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Concept of Sandhi Conjunction, Sandhi Aspect & Sandhi Period.

So, we have 3 Sandhis to deal with today. These are 3 small but as always important concepts of astrology and as I am about to finish 2 planetary conjunctions, I thought that it will be relevant if I cover these concepts which are more conjunction related. I already had last Facebook Live Session on these topics but if there is any further clarification needed then this article can be useful. 

Let's break this article in following points - 

Sandhi Conjunction. 
Impact of Sandhi Conjunction
Sandhi Aspect.
Impact of Sandhi Aspect. 
Sandhi Period. 
Impact of Sandhi Period.

Let's cover all points one after the other - 

Conjunction - As we know that conjunction of planets is when 2 or more planets are sitting in 1 house/sign of chart. Closer they are degree-wise within a sign, the more energy exchange it causes. Any intense conjunction can be seen when planets are within 10-15 degrees of each other but even otherwise, two or more planets in same house/sign will have their impact in their dashas and important long transits like of Jupiter/Saturn and Nodes. 

Sandhi Conjunction - Sandhi Conjunction is when two planets are although in different signs/houses but still they are very close degree-wise. Like, Sun is in Aries at 25 degree and Moon is in next sign Taurus at 5 degree. So, although they are in different houses/signs but still degree-wise they are only 10 degrees apart. So, this creates a Sandhi Conjunction and it will be read as normal conjunction because at the end of the day we have to realize that lines/boundaries between houses are created by us. There are no lines or boundaries in sky where planets actually transit. Another example - Jupiter in Pisces at 28 degree and Saturn in next sign Aries at 10 degrees. Again, although they are in different signs but they are still within 15 degrees and will give result like Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. 

Impact of Sandhi Conjunction - As I said, this will be read as a normal conjunction. Like in last example, person will get normal result of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Aries (i.e. Debilitated Saturn), houses they rule and their nakshatra positions. So, everything will be same except that we have to include result of planets in their respective signs and their dignities & strength etc. 

Aspect - Aspect of Planet can be best understood like a torch lightened up in dark room and it creates a circle where light falls. Further we look away from the center of light, weaker it becomes. Likewise, if Sun at 18 degree Scorpio aspects at opposite sign Taurus then its beam falls at 18 degrees of Taurus and from there if we go in either direction degree-wise, the impact of aspect gets lighter and lighter. An aspect has its major effect at around 5 degrees on either side of the exact degree where it is falling. So, in above example, Sun's aspect will have major impact from 13 degree to 23 degree as aspect is falling in between these degrees at 18 degree. Further we move away degree-wise on either side, weaker the impact of aspect may get. 

Sandhi Aspect - Now, Sandhi Aspect is when a planet is in the last few degrees or early few degrees of sign and aspects another house. Like, Mercury at 28 degree Cancer will aspect at 28 degree Capricorn. But its major impact will be 5 degrees plus/minus of 28 degree Capricorn, i.e. 23 degree Capricorn to 3 degree Aquarius. Now, if this person has a planet around 3 degrees of Aquarius, then that planet will also feel the impact of Mercury's aspect. This is called Sandhi Aspect where planets are not aspecting each other sign/house wise but degree-wise. 

Impact of Sandhi Aspect - Again, impact will be just like any other aspect between planets. Planets' nature, dignity, house/sign and the nature of aspect will be taken in consideration to make an overall conclusion. 

Dashas - We all know that Dashas rule over our lives. We see events as per the dashas we go through. Now, there is a kind of sequence among dashas that except between Mars and Rahu MDs, every malefic planet dasha will be followed by a benefic planet dasha and so on. So, dasha change actually signifies a huge energy change from benefic to malefic and malefic to benefic. 

Sandhi Period - And this is the base behind the concept of Sandhi Period. Sandhi Period is the last antardasha of any mahadasha. This Sandhi Period works like a bridge between current mahadasha and coming mahadasha. This period will help in the change of energy from benefic to malefic or vice-versa. This period brings the events which set the stage of next mahadasha. So, always pay attention to the events you see during last antardasha of any mahadasha as it will give an idea about what is coming in next mahadasha. 

Impact of Sandhi Period - Impact of Sandhi Period is that it makes the transition process easy from one mahadasha to next mahadasha. It helps in the shift of energy from benefic to malefic and vice-versa. Else it would be tough to find a balance if one fine day we are made to jump from the most benefic Jupiter MD to the most malefic Saturn MD. So, Sandhi Period makes us get used to upcoming change. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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