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Finding Real Birthday.

Birth Day -

So, this is interesting. No matter what was our date of birth, our birthday never comes on the same day tongue emoticon. Like, if a person is born on 1st January, 2000, then astrologically his next birthday will never be on 1st January, 2001. It will always be few days before or after that date. How? Lets see.

So, 1st of all, in our horoscope, Sun represents Father and Moon represents Mother. So, to find our birth day every year, we consider only these two planets as our birth was due to these two (Father and Mother). Now, look at this horoscope. Lets say this person was born on or around 12th January in some year. How do I know this? Look at the degree of Sun, it is at 28 degrees in Sagittarius. Sun enters into Sagittarius on 14th-15th December every year. As every zodiac sign is 30 degree long and Sun covers one degree in one day then to cover 28 degrees (as shown in picture) will take it at least 28 days. So, from 14th December + 28 days = around 12th January.

After Sun (Father), also see Moon's degrees. It is at 9 degrees Leo.

Now, this person's next birthday will be when Sun again enters in Sagittarius, i.e. between 14th December - 14th January and then wait for the day when Moon enters Leo within this duration (14th December - 14th January) and strikes the 9 degree mark. That day will be this person's birthday on any given year.

How to know when Sun and Moon are entering into a particular sign and striking the exact degree?

Well, all astrology related websites provide one Current Transit or Transit Today chart, by which you can know which planet is currenly moving in which sign at what degrees. Something like this - http://www.astrosage.com/freekundali/transitTodayChart.asp.

Hope it was understandable and interesting.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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