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Saturn Return.

So, What is the age of attaining majority? 18 years or 21 years. Well, astrologically speaking, it is between 28 to 31 years of age, when Saturn Returns. So, What is Saturn Return? Take your horoscope. See in which zodiac sign Saturn is placed. Like if a child takes birth today, he/she will have Saturn in Scorpio. Now, Saturn takes about 2.5 years to transit through one sign. So, Saturn Return for this child born today will take place when Saturn transits through all the 11 other signs and returns to the sign of Scorpio, which will take about 30 years (12 X 2.5). So, Saturn Return is basically time period when Saturn returns to the sign in which it was originally positioned at the time of birth.

So, what it does? It actually takes you back to the exact same position like you were at the time of your birth. Means? At the time of birth, an infant is totally dependant upon others. Saturn Return also puts you in same position where your own will doesn't count for anything and you are totally dependant on how others treat you. This is the best time to leave everything on God and not expect anything in return for your Karma, because you are not going to get anything any ways. Saturn, as the lord of Justice, will put someone under different tests and hardships, so that he can later judge him and do justice. As Saturn represents responsibilities and burden, this time will bring lots of it. Basically, if someone is thinking that he can survive through-out life on the shoulders of others and without taking any responsibility of life, well, you are here for a big lesson during Saturn Return. Ask anyone, who is 35 and above in your family and friends, they will always revert back in their memory to the time between 28-31 years of age as the time which gave the biggest lessons of life. Actually, that's what Saturn does, it gives you responsibilities, it makes you mature and learn through responsibilities and then purifies you. After Saturn Return is over, we find ourselves more mature, more serious and more responsible in life. It also teaches us the lesson of living life on good moral principles.

So, is Saturn Return always troublesome? Well, it will give you responsibilities and challenges for sure and make you handle things which you never did before but if we take up all the challenges thrown at us then Saturn also blesses us to the maximum extent, as it is the biggest wealth giving planet.

Jupiter and Saturn are two most wealth giving planets, but the main difference between them is this -

Jupiter is benevolent teacher. He is like your mother who always teaches with all the emotions and care. Saturn is also a teacher but it has a stick in his hand. It wants to make it sure that whatever it is teaching, student is learning at the same time. Saturn does not want any negligence.

So, basically take every challenge which is thrown at you during Saturn Return, never show your back. Last but not the least, it does not matter if you are going through Saturn's Mahadasha/Antardasha or not. Saturn is such a slow moving planet (it takes 2.5 years to pass through one sign whereas Moon passes one sign in "2 days and 6 hours") that it will catch you one day or the other during its 2.5 years time. 

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • @sr - it will be a time of changes in overall life and hard work.

  • Sir my saturn is retrograde in the 1st house in aries. What will my saturn return be like.

  • @ RK - if it is 3rd, 6th or 11th transit from Moon.

  • Good morning sir! Can Saturn return in 3rd, 6th, 11th make us learn new skills?

  • @RK - yup, it is also one of the concept.

  • Hi sir, suppose saturn is at 0 degress of capricorn will the saturn return starts at middle of sagittarius?

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