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Meaning of Rahu’s Transit

Today, we will try to understand Rahu’s transit and its impact on Human Life. Let’s see the things important for understanding this –

Rahu - It represents Illusion, Foreign Lands, Foreign Things (foreign as in unknown things. So, for someone living in Punjab, culture and rituals of Kerala is also unknown and hence Foreign), Drugs, Medicines, any type of intoxication, Fame, Wealth, Success, Obsession, Past-life incomplete Desires, Movies, Television, Online World, Cheating, Imagined Fears, Unusual Things, Unique Things, Creativity, Rule breaker. Rahu also blows things out of proportions.

Transit Time – Rahu-Ketu transits through a sign in about 18 months time, which is considerably big time in comparison to other planets except Saturn. So, Rahu can be used in making some profound predictions.

– Person will be most impacted by Rahu’s transit if he is also under Rahu’s Mahadasha or Antardasha. But again, as transit is 18 months longer, Rahu will impact your life one day or the other in these 18 months.

Rahu’s Dignity – First important thing to see is Rahu’s dignity in Birth Chart. As Rahu changes itself as per the lord of the sign it is placed in, Rahu will be in good dignity in signs of benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, provided lord is also strongly placed. Although, Moon is also a benefic planet but Rahu considers Moon as an enemy. So, it might not do too well in Cancer. It will make person emotional to the extreme. Rahu in signs of Mars & Saturn can be negative as it will explode the malefic qualities of Mars & Saturn. Rahu in Taurus is considered as exalted and Rahu in Scorpio is debilitated but it remains of matter of debate between Astrologers. Some also treat Rahu in Leo as exalted. In my opinion, exalted or not, just see the sign Rahu is in, if lord of that sign is benefic or malefic and dignity of lord. It will give 90% indications about Rahu’s results.

Transiting Sign – Likewise, we have to apply the same rules to the sign Rahu is transiting. Like it is in Leo currently. We need to check dignity of Leo’s lord Sun in birth chart and in transit, which changes every month. So, that will give an idea about the results of Rahu during its transit in Leo.

House Ruler – One of the most important things is to keep in mind as to which house Rahu co-rules with Saturn through its sign Aquarius in your chart. For Aries Ascendant, it will rule 11th house but for Virgo Ascendant, it will rule 6th house. Now, wherever it goes into transits, Rahu will bring the energy of the house it rules in your chart. Like, if you are an Aquarius Ascendant then Rahu rules 1st house. So, wherever it goes in transit, person will be feeling the energy of 1st house of Life Path in transiting house. Like, Rahu going into 8th house, person can have his life path go through a major change.

Impact of Rahu’s Transit – Here, we need to keep in mind few things –
  • As I said, Rahu’s transit time is 18 months. So, it becomes a very important planet for making predictions as it is going into a house or over a planet in birth chart or transit can cause some friction within this long time which can cause some events to happen.
  • There are two ways to calculate transit times of Rahu-Ketu. They are known as True Nodes and Mean Nodes. End result is difference of few days in transits, nothing more than that.
  • Rahu is one of the most malefic planets. It is karaka of almost all negative things, i.e. from Cancer to Divorce. So, no matter where it is transiting in house/sign, it will bring some malefic energy there. Like, in Sagittarius, even if its lord Jupiter is well placed in chart, it can make someone religious fundamentalist besides giving lots of higher education. 
  • Rahu transit shows the actual time of manifestation of event. Dashas and other transits will set the stage but Rahu dasha and transit will make things move and manifest. 
  • Last but not the least; understand Rahu as the pull or attraction force you have for something and the sign/house it is transiting is actually the thing for which you are feeling the attraction. This is the simplest way to understand Rahu. Rahu will gravitate you towards the things related to house/sign it is transiting in and to achieve those things, person becomes obsessive to get it anyhow. An example here is like Rahu is about to move into Cancer, which is sign of emotions. So, everyone will be highly emotional in that time. Now, if it is transiting in Cancer in 5th house, person will be emotionally gravitate towards Love Matters or having a Child or Education but if it in 9th house, he will be emotionally gravitated towards Higher Education, Religion, and Philosophies etc. 
So, let’s begin understanding Rahu transit through various houses - 
  • In 1st house – This is time for you and yourself exclusively. Your whole focus will remain so much upon yourself that you may feel almost disconnected with others. You will be totally consumed with yourself and would love to be treated like King/Queen. Great time to focus & serve your life path and life purpose. Good time to be in Foreign Lands.
  • In 2nd house – This transit will make you gravitate towards Family & Wealth. He will always try to make/have more and more money but as Rahu is malefic in nature, Wealth may not stay during this time. Wealth may come from a Foreign Source. It can also cause some unusual family environment. 
  • In 3rd house – This time will gravitate you towards travelling and communicating with people. Person will travel a lot and learn a lot. He may focus on his communication, interests and skills. Relation with siblings can be very unusual in this time. Person may get a very unusual business idea in this time. This is also a good time to start online business or business with foreigners. Person will be full of courage. 
  • In 4th house – This is time when either your home environment may become very unusual for you or you may get a home in Foreign Lands. You will be gravitated towards your mother, home and home land. At the same time, some unusual events may happen to mother or within home. You may get interested in real estate. 
  • In 5th house – This is time for love. Person will be gravitated towards having a relationship. But this love matter may not be fruitful as Rahu is illusion and there is always a possibility of cheating here. He will be equally interested in creative skills, sports and arts. A good time to be creatively involved. Person may also feel like adopting a kid or having kid through other unusual ways like Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby. 
  • In 6th house – This is time one will be focussed towards becoming a hero at work place. He wants to fight against all the competitors and obstacles in life. At the same time, it can give some very unusual or rare diseases. He may be involved in health care or litigation activities as 6th house represents both. 
  • In 7th house – Now, person will forget himself and gravitate towards relation. This is all about relation. Person will be so much looking for relationship that he may forget himself. Although, it may give business opportunities too but it is more about relations. This transit can also bring fame among people or masses. 
  • In 8th house – If person saves himself from accidents and sudden events then this is a great transit to know the occult and mystical side of life. This transit can make someone totally mystical. He will be gravitated towards serving other people. It may give unusual events to in-laws family. Person may get into some unknown, chaotic and unusual circumstances. 
  • In 9th house – Person will be gravitated towards Higher Learning, Philosophies, Religions and People of different ethnicity. He may find a very unusual Guru. He will have weird belief system. There will be a pull towards meeting people of different ethnicity. There can be pull towards publishing.
  • In 10th house – This is a career oriented transit. Person will get a lot of Fame due to his work as Rahu represents Fame. He may get fame from Foreign Lands. He may have weird relations with Bosses and Father but overall it can be an excellent time for success in Career. Person will be in limelight at his work place and among his colleagues. 
  • In 11th house – Person’s earning and recognition can increase manifold. This is time of Rewards. Person’s network circle will increase a lot. Person will get earning and friends from Foreign Lands or unusual ways. He will be gravitated towards Promotions and Recognitions for his wor. Relation with elder sibling can be very unusual during this time. 
  • In 12th house – This time can send a person to Foreign Lands. Person will be gravitated towards Foreign Lands, Foreign Companies and People there. There will be equal pull for Spirituality. He may spend a lot during this time. Person may take a Spiritual Journey. Person will be all about moving out of Home Land. 
So, this is how Rahu’s transits through all the houses may work but lots will depend upon dasha, dignity of Rahu in birth chart & transit and planet it is transiting over.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and queries, if any.


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer 

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  • I am preparing for competitive exams . Rahu is in 6th house of my birth chart and I am going through last phase of Rahu dasha and moon sign libra and I am an Aquarius ascendent.how is this Rahu transit going to effect me?

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