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How to interpret conjunction of 4 or more planets in a house/sign?

So, this is a common article on how we should interpret a 4 or more planetary conjunction given in a chart? I will also explain why I am not making separate articles for each and every conjunction of 4 or more planetary conjunctions? So, let’s break this topic under following points –

Why one common article?

Planets involved.

House involved.

Sign involved.

Malefic Planets Impact.

Nakshatras involved.

Sign lord and Nakshatra lord.

Dasha Factor.


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Why one common article? – It is because whenever 3 or more planets are in one house/sign then things related to the house/sign becomes important or life-focus. So, let it be any 3 or 4 or 5 etc planets, they will just show that their energy is directed towards the things related to the house or sign they are in. It means that if I write all the 4 or more planetary conjunctions separately, I may be repeating many a things. We have already seen that many a things in 3 planetary conjunction articles were repetitive especially when malefic planets were involved. Also, 4 or more planets together means a real hub of energy and in that case, we can’t have a clear sense of interpretation as there can be unlimited number of interpretations. Hence, it is better to focus more on the house/sign involved and have 1 comprehensive article which will have all the necessary information to interpret such a conjunction.

Planets involved – First of all, the planets involved and their basic nature is important. Like –

  • If all planets are benefic by nature then things can be easy to achieve.
  • If any of the planet in conjunction is in wrong dignity then achievements related with living significances of that planet can be troublesome. Like if someone have Sun-Mercury-Venus-Saturn in 5th house/Libra then Sun is debilitated and with its great enemy Saturn. In this case, all the planets can help person in creativity and education but the relation with father or authorities can remain troublesome. Like this, dignity becomes important in such conjunctions. 
  • If any yoga is taking place between the planets involved then we need to take the meaning of that yoga in consideration. Like, in the above example – if Venus is in between degrees of Sun and Saturn then it creates Paap Kartari Yoga. Hence, Venus may help person in creative pursuits but his relationship life can still be problematic. 
  • Then the nature and representation of houses these planets are ruling become important. If they are ruling Dushthana Houses (houses # 6, 8 & 12) then there can be some obstacles or changes or losses coming in the house where they are sitting. If they are ruling Upachaya Houses (houses # 3, 6, 10 and 11), then things of the house where they are placed will improve in 30s and till then it is hard work. Likewise, if they are ruling Kendra Houses (houses # 1, 4, 7 & 10) and Trikon Houses (houses # 1, 5 & 9) then there will be some sort of support person will get into the house they are sitting.

House Involved – As I see, the most important is where such a conjunction is taking place, i.e. in which house. Wherever such a conjunction takes place, things related to that house become kind of life focus and we will discuss later why it is so? Like,

  • if 1st house then things related to self or life path.
  • if 2nd house then family, wealth, securities etc. 
  • if 3rd house then skills, talents, interests, business and travelling. 
  • if 4th house then home, mother, home land and real estate. 
  • if 5th house then children, education and creativity.
  • if 6th house then obstacles, conflicts, health issues or litigations. 
  • if 7th house then relationship, business, other people and masses.
  • if 8th house then research, changes, occult and service to people.
  • if 9th house then higher learning, religion, philosophy and guiding others.
  • if 10th house then career, fame and public image etc. 
  • if 11th house then income, gains, desires and serving humanity. 
  • if 12th house then foreign lands, spirituality and losses. 
  • Again, we need to keep in mind if house involved is Kendra house, Trikona House, Upachaya House or Dushthana House. Those significances will come into picture and impact the results of conjunction. Like, if conjunction is happening in 6th house then person can either face lots of obstacle or he can be serving people in resolving their obstacles. In 3rd house, person can be very skilled but results may be delayed due to the Upachaya Nature of 3rd house. In 8th house, person can go through lots of instabilities and uncertainties throughout life. So, not only the house and things attached with the house but the nature of the house is important.
  • Last but not the least, we have to apply the concept of House to House (http://astrosaxena.com/hhouse) to get the clear picture of these conjunction. So, you can have this conjunction in 3rd house which is making you very good with your skills and interests but 3rd house is also 12th from 4th house and it represents loss of home land. So, it shows that if such a person is trying to stay at his home land then things may not work for him. He will get better results in life in places away from home land. If someone has 3 or more planets in 6th house then he can be a good Doctor or Lawyer but it is 12th from 7th house, so his own relationship can be in losses. So, like this we need to interpret houses involved.

Sign Involved – Likewise, the sign and its representations in which the conjunction is taking place becomes important. As sign represent almost the same things which are represented by its respective number of house, we can apply the same significances to signs and interpret them as life focus to person. Like, if someone has 3 or more planets in 10th house where Leo sign is falling then we can say that his life focus will be to get fame through creative pursuits but the results can be delayed due to Upachaya Nature of House. Again, if someone has 3 or more planets in 8th house in Pisces sign then life focus will be going through changes in life and serving people in spiritual field. This article can help you understand this interpretation - http://astrosaxena.com/whww.

Malefic Planets Impact – As we have seen during 3 planetary conjunction articles, whenever a malefic planet comes into the conjunction, it keeps an upper hand in conjunction more or less everytime. So, if a malefic planet is involved in a 4 or more planetary conjunction then things can be achieved but with hard work, delay and perseverance. One malefic planet is enough to spoil the show. Especially if it is Saturn, then it is all Saturn’s game and no matter how good or bad other planets are placed, we may not get desired results till mid-30s. Things are not much different with other malefic planets too. Also, if majority of planets in such a conjunction are malefic then the things related with the house will remain a life focus but for negative reason. Like, someone has Rahu-Saturn-Mars in 4th house then relationship with mother can be trashed and person will always have this depressive feeling of not receiving Mother’s care. If such planets are in 7th house then person can go through many relationship just in hope of getting something better next time and this matter remains a life focus throughout. So, benefic planets can make it a matter of life focus due to achievement but malefic planets can make it life focus due to pain and suffering involved.

Nakshatras Involved – Now, let’s go little deeper. It is also important as to in which nakshatras these planets are sitting. It can be the best thing if all or majority of planets are in 1 nakshatra because then it shows that although different planets represent different energies but all those energies are getting aligned towards things represented by that nakshatra. It becomes difficult when different planets are together in one sign but in different nakshatras because then their energy gets scattered in different direction. Like in Capricorn, it is better to have all or majority of planets in 1 of the nakshatra of Capricorn rather than 1 in Uttara Ashadha, 1 in Sravana and then 1-2 in Dhanishtha. Point is only to get all the energies together at 1 place so that they can be focused in 1 direction.

Sign lord and Nakshatra lord – As always, position of sign lord and nakshatra lords are important. Their positions show that where this conjunction will express itself. Like, if conjunction is in Capricorn ruled by Saturn & in Sravana Nakshatra ruled by Moon, and Saturn is in 10th house of Career & Moon is in 7th house of Business, so it shows that such conjunction can help person in prospering his career or business.  

Dasha Factor – Normally, dashas are very important to activate the planets but I said that such a conjunction remains a life focus. It is because let it be any dasha or antardasha any how one of these 4-5 planets will remain active or their lords will be active or their nakshatras will be active and it will keep the whole conjunction active. So basically, the conjunction will remain active for whole life and will remain a life focus.

Conclusion – I think I covered all the points involved in interpreting 4 or more planetary conjunction. Please feel free to comment if I missed anything.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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