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Overall Chart Reading Vs Sun/Moon Sign

So, why reading whole horoscope is more important than just looking at Sun Sign or Moon Sign prediction?

Please note that I am not saying that Sun Sign or Moon Sign is not important to us. Obviously they are important as Sun represents our Soul and Moon represents our mind. Sun's position shows what our soul's lesson for this life and Moon's position shows how our mind works and where it works?

What I am trying to say is that Sun Sign, Moon Sign are as important as all the other planets in other signs. So to understand this, we need to first understand what do we actually mean when we ask each other "What is your Sun Sign or Moon Sign"?

Sun Sign actually means the Zodiac Sign in which Sun was placed at the time of our birth or in our birth horoscope. Like, in this horoscope here, Sun is placed in a house which has 2 number written in it. 2 means 2nd sign of zodiac signs, i.e. Taurus. So, in this horoscope, Sun Sign is Taurus. Likewise, Moon is placed in a house which has 11 number written. 11 means 11th sign of zodiac signs, i.e. Aquarius. So, in this horoscope, Moon Sign is Aquarius.

So, when we put emphasis on Sun Sign or Moon Sign, we indirectly accept that Sun/Moon placed in a particular zodiac sign can have impact on our life throughout, right? So, if 2 planets placed in 2 signs will have impact on our life then what about other 7 planets placed somewhere in other 10 signs? They would have their impacts too, as they also represent different things in our lives and have different energies, right?

Its great that we are considering Sun and Moon for our predictions but it is equally important to give equal importance to all other planets placed in different signs. Like, how can we ignore Jupiter in our horoscope? Jupiter is the biggest planet of all. Its size is bigger than the size of all other planets taken together and represents knowledge, wisdom, spirituality and signifies wealth, marriage and children. Anyone willing to ignore these aspects of life? lol.

Likewise, look at the cover page I have set for this page. Of all the planets which are recognised in Vedic Astrology, Saturn has the biggest circumference when it rotates around Sun. All other planets also rotate around Sun but under the purview of Saturn. Saturn sets up boundaries and claims "I am the boss".

That's why, it is very important to read horoscope for all the planets, houses and signs, rather than just limiting predictions to Sun Sign or Moon Sign.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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