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Shubh Kartari Yoga

Lets understand 1st of real good Yoga, on the lines of Paap Kartari Yoga. It is called Shubh Kartari Yoga. Concept and Analysis is exactly the same as Paap Kartari Yoga, only the difference is that it is a benefic yoga. So, in Shubh Kartari Yoga, a house of horoscope is surrounded by a benefic planet on either side. Benefic Planets are - Jupiter, Venus, Waxing Moon and Mercury (only if it is sitting with another benefic). Like, in the attached horoscope, Venus is placed at 4th house and Jupiter is placed at 6th house. The house in between is 5th house. 5th house is house of happiness, education, sports, children, creativity. So, this person will get additional benefits of 5th house related things as that house is surrounded by two benefic planets. And actually, this person got additional benefits in the field of sports as it is chart of a former cricketer of India. All in all, a very auspicious yoga. Actually, I also have it in my horoscope. I have Moon in 7th house and Jupiter in 9th house. It makes 8th house under Shubh Kartari Yoga. 8th house is house related with mysteries and occult knowledge and may be that is why I am able to understand things related with Astrology very easily. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • Sir my saturn is in the first house in aries. My Jupiter is in the 12th house in pieces and moon is exalted in the 2nd house. Is this a shubh kartari yoga. How Will this help my debilitated Saturn.

  • Geetha - no such yoga , person will get result of individual planets as per their nature and dignity.

  • Sir , what is the effect if the house is gemmed between 1 benefic and 1 malefic planet ?

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