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Shravana Nakshatra

The 22nd Nakshatra, i.e. Shravana Nakshatra.

Let’s cover Shravana Nakshatra based on following points –

Sign and Degree
Name and its meaning
Activation Age
Deity, Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord
Mythological Story
Prominence of a Nakshatra
Various interpretations of Shravana Nakshatra

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Sign and Degree – Shravana Nakshatra falls within 10.00 degree of Capricorn to 23.20 degree of Capricorn. So, Shravana Nakshatra falls completely into Capricorn sign.

Name and its meaning – Literal and generally known meaning of Shravana is "Listening". Another meaning of Shravana is given as "the one who limps". Through mythological story, we will come to know why such a mismatched meaning is given to Shravana.

Representation – Shravana is most commonly represented by The Ear which is again very much understandable with its name and meaning. Another representation is "The Trident" and "Row of 3 uneven footsteps". Again, from mythological story involved we will come to know the reason behind the last 2 representation.

Activation Age - Besides dashas and planetary maturity ages, another way of activating a planet is activation age of nakshatra it is sitting in. Shravana Nakshatra activates itself at the ages of 5th, 15th, 33rd, 35th, 41st, 50th, 55th, 57th, 58th & 77th year of age.

Deity, Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord – Deity of Shravana is Lord Vishnu. Saraswati is another Goddess associated with Shravana. Nakshatra lord is Moon. Sign lord is Saturn.

Mythological Story – The Demon King Bali had taken control over all 3 worlds (Earth, Heaven & Netherworld). The Demi Gods went to Vishnu for help. Vishnu assured them of help. Vishnu took his Vamana Avatar of a small Brahmin Boy and approached Bali when he has just completed a Yagya. One of the rule of Yagya was that Bali can't refuse the request for charity of any Brahmin after Yagya. Vamana Avtar asked for the land which He is going to cover in his 3 strides. Bali was amused as he thought how much land this little brahmin boy would be able to cover in 3 strides. So, he agreed although his teacher Shukracharya was present there an warned Bali as he was able to see Vishnu in the guise of Vamana Avatar. Still, Bali promised as requested by little brahmin boy. As soon as Bali Promised, Vamana Avatar grew its size so big that in 1 stride only it covered whole of Netherworld and Earth, in 2nd stride it covered the heaven and then asked Bali where to put the 3rd stride? Bali was true to his word. He offered his own head. Vamana Avatar smiled and put his 3rd stride over Bali's head which pushed him to the lowest of the world. Although balance was restored in 3 worlds but Vishnu was happy with Bali for him being true to his words. Vishnu promised Bali to help him whenever he needed. So, here we get the understanding of symbolism of 3 uneven foot, Trident and the one who limps as Vishnu's 3rd stride was not completed properly as there was no place left to land the foot.

Prominence of a Nakshatra – Now, throughout this series, whenever we say about a nakshatra being prominent in a chart, it means it is either ascendant nakshatra, Sun nakshatra, Moon nakshatra or 2 or more planets are placed in 1 nakshatra, Understand that a nakshatra is only 13 degree 20 minutes long and if even 2 planets are there within that range then it is huge energy accumulation. It will make that nakshatra related things important in person’s life.

Various interpretations of Shravana Nakshatra – Now, here are some of the interpretations of Shravana Nakshatra we can take as per the things discussed above –
  • First and foremost this nakshatra is about Listening, hence prominence of this nakshatra can lead someone into communication related work. It can be as simple as working in some telecom company or as huge as counselling 1000s of people as a guide/teacher/counselor. Listening remains the 1st step of communication because you should speak only when you have 1st listened to someone properly.
  • Prominence of this nakshatra in chart also shows that someone needs to learn to listen in this lifetime. Now, it can be about others or listen your own intuitive voice.
  • They are most commonly seen as teachers or counselors and guiding people to resolve their issues through amicable ways.
  • Shravana's misuse can be in gossips and spreading rumors. Although these are also communications but of lower level.
  • As this nakshatra is mainly about communications, they are seen as good orators.
  • As it is ruled by Moon, these people can be highly emotional and can be seen as too generous where they end-up in feeling loss because of their own generous nature.
  • Now, some of the traits from the story. These people can be able to present themselves in a completely different picture than what reality is? Just like, Vishnu presented himself as little Brahmin Boy.
  • This also shows that they can go to any length or extreme to achieve their purpose or goal.
  • At the same time, it shows that they are true to their word, just like Bali was.
  • As Shukracharya advice was ignored in the story, Venus doesn't find itself comfortable in Shravana although Capricorn remains a friendly sign to Venus.
  • As Vishnu helped in maintaining the order of the Universe, these people also help others in restoring the balance in their lives.
  • As it is about listening, these people learn things better by listening to them rather than reading.
  • Overall, they are the best people to talk with as they would have immense capacity to listen to people and counsel them.
Conclusion – So, this is some basic information and interpretation of Shravana Nakshatra.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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