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Rahu and its Various Representations.

After receiving many requests about Rahu and its various representations, I thought it is better to make one article about Rahu and how it impacts our life on Earth. So, let's check out this demon dude on the basis of following points -

1. Rahu.
2. Material Success.
3. Innovation.
4. Spiritual Success.
5. Rahu and Religion
6. Rahu and Dreams.
7. Ketu.

Let's deal with all the points one after the other.

1. Rahu - Although I have already made detailed articles on basic introduction of Rahu (http://astrosaxena.com/rahu) but just to recap, RahuKetu was a demon who tried to drink the nectar of immortality and Lord Vishnu cut his head off but by that time he already drank it and become immortal. Rahu became the head part and Ketu became the tail part. As Sun and Moon complained to Vishnu about him, Rahu & Ketu became enemy to Sun & Moon and that's why they eclipse them. As Rahu is only the Head without any stomach to feel filled-up, it represents our un-ending human desires. That's why, Rahu is reason of incarnation as Rahu is our left over desires of past life which we are here to fulfill. In Astrology, Rahu is considered as Malefic Planet. The reason, they say, is that traditional Indian Society was very Spiritual and Rahu's basic nature is Materialistic, that's why Rahu is malefic. I am not in agreement of this logic as 1st of all, I don't think ancient India was Spiritual. Our Ancient Texts are filled up with stories of Materialistic Desires of not only Kings, but also of Sages and even Gods. 2nd thing is that this logic then doesn't stand with Ketu as Ketu represents Spirituality but it is a still a Malefic Planet. All I see as reasons behind Rahu & Ketu as Malefic is that first of all they were part of one Demon and then they both represent desires. Rahu represents Materialistic Desires and Ketu represents Spiritualistic Desires. And as long as you have desires, you are far away from Source. Real Guru will tell us that spirituality is a deeper ditch than materialism. I am not saying not to have any desires. That is a foolish statement. Not to have any desire is also a desire. All I am saying that once we realize attentively that all our desires (materialistic or spiritual) are useless then we attain to Wisdom. But for that realization to happen, we need to attain our desires and till then Rahu & Ketu with their respective desires will cause illusions in our path of Wisdom. Hence, they both become malefic.

2. Material Success - As Rahu represents our Materialistic Desires, its position and MD becomes very important for attaining material success in our life. As we know that Rahu transforms itself into the lord of the sign it is placed in or as the planet it is sitting with, hence whenever Rahu is with benefic planets (Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury) or in their signs, it can give great material wealth during its MD. The only really troublesome placement is when Rahu is with Saturn in Saturn's enemy or debilitated sign, without any other support. Then Rahu MD can be a little difficult. Otherwise, it will give great gains as that's what for Rahu has brought you back into this world, i.e. to attain your desires.

3. Innovation - Rahu co-rules sign of Aquarius which is sign of Humanitarian Causes, Social Welfare, Common Benefit and Scientific/Technological Inventions. As we can see, all things stated here are directed towards making world a better place and serving humanity & human life with innovations. So in case, someone thinks about writing curses for Rahu on FB/Whatsapp/Website etc, understand that these mediums exist because of Rahu. Because of Rahu, we are able to develop Medicine to prolong human life and because of Rahu now we are able to connect any one in any part of world within few seconds. For those who say that Rahu is just an illusion, well you can say such a thing only when you have attained to Wisdom. Till then Rahu is the only reality. Like, those who say this world is Maya, well say this when you have realized the other world. Till then, this world is the only solid reality we have. So, Rahu is so necessary for living a convenient life plus making this world a better place to live in.

4. Spiritual Success - Its not that Rahu only gives Material Success. It can also give Spiritual Success. Whenever Rahu gets attached to Jupiter or sits in Jupiter's signs, it changes itself into Jupiter and explodes Jupiter's quality which includes Spirituality. Specially if Jupiter is well placed or Rahu is in Pisces, person becomes highly obsessive about Spirituality. Here, Rahu becomes important in worldly success of person as Spiritual Guru or Leader.

5. Rahu and Religion - But that is where Rahu was also considered as negative in traditional Indian Society. Rahu is known as a Rule-Breaker and Jupiter's main job is Law & Religion. So, when Rahu and Jupiter gets connected anyhow (conjunction, aspect, Rahu in Jupiter signs or in each other's nakshatra), then this person questions the religion. He may question all the religions. Extreme situation comes when he creates his own religion. This Rahu-Jupiter combo is one known as Guru Chandal Yoga. Now, in ancient India, it was a huge issue if someone questions God or Religions, but now a days, people regularly have inter-caste and inter-religious marriages and religious conversions are common, so the energy of this yoga has kind of calmed down as acceptability of Society has increased. One thing is sure that these people can't be forced to follow any set tradition, ritual or custom unless you can satisfy them on logic, which is almost impossible. Rahu becomes the thorn in the flesh of all organised religions, once it is in touch with Jupiter.

6. Rahu & Dreams - As Rahu represents Illusion, it becomes Karaka of Dreams. 12th house of chart relates to Sleep. Now, Dreams can be for two main reasons -

a. Experiences during waking state.
b. Due to Unfulfilled Desires but still lingering in mind.

I also read that when you are supposed to suffer a consequence but its total intensity is not much, then universe sends it as a dream. Like, if I am supposed to meet with an accident but not a big one, then I may have a dream of accident in which I will live that moment as real and feel fear & pain of accident but when I get up, I will realize that it was just a dream. But still I had fear/pain for few minutes as per Universal Desire. Dreams can be interpreted in many ways and it is a totally different study and science. But to think that Dreams have no meaning is incorrect. Nothing is entirely useless in this world. God doesn't create garbage. Sphere of Human Knowledge is very small in comparison to Human Ignorance. There are many things which we will learn in future as life unfolds. Till then keep curiosity going. I heard from Osho that if doubt leads you to believe or disbelieve, it is dangerous either ways. It should only lead to curiosity and your journey towards knowledge should start.

As per Astrology, whenever Moon gets connected with 12th house or 12th house lord or Rahu or Ketu or Nakshatras of Rahu or Ketu, person has continuous issues with dreams and may not have sound sleep because of the nature of dreams. Moon represents Mind and 12th house/12th lord/Rahu/Ketu/Their Nakshatras represent other dimensions or other worldly things. So, mind gets access to other world in such cases. Especially, if Rahu is connected with Moon, it can give some real scary and weird dreams. Actually, I have a client with Moon in Ardra Nakshatra, ruled by Rahu, and her main reason to contact me was her unusual dreams since her childhood which don't let her sleep peacefully and she wanted to know the reason as per Astrology. So, this world is vast and much is unknown and will remain unknown. We need to keep on researching to know the truth without believing or disbelieving anything.

7. Ketu - It is always an incomplete analysis if we only discuss Rahu and leave Ketu without a mention. So, Rahu drives us towards our material goals. When we receive them, we realize their futility. Then we run towards Spirituality, thinking we will get something there. This is the whole story of our polarity driven life on earth. We move from this pole to that. Then we think that Spirituality will give us peace. And then comes the point when we realize that even spiritual desires were useless. When a person comes to realize that all desires are useless, irrespective of the nature, then he attains the wisdom. Then he lives the life on middle path as suggested by Buddha.

Hope this helps and I can understand if it is not understandable to many.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer 

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