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Sachin Tendulkar Horoscope - The Master Blaster.

So today no guessing, let's start with Great Sachin Tendulkar's horoscope. Here I can post only the chart, not other details like degrees and nakshatras. You can check it by Google search as Sachin's horoscope is one of the easiest available chart online.

This chart just shows how important it is to read full chart as a whole and not make any decision because of one planet's position.

  • First of all, he is Leo Ascendant. Leo means Lion and he was Lion of his field. Lion is King and he remained a King throughout.
  • Ascendant lord (Leo's lord) is Sun. Sun is placed in 9th house of long distance travels and different religions. It shows that majority of this person's life will be spent in travelling to other countries and meeting people of different ethnicity.
  • Now, 1st important thing. Sun is in Aries, where it is exalted. Not only that but if you see his full report with degree and all, you will see that Sun is at exact 10 degree, the most exalted point of Sun in Aries. It is where Sun is most powerful.
  • His Atmakaraka is Mars. It is in 6th house of daily routine life and enemies, it shows his life purpose was to fight against his enemies and defeat them on daily basis. As it is Mars, who is a natural soldier, this person can either be an Army Man or a Sports Person. In these two fields, you get a chance to face your enemies and defeat on daily basis. Again, Mars is in Capricorn, exalted. So, this person will always come out as winner against his enemies.
  • His Amatyakaraka is Moon. As I told in posts related with Amatyakaraka, it shows the direction to follow in life. His Moon is in 5th house with Rahu. 5th house is of education, children, happiness and Sports. So, his Amatyakaraka took him into the field of Sports, so that he can fulfil the destiny promised by Atmakaraka. No doubt that he took decision of being a sports person during Mahadasha of Moon.
  • Now, here are two points to consider. Moon is mind and it is sitting at the axis of Rahu and Ketu at close degrees. Don't mind but you will find this type of placement with lots of criminals and dictator type of persons. Now, how his mind remained stable? Another thing is that Moon is in Sagittarius and Sagittarius' lord Jupiter is in Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign where Jupiter becomes debilitated. So, this ways too, Moon is weak because the lord of the house it is sitting in is debilitated. Then what saved his Moon and gave extremely good results of 5th house (Sports)? It is where whole horoscope reading is important. So, I told you guys about something named Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga. If a planet is debilitated but sitting with a planet which is in exalted or own sign, then it creates "Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga" and the debilitated planet becomes even more powerful than exalted one. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn but Mars is sitting with Jupiter and Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so actually Jupiter is more powerful than exalted Mars. That's how, Sachin is getting good results of 5th house (Sagittarius' lord is Jupiter) of sports and Moon also got its stability.
  • Now, Rahu is with Moon in 5th house. Rahu is obsession, Moon is mind and 5th house is house of Sports and Creativity. So, it made his mind obsessed about sports and creativity. No doubt he remained obsessed for cricket that's why he came back after 2 career threatening injuries (1999 - Back Injury & 2004- Tennis Elbow). There are many shots like Upper-Cut and Pedal-Sweep which Sachin created and only he used to play.
  • So, all is well with him. Well, not really. Every life has its sacrifices and if you are cricketer in India, you are bound to sacrifice a lot of things. Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga only helps in professional life, not in personal life. Now, if you think that I am talking bullshit as he had an almost perfect married life with Anjali and has two adorable kids, please think again. If my memory is working fine, he got married on 25th May, 1995. I would love to know how many days he could spend with his family in last 20 years. He was always away. Even after his retirement, we see him being a guest in one or the other function everyday. It is a kind of result of Ketu in 11th house as Ketu from 11th house aspects the 7th house of spouse. Ketu is separation and 7th house is spouse. It shows a person living away from spouse and family. Now, as Jupiter was involved in 6th house of disputes, it saved him from disputes and he remained away from his family for a good cause, else with any malefic planet like Rahu, Mars or Saturn, separation could have been for negative reasons too.
  • Leo Ascendant means 11th house of Spouse has Aquarius sign, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Saturn represents old age. So, he got a spouse who is older to him. Again, this fact is verified by Rahu's 5th aspect (from 5th house to 9th house) to Venus. Rahu is unusualness in life and Venus is significator of Marriage. It shows an unusual marriage. So, he got married with an older girl who was of different caste, as 9th house also represents people from different backgrounds.
  • Last but not the least. Secret behind his longevity as a Cricketer. 10th house of work environment has Saturn there. Saturn represents stability and long duration. So, he was stable in his work environment for a long duration. Also, Mercury in Pisces is debilitated but again getting support from Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga of Jupiter (as Pisces' lord is Jupiter). Again, it helped in professional life and not in personal life. Mercury represents communications, so he doesn't speak much in personal or public life but when he tried to write a book, he became one of the best selling authors.
Quite befitting that we had 10 points for great Tendulkar.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • DK - with Mercury, yes. Nodes are neither exalted nor debilitated/

  • Thanks SPB. Is this the same case with Mercury, Raju and Ketu also in this chart.

  • DK - Cancellation of Debilitation is Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga only. :)

  • Jupiter with exalted Mars cancels Jupiter’s debilitation. But how does it create Neech bang raja yoga.

  • Jupiter with exalted Mars cancels Jupiter’s debilitation. But how does it create Neech bang raja yoga.

  • @ Sidhesh - please apply for consultation.

  • Talking about moon rahu conjunction. I have moon rahu conjunction in 4th house in aquarius. When my life will become easy? I am almost 30 and still is am not sure about my career path and life path.

  • @ Renjith - no comments on personal life. Thanks,

  • Sir.........for sachin there is sun venus conjunction..........and venus is in aries maranakarak position and sun is in exalted position.......but we never heard about any ego clashes.......in sachins life......kindly guide

  • @ Vivek - I use everything that is necessary in a given chart.Thanks,

  • Why does Karakamsa was not used in your predictions?

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