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Meaning of Rahu’s Aspects

Today, meaning of Rahu’s aspects in Horoscope.

Let’s take a look at those things which matter here – 

Rahu’s Aspects. 
Reasons behind Special Aspects of Rahu. 
Dignity of Rahu. 
Rahu Conjunct another planet. 
Interpretation of Aspects. 

Let’s cover all the points one after the other – 

Rahu - It represents Illusion, Foreign Lands, Foreign Things (foreign as in unknown things. So, for someone living in Punjab, culture and rituals of Kerala is also unknown and hence Foreign), Drugs, Medicines, any type of intoxication, Fame, Wealth, Success, Obsession, Past-life incomplete Desires, Movies, Television, Online World, Cheating, Imagined Fears, Unusual Things, Unique Things, Creativity, Rule breaker. Rahu also blows things out of proportions. 

Rahu’s Aspects – In Astrology, Rahu has 3 aspects. Rahu aspects 5th house from its position, 7th house from its position and 9th house from its position. So, if Rahu is at 10th house, it will aspect 2nd house (5th house aspect), 4th house (7th house aspect) and 6th house (9th house aspect). This way Rahu aspects at 3 different houses from its place. As we know that normally planets aspect only 7th house from its place, so we can say that Rahu has 2 special aspects, i.e. 5th house and 9th house aspects. 

Reasons behind Special Aspects of Rahu – Now, why Rahu got these 2 additional special aspects? Here we will understand Rahu-Ketu together as they both are actually one demonic body and they both have special aspects of 5th house and 9th house. 

Now, if we pay attention then we would know that Jupiter also has 5th house and 9th house aspect from its position. So, there looks a similarity in their aspects. Hence, there is an interpretation which says that because Rahu-Ketu are demonic planets and Jupiter is a Brahmin who can control Rahu-Ketu with Mantras, so they have similar aspects as Jupiter. This philosophy says that Rahu-Ketu let Jupiter control themselves and in bargain they ask for Jupiter’s aspects.

I have my own reasons to decline this philosophy, which are as follows – 

Jupiter (Brihaspati) is not the only Brahmin Planet in Solar System. Venus is also a Brahmin by Caste. So, I am sure that Venus (Shukracharya) also knows some Mantras to control Rahu-Ketu. Also, Shukracharya was Teacher of Demons. So, it must be easier for Rahu & Ketu to approach Venus or Venus to approach Rahu-Ketu and bargain than to go up to Teacher of Gods (Jupiter). 

If Jupiter can really get control of Rahu-Ketu through his knowledge and mantra then what is the need for Jupiter to accept the offer of bargain from Rahu-Ketu and give away its aspects? What kind of control, knowledge and mantra it is that person thus controlled is still able to put his conditions?

Basically, we all are Businessman and understand the language of transactions only. So, this philosophy came up. But as I understand, reason behind Rahu’s 5th house and 9th house aspects is as follows – 

Rahu is basically Illusion in the simplest of its interpretations. Whichever house Rahu sits in a person’s chart, he remains under illusion related to things and people of that house. Like, in 10th house, illusion regarding Father and in 7th house, some illusion regarding marriage. Basically there is no clarity with things or people related with the house where Rahu sits. 

Now, what are 5th house and 9th house? 5th house is house of Education and 9th house is house of Higher Education, Knowledge and Wisdom. Also, if we see minutely then these 2 houses are Bhavat Bhavam for each other. Bhavat Bhavam of 5th house is 9th house (being 5th house from 5th house) and Bhavat Bhavam of 9th house is 5th house (being 9th house from 9th house). So, both houses represent Education, Knowledge and Wisdom. Now, what can remove a person’s illusion? It is knowledge, education and wisdom. 

Hence, here comes the 5th house and 9th house aspect for Rahu & Ketu. So, Rahu will give illusion in the house it sits but its 5th house and 9th house aspect show where this illusion will break and he will get wisdom? Like, in our example, Rahu in 10th house will give an illusion around Career and Father, but Rahu aspects 2nd house of Wealth & Family and 6th house of Daily Work Life and Obstacles. So, responsibilities of Wealth and Family will shatter his illusion and bring Wisdom regarding his Father. Likewise, Obstacles in his daily work or jobs will bring him wisdom regarding his correct Career. 

Dignity of Rahu – Although Rahu is a malefic or demonic planet, its functioning changes as per sign it is in. Rahu changes itself as per the nature of the planet in which sign it is sitting, if it is sitting alone in that sign. Hence, that planet’s dignity matters a lot. Like, if Rahu is in Taurus, ruled by Venus, then Venus’s dignity is of utmost importance to know how Rahu will behave. So, following is the dignity of Rahu as per each sign but as I said, sign lords position matters a lot. 
  • Rahu in Taurus – It is considered as Exalted Rahu. It doesn’t mean that Rahu won’t give illusion but illusion will be regarding wealth, like if I have money, I can do anything. 
  • Rahu in Leo – Another sign where Rahu is considered as exalted by some people as person becomes highly creative. 
  • Rahu in Aquarius – Does well as it is its Own and Mool Trikon sign. 
  • Rahu in Scorpio – It is considered as Debilitated Rahu. Here, person lives under illusion of imagined fears and afraid of sudden chaotic events. Though it can create a high level mystic. 
  • Rahu in Venus, Jupiter, Mercury & Moon ruled signs (Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Cancer) – Benefic, does well.
  • Rahu as it is changing itself into benefic planets. Though some malefic impact will remain as it is basically a malefic planet like Rahu in Sagittarius can create a religious fundamentalist and Rahu in Cancer can make someone emotional to the extreme limits. 
  • Rahu in Mars & Saturn signs (Aries and Capricorn) – If Mars and Saturn are not well placed and there is not other support or yoga, things can be rough here as Malefic Rahu is in Malefic planet’s signs. 
Also, we need to take the energy of the houses which Rahu rules in a particular chart through its signs Aquarius. 

Last but not the least; the age of maturity of Rahu is 48 years, but it starts maturing at 42 years. So, if someone is older than 42, result may be more favourable as it is now a matured energy. 

Rahu Conjunct another planet – If Rahu is conjunct another planet then also its energy gets mixed with the conjunct planet. Rahu is our past life left-over jobs. So, planet conjunct to Rahu shows where person has pending karma from past life. Like, Rahu with Moon shows pending karma with Mother and the house where Cancer falls. 

Interpretation of Aspects – Now finally, the way to interpret Rahu’s aspects - 
  • 5th house and 9th house – As both these aspects are of similar nature, their interpretation will also be similar. As I said, Rahu causes illusion in the house it sits but with its 5th house and 9th house aspect, person gets wisdom, knowledge or realization to get rid of illusion. Like, Rahu in 5th house can be an extremely creative person and almost a celebrity. Such a person can have illusion of his Fame. But with 5th house aspect on 9th house, such a person can get company of a Guru who can give him wisdom that this fame is temporary thing and he should be more inclined to higher wisdom which will remain with him life-long. Again, with 9th house aspect on 1st house, he will get a wisdom than this fame is nothing but his life path of this life and he has only followed it. He hasn’t done anything special. Suppose, Rahu is in 7th house of Marriage & Spouse. Such person will always be gravitated for Relations and will be under illusion that they can’t survive on their own. But Rahu’s aspects go to 3rd house of Self Will and 11th house of Higher Purpose of life. It shows that once they assert their self will and follow some higher purpose in life, they will have wisdom and realisation that gravitation towards relation was only as illusion. 
  • 7th house – Although, Rahu also has the 7th house aspect from its place but it is also the place where Ketu is placed. So, Rahu makes us gravitate towards the house where 7th aspect is going but Ketu isolates us at the same time. Like, Rahu is 10th house aspects at 4h house. It means person feels like going back to home land and staying there. But Ketu in 4th house then separates him from home land and throws him back in outside world to fulfil his duties of this life. Like this a tug of war happens between Rahu-Ketu with their 7th house aspects. 
So, this is a basic idea of how Rahu’s aspects will work in your chart. Illusion, Imagined Fears and then eventual Realization will be the theme words with Rahu.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and queries, if any. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer 

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