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Saif Ali Khan Pataudi Horoscope – Generational gap among partners

So today, after a long time, a Celebrity Horoscope. Horoscope of Saif Ali Khan Pataudi - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saif_Ali_Khan . As I like to cover Celebrity Horoscope based on a topic or concept, I would like to cover Saif’s chart on rarely talked about topic, i.e. what causes someone getting a partner from a completely different generation altogether. As we know, Saif Ali Khan got married twice in his life “so far” and both times, there was a generational age gap between him and his both spouses. That’s why, his chart is best suited for this analysis as his chart must be having something which lead to such a situation in his life, not once but twice. So, let’s try to find out the reason through Saif’s chart on following points –

Chart Introduction.

Introduction of Saif’s Spouses.

Saturn Impact.

Outer Planets.

Outer Planets in Saif’s Chart.



Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Chart Introduction – As per information available online, Saif was born on 16th Aug, 1970 at 4.02 am and at Mumbai. This makes him Gemini ascendant, Mercury-Ketu in 3rd house/Leo, Venus in 4th house/Virgo, Jupiter in 5th house/Libra, Moon in 8th house/Capricorn, Rahu in 9th house/Aquarius and Saturn in 11th house/Aries. There is another chart available online of Saif which shows him Aries ascendant but I am inclined to take this Gemini ascendant chart as the correct one because of the life path of creativity he followed.

Introduction of Saif’s Spouses – So, here is basic info of both the spouses of Saif –

  • Amrita Singh – Born on 9th Feb, 1958. They got married in Oct, 1991 and got divorced in 2004.
  • Kareena Kapoor – Born on 21st Sep, 1980. They got married in Oct, 2012.

As we can see that Saif’s 1st wife is 12 years elder to him and his 2nd wife is 10 years younger to him. So, there is clearly a pattern of generational age-gap here between spouses.

Saturn Impact – Whenever we talk about age difference among spouses, we normally talk about Saturn. As Saturn represents old-age, Saturn’s involvement with relationship oriented houses or planets can bring spouse who is older to person. But actually, that is not the case here. Here, we are talking about a scenario where a person can get a partner from different generation altogether and that generation can be younger or elder, either ways. So, it is not about necessarily getting married to an older spouse where we can consider Saturn.

Outer Planets – And here comes into notice the role of outer planets, i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. As they stay in one sign for 7 years to 20 years, they are called generational planets. A whole generation takes birth during their transit in 1 sign. So, when Uranus, Neptune or Pluto impact relationship oriented houses or planets in birth chart, at that time we can expect a person getting into relationship with person of different generation, either elder or younger to him/her.

Outer Planets in Saif’s Chart – Now, in Saif’s chart, we can see that Venus is with Uranus-Pluto. Venus not only is karaka of relationship but for a Man, Venus represents wife or girl friend too. This made a potential case that he can be in relationship with someone of a completely different generation.

Dashas – But as always, events in life come as per dashas. Let’s see his dashas at the time of both marriages –

  • Marriage with Amrita Singh – Oct, 1991. His dasha was Rahu-Saturn-Mercury. Mercury rules over Virgo where he has Venus with Uranus-Pluto.
  • Marriage with Kareena Kapoor – Oct, 2004. He was in Jupiter-Venus dasha which again activated Venus-Uranus-Neptune in 4th house/Virgo.

Conclusion – So, we can say that when outer planets get involved with 7th house, 7th house lord, Jupiter, Venus or Darakaraka, then person can be in relationship with someone of next or earlier generations. So, this is one of the ways outer planets can make a big impact on our lives.

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  • The age difference you mentioned about him with his wife is due to Rahu Saturn conjunction in 7th house of Navamsa which is also Gemini ascendant you can go to astrosage.com. Rahu is extreme and with saturn in 7th house he amplify the attribute of saturn which is older and mature brought him the much older and younger spouse.

  • Excellent sir

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