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Relationship of Planets.

So, here is what can be called Relationship Table between planets. Who is friend and who is not to whom? Please refer to the attached picture to know. The importance of this table in horoscope reading is that planets give good results when they are placed in a horoscope in the signs ruled by friends. Like, Sun is friend with Mars and Mars owns the Signs of Aries and Scorpio. So, Sun will give good results when Sun is placed in the sign of Aries or Scorpio. Its like you are going to your best friend's home, you will certainly be happy to meet him and he will be eager to see you there. It is as simple as this. Planets give very good results when they are in signs owned by their friends. Results get little less when they are in the signs of planets who are neutral to them. Its like meeting someone, you are not too excited about. "Alright, fine, Glad to see you but I was expecting someone else here". Its like this kind of relation. And when planets go into their enemies sign, then results depend on the position of enemy planets.

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  • DK - all articles are written, please explore the site

  • Nice tabulation. Though Jupiter is not treated as enemy by Mercury how will he behave in Gemini. Similarly if Mercury is in Pisces, how will he feel and how Jupiter will treat him. Thanks

  • J - it will be difficult only.

  • Would like to understand on how to read the Planets relationship if it’s different based on the table. For example Mercury treats Mars as neutral but Mars treats mercury as enemy

  • @ rakesh - This may help - https://www.facebook.com/astrologyteacher/photos/a.10150802075498813.408661.150832338812/10155374632253813/?type=3&theater

  • Attachment not visible....not able to see in laptop.

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