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So, we start introduction of our planets from Sun.

Sun is King of all planets because all other planets revolve around Sun. It is the main source of energy and reason for life on earth, along with Moon.

So, in Astrology, Sun represents following main things, among many other things - 

1. Sun is your soul (Aatma).

2. Sun is your ego.

3. Sun is your father.

4. Sun is Government, i.e. Central or Federal Government.

5. Sun is any person of authority in your life.

6. Sun is one of the significator of Career.

Nature - Now, planets are divided into Benefic or Malefic Nature. Sun is one which is mild-malefic nature. Why mild-malefic? Because although it is the source of life and represents our soul but it has fire inside it which can burn anything, that's why it takes the shape of mild-malefic.

Maturity Age - Every planet has a maturity age, after attaining that age, no matter the planet is benefic, malefic or mild-malefic, it starts giving more positive results, for the simple reason that it has attained the maturity and taught all the lessons to individual till that age. Sun's maturity age is 22 years.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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