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Rahu in 9th House/Rahu in Ninth House

Rahu in 9th House.

So, lets see what Rahu can do in 9th house without any conjunction or aspect from any other planet. 1st lets see what these 2 things represent -

Rahu represents illusion, foreign lands, foreign things (foreign as in unknown things. So, for someone living in Punjab, culture and rituals of Kerala is also unknown and hence Foreign), Drugs, Medicines, any type of intoxication, fame, wealth, success, obsession, past-life left-over karma, movies, television, online world, cheating, imagined fears, unusual things, unique things, creativity, rule breaker. Rahu also blows things out of proportions.

9th house represents Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, Law, Faith, Fortune, Gurus, Teachings of Father (as father is 1st Guru we get) etc.

Aspect-wise, in Vedic Astrology, Rahu has 5th and 9th house aspect. He is unable to impact 7th house from its place as Ketu is sitting there, which is the other axis of Rahu and represents all those things which are non-Rahu.

So, now the Rahu is in the 9th house of religion, law etc. As always Rahu wants to achieve everything related with the house it is in, so here it wants to achieve all in fields of knowledge and education. They are obsessed for education. They can even become a religious Guru or even create their own religion. So, these people are rebellious against their own religion or any religion. They have extremely unorthodox religious views and they are not afraid to let the world know about their views. If not creating their own religion and becoming religious leader, then at least they give a thought about converting into different religion. Under Rahu Mahadasha, these people travel a lot in foreign lands or for pilgrimage purposes.

From 9th house, Rahu aspects 1st house of self and personality & 5th house of Education through its 5th and 9th aspect. It again shows the need to learn more and more and get the clear idea of right life path. As I said, they are obsessed to get education. Hence, they can be all about gaining more and more education. 

Tomorrow, Rahu in 10th House.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • @ G - problems in job setup, with bosses & prents, would keep weird views on religion & philosophy.

  • In Scorpio ascendant chart, Rahu in 9th house of ashlesha nakshatra with mercury and sun. What does it shows?

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