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My take on Astrological Remedies.

My take on Astrological Remedies.

As I am receiving more and more requests for consultations, a common question is posed at me regarding remedies to be done to improve the conditions or results of the planet. So, I just thought to make an Article and post on my site and close this topic once for all.

Do Remedies really make any difference in the conditions and results of any planet?

In my considerate opinion, NO. Here are 2 reasons for my opinion -
a. My birth chart is made from my Date, Time and Place of Birth. Who decided these three things for me? Call it anything you like, God, Universe, Nature, Consciousness or Source Energy. Now, Can God decide anything wrong for me? So, whatever good/bad is happening in my life is all because of my own Karmic Debt towards others. There is no conspiracy between planets to make me suffer. Hence, there is no need to perform any remedy to please planets. Actually, planets were never unhappy with me. It is just that I was looking happiness as per my desires rather than as per the desires of these planets. If I start following their guidance, then there is no pain/suffering for which I need to do any remedy.

b. Suppose somehow there is one odd planet angry at me and I want to perform some remedy to please it. So, in a way I think I can change the way planets are going to behave by doing this remedy. Now, I am an individual of 30+ years of age in this mortal body and doing a particular remedy for about 15-20 mins and expecting to change the behavior of a planet, which is rotating in Universe for millions of years and has seen me in so many incarnations right from Stone, Plant, Animal and now in Human Form and don't know how many more incarnations I need to take under the view of same planet. So, is it anywhere logical that I will be able to change anything as per my desires? I don't think so.

Then What for Remedies are?

So, am I saying that all remedies are useless? No, I am not saying even that. Actually, the effect which a remedy gives to us is of Peace of Mind and Positive Thinking. That's what a remedy is meant for. If I am seeing some obstacles in my way in career/marriage or any other issue and if I perform any Worship or wear any Gemstone or give some charity or go on Pilgrimage or complete a Mannat as told by some "Learned Holy Man", the immediate result which I feel is of peace of mind and positive thinking that now that obstacle will go out of my way and I should put my best efforts now to achieve my goals. So, the basic result of every remedy is and should be to make a person think positive after completion of remedy. A positive mind is the biggest blessing which can face any obstacle and over-run it, so if a remedy is making a person's mind positive then I am all for it. I will support any such remedy.

Now, the main issue is that we all get "Peace of Mind" and "Positive Thinking" due to different reasons. It all depends on how spiritually evolved the soul is. Someone may feel peace of mind and positivity by going to Temple, others may find it in Charity, few more may find it by wearing a Locket or Ring, while there are few who may feel positive after going to Pilgrimage and there may be few who think that best way to remain calm and positive is by spending sometime daily in Meditation. So, it all depends on the Individual and where he is at Spiritual Evolution level. So, one remedy can't work for everyone. Actually, one remedy can't work for a single individual at different times because that individual also is evolving spiritually with time. Best example for this is myself as I have done almost all remedies given at different times. I started my experiments with remedies some 10 years ago when I started keeping fast on Saturdays, then it got shifted to Tuesdays, then I started chanting some Mantras, then Temple Visits, then Charity, then Pilgrimages, then Mannats, then Gemstones, then Lockets/Malas, then pouring milk on Shivlinga, then pouring oil on Saturn and finally now, I only do Meditation once in a day.

Now, I am not saying that all I did in last 10 years was useless and I wasted my time. I am only saying that remedies keep on changing as I became more spiritually evolved (not claiming myself to be a highly spiritual person here) and at different times, different remedies gave me peace of mind and made me think positively. Now, I find the same positivity through Meditation.

So basically, please don't take upon any remedy just because it was beneficial for someone else. Ask yourself, what can calm your mind and make it think positive? It can be anything. You may find peace and positivity by just sitting in your room and doing nothing. If that is so, then this is your remedy. So, choose your remedy as per your needs and mind.

Hope this helps.

Vishal S Saxena, Astrologer. 

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  • Eyeopener! you are a pioneer

  • Thanks Renata

  • Great! Peace of Mind is Spiritual Evolution. Love your way of thinking

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