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Rahul Gandhi and Paap Kartari

Rahul Gandhi and Paap Kartari Yoga.

Though I never like to post anything negative about Astrology but this is one yoga which always shows its colours. This is called Paap Kartari Yoga. Paap refers to malefic planets, Kartari means Scissor and Yoga means combination of planets.

In Astrology, we have some natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon & Venus. Likewise, we have some natural Malefic Planets like Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu & Ketu. Then we have different blocks in horoscope, which are more appropriately known as houses. So, a Paap Kartari Yoga occurs when a house of horoscope has a malefic planet sitting in the earlier house and also in the later house. So, suppose there is Saturn in 1st house and Mars in 3rd house then these two malefic planet limits the result of 2nd house which is in between 1st and 3rd house. So, two malefic planets (paap) sitting on either side of a house work like a scissor (kartari) and cuts down the result of house and planets in between to the minimum.

Best example is Rahul Gandhi's horoscope. He has 3 paap kartari yoga in his horoscope.

1st - Rahu in 2nd house and Saturn in 4th house. Effect - Result of 3rd house of communication skills got limited. We have recently heard his funny and obnoxious speeches during election. In parliament also, we have rarely seen him speaking with any good authority.

2nd - Saturn in 4th house and Sun & Mars in 6th house. Effect - Result of 5th house of intelligence got limited. Courtesy Arnab Goswami, the whole country came to know about his intelligence and how he wants to deal with various national issues.

3rd - Sun & Mars in 6th house and Ketu in 8th house. Effect - Result of 7th house of marriage and marital happiness got limited. He is 44 and yet to get married. Though, it can be his personal decision also but fact remained the same that he hasn't got proper results of 7th house of marriage.

Just like to end on positive note. So, as there is Paap Kartari Yoga, there is one Shubh Kartari Yoga also. When 2 benefic planets sits on either sides of a house. Effect - The person gets extra good results of the house which is surrounded by these benefic planets. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • @ Siddhesh - yes, it creates PKY for 3rd house.

  • Namaste Sir. I am scorpio ascendant. Saturn mercury conjunction in 2nd house and moon rahu conjunction in 4th house. Do I have this paap kartari yoga? Saturn in 2nd house will damage his own 3rd capricon house?

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