If it is transiting over friends like Moon, Mars and Jupiter and they are well placed then it can bring good events. Transiting over neutral like Mercury will be average. But transit over enemies like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Venus will create stress and we need to be careful in that. Results will also be impacted as per nature of planets, like Sun over Mars means person will feel highly courageous whereas Sun over Jupiter means person is inclined towards Higher Education etc. Like this, results will differ for each planet. Here, it is also important to see what houses these planets are ruling in birth chart as events may also be related with that house. 

Impact of Sun’s Transit – Sun is basically our Soul. Wherever Sun is in Birth Chart, things related with that house will give satisfaction to Soul. Even if it is debilitated in Libra in birth chart, it shows that person’s soul will feel satisfied in Career related with Creative Business. This person may not do well in jobs unless there are other supportive factors. Likewise, wherever Sun goes in transit for one month, our Soul and our focus goes into things related with that house. Person will feel gravitated, motivated or even forced to take up things related to the house where Sun is moving. If Sun is transiting in favourable sign, then person will be inspired and motivated else person may be forced to take up those things. So, following is small synopsis of how Sun may do in each house in a generic way as we don’t know the sign placement and planetary placement. So, here we go – 
  • In 1st house – Person will be focused upon himself, his own health and physique. He will pay attention towards his life path and where it is going. He will become aware of any health issue if he has been negligent. It might make him become centre of attraction or give him small time fame as Sun is in Ascendant and everyone looks at Sun. 
  • In 2nd house – Now, focus will shift to family and wealth. Person may get very authoritative in his speech. He may try to show authority within Family. He may be focused on wealth aspect. He will take care of the fact that if he is earning enough wealth for his family through his career. 
  • In 3rd house – This will certainly give an authoritative communication style. This Sun will make you interested in collecting information. This will make you communicate with siblings and neighbour. You can be gravitated towards Counselling and Teaching others. 
  • In 4th house – This will make you focus on your home matters. You may try to be authoritative at home. This may make you take care of your mother and other issues of 4th house like real estate. 
  • In 5th house – Now, focus comes into Education, Children and Creativity. This time will make you study hard or take study of your children seriously. This will also make you creative as Sun represents Creativity being lord of Leo. You might be authoritative towards children or love interest here. 
  • In 6th house – I am going through this transit and I am running between Builder and Banks for Home Loan these days, lol. So, this one month will make you focus on removing the obstacles from your way. You will be very authoritative at your work place. You may find obstacles in Legal and Govt related process. Some health issues can also come up. 
  • In 7th house – Now, focus shifts to Relationship or Business. So, person will look at the fact whether he is taking care of his relation and spouse. If not, then he will take appropriate steps. If someone is Businessman, then he will focus more in his Business or may be try to open a new Business in this time. Here, authority will be shown in relationship or through Business. 
  • In 8th house – Here, the person can go through some sort of change or he may be inclined to research about Occult and Hidden Things. Here some sudden events can impact the person but end results depend on lots of other things. Here, person should take care of his health.
  • In 9th house – Now, person will focus on Higher Education. He will be inclined to travel or communicate about different culture and religions. Here, Authority comes as a Guru. Person will be seen as authoritative teacher. 
  • In 10th house – This is a Career oriented transit. Person will be very much interested to know about his name and fame in society. And what he can do if he is lacking in that area of life. His focus will be on Father and people in Authority. This may be a time related with Career advancement. 
  • In 11th house – Now, focus will be on gains through Career. Person will be inclined towards communicating in professional network circle. Person may get enough recognitions and rewards in this time. Elder Sibling can be a help in Career or Gains. Person may think about making contribution towards humanitarian causes and social welfare.
  • In 12th house – Now, you are inclined towards Spirituality, Foreign Travels and Charity. You may focus on going to a Foreign or Spiritual place. If in wrong dignity, it may show health issues, so you may need to take care of health during this time. 
So, this is how Sun’s transits through all the houses may work but lots will depend upon dasha, house it rules, dignity of Sun in birth chart & transit and planet it is transiting over. 

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and queries, if any. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer 

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