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Major Change in Providing Consultations

Hi All, 

So, Rahu’s transit in my 7th house/Taurus of business was bound to bring some changes in the way I interact with people, and here it is – 

1. From 1st Oct, 2020, all the consultations/services - https://www.astrosaxena.in/services/, except Birth Time Rectification Consultation, will be Telephonic Consultations. It means that I won’t be able to provide written reports. 

2. Only exception will be “Birth Time Rectification Consultation” as I feel that Birth Time Rectification can’t be done over call. 

3. For all other consultations, we can have calls via normal calling, Whatsapp, Skype or Zoom etc. Consultation Call will be scheduled any day within 7 days of applying for consultation as per the convenience of both sides. I will be emailing Chart and Planetary Positions before the call in order to refer it during the call. Please feel free to record the call at your end for future reference. If we have call over Skype or Zoom then recording call is easier. 

4. As always, I will be giving requisite/necessary time over call to answer all relevant and necessary questions. 
5. People applying for written reports till 30th Sep, 2020 will get the written reports within due turn-around-time. I will make necessary updates regarding new guidelines for Consultation/Services page (https://www.astrosaxena.in/services/) on 1st Oct, 2020. 

6. Now, the reasons behind this shift – 

a. Continuously increasing number of consultations has enhanced the writing work beyond the convenient limits which has pushed me for this change in providing consultations. Writing a report takes much more time then explaining same thing over call. 

b. I am sure that many people must have noted that in recent months, I am unable to write and post regular articles on site or make Facebook/Twitter Posts. This change will save considerable time for me which I can utilize in making new articles/posts. 

c. Most importantly, by giving consultations over call, I can utilize remaining time in completing the book I was writing on Astrology and then start Teaching Services through online classes which is now a long standing demand from your side. 

d. Needless to say that I would still give only 2-3 consultations per day, so that I can give requisite/necessary time to each person. 

7. Hope I continue to provide services in this new form and also add Teaching Services soon. 

Thanks for cooperation and continuing trust. 

Swami Premanand Bharti.

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