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probability vs certainty

As an Astrologer, I am bound to get into this situation where people are expecting most accurate predictions from me and I can't blame them. From times immemorial, this is what we have seen in name of astrological services. Many astrologers claiming 100% accuracy or guaranteed predictions. Our movies have also played an important role in creating this perception that astrological predictions are perfect or accurate. Within this, people do find it unbelievable when they ask me that how accurate are my predictions and I respond that it is only a probability not a certainty. So, let's see if astrological predictions are probabilities or certainties?


1. I can understand the reason behind an astrologer claiming that his predictions are always perfect because it helps him getting more business. The reason why I never claimed it is the same that I was never concerned about getting more business. I am happy with the number of consultations I get and increasing that number is never in my agenda as I am one-man army. I want to take-up only that much work which I can handle without spoiling my peace.


2. As I have no priority of growing my business, I can easily say that my predictions are a probability because it will stop those people to come to me who are not yet ready for occult science. I always felt that people seeking perfect or certain predictions don't understand the complexities of subject and hence, they are not yet ready for occult knowledge.


3. Because let's face it, what is certain in life? When life itself is uncertain then what else can be certain in life? When we take some medicine to heal our illness then are we certain that medicine will work? Or we just take on hope or expectation or probability? Can any Doctor or Lawyer claim that he didn't mess any case in his life? So, does it prevent us from going to Doctor or taking medicine next time we fall sick? We again take it on hope or expectation or probability of getting healed.


4. And it is in every area of life. Take the simplest of example. We take food every day. Do we know before taking food that will we be able to digest it or not? We still take it because we have no other option. In this unsecured atomic world, can we be even certain about the next moment?


5. I guess this is what I want to say here that there is no guaranty or certainty for anything in life. Life itself is uncertain. I agree that astrology or any other occult knowledge is divine science but it is still interpreted by mere mortals like me. I don't think that even the best astrologer in the world can say that all his predictions were always perfect. Actually, if he is really the best astrologer of the world then he would never claim any perfection over his predictions because he would know the complexities of the subject. This reminds me of Osho from Chapter-6 of his book Hidden Mysteries where he said,


"In the name of astrology, ninety-nine percent of astrologers only bluff. Only one percent will not dogmatically assert that an event will definitely happen. They know that astrology is a vast subject – so vast that someone can only hesitatingly enter into it."


6. As I know little bit of astrology, I also know that I can't know it in its totality. So, all I can claim is probability, never a certainty.


7. But I understand that if a layman is paying money for some services then he would like to have best services. I agree. But keeping "Perfect Prediction" as the criteria for best services is still childish. Like, when you take a Doctor's service, you see that how genuinely he tried to heal or cure his patient. Likewise, all you need to see in an astrologer is how much and how sincere efforts he has made to counsel his clients? If he has made sincere efforts then the foundation is there, i.e. his sincerety. After gaining some more knowledge and experience, he will be able to make better predictions and counsel his client better.


8. Another criteria we can use to know if a particular astrologer is genuine or not, is to see how sincerely he responds to queries and doubts of his clients post-consultation? If he responds at all or not? It is easy to be approachable when a person is coming for a consultation but if he has questions/doubts over consultation then resolving those doubts is also a solemn duty of the same astrologer who has given those doubts through consultation.


9. So,these two criteria you can keep in mind to know the genuineness of an astrologer, i.e. a. the efforts made during consultation to counsel the client, b. and the efforts made post-consultation to resolve the doubts or questions over consultation. So-called "Perfect Prediction" is a childish criteria.


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Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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