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Astrological Remedies.

Astrological Remedies and Faith in God.

A lot has been said, written, read and heard about Astrological Remedies and in my own time of utter ignorance (it is not that now I have become very knowledgeable, but I am not that ignorant now), I have blindly followed many remedies. Then in last 2 years, I came across this philosophy from my astrological Gurus that faith in God is best remedy as all the planets are reincarnation of God only. I agreed to it readily. No doubt, he is the Supreme Power and if we can connect with him directly then there is no point in thinking about these planets. Philosophy is that if you have true faith in God then these planets can't effect your life.

Then I had a thought that most of us including me utter it on daily basis that we have strong faith in God then why these planets are still effecting us with all types of results (please note that I am not trying to raise doubt over anyone's spirituality or faith, I just want to understand the true meaning of "Faith in God").

Then I realised the importance and true meaning of Faith in God and having connection with God. So, Faith in God should be as strong as Draupadi had at the time of her disrobing in Mahabharat that she didn't even try to prevent herself from disrobing (if you see the pictures of Draupadi Cheer-Haran, Draupadi is always shown as either both hands up towards sky or folded in prayers. She never tried to put her effort to prevent herself from Dushshashan) because she knew that come whatever may, Lord Krishna has to come and save me. Faith in God should be as strong as Arjuna had in the words of Lord Krishna before Mahabharat War that he got ready to fight and kill his relatives on Krishna's guidance.

If someone thinks that these are age-old stories than have a look at this one, which took place less than 100 years ago.

I read this story from Autobiography of a Yogi few days back and found very relevant and inspiring. For those who are not aware, this book is written by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda and a must read for any book lover.

So, this story goes back to the time when Paramhansa Yogananda (birth name Mukund Ghosh) was in his childhood and started to get inclined towards spirituality. His elder brother was against this interest and wanted Mukund to lead a normal life. Elder brother was working at Agra in PWD and Mukund wanted to visit Vrundavan, so Mukund paid visit to his elder brother at Agra with his friend.

Here elder brother put a condition. He told Mukund that he will give him a ticket to Vrundavan, he won't be allowed to take any money with him, he won't beg for money or for food and if he returns home before 12 midnight then he will become Mukund's disciple, else Mukund has to leave the spiritual path.

Mukund happily accepted this condition. His friend was sent as a witness to see that Mukund followed all the conditions. Without even a single paisa in pocket Mukund and his friend boarded train to Vrundavan. Just after train moved from Agra station, a gentleman came and sat besides them. He looked at them and asked - Actually, I have organised a bhoj for kids of your age at Vrundavan and there were 2 kids from Agra, who were supposed to come, but they both fell ill. Would you mind coming with me at my place to take food?

Both kids had their lunch. Now, task remained was to visit Vrundavan, dinner and returning back to Agra. They went to nearby bus stand and stood there. A man came and said - I think you both are new to city, would you mind if I become your guide and host for the rest of the day in Vrundavan?

Mukund replied - but we don't even know you!!!!

Man caught the feet of Mukund and said - Lord Krishna came into my dream last night and told that I will meet you both here at bus stand and gave me the duty to accompany you both at Vrundavan.

That men took Mukund and his friend to whole of Vrundavan, paid for dinner and arranged for return tickets to Agra. They reached home well before 12 midnight. Elder brother became Mukund's disciple.

This is what is Faith in God all about. Unless and until we develop this, no remedy is going to be useful for any planet.

"God is all merciful but path which leads to God is merciless". - Avtar Meher Baba.

Merciless because it is path of total surrender and letting go of all desires.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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