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Planetary Results as per Nature and Dignity of Planets.

Hope you all had a great time at Diwali with your friends and family. Before resuming next set of articles on 3 planetary conjunction, I just wanted to clear the queues of some pending requests of articles on different topics. So, this one is among those. 

This is something I realized while doing my consultations and studies in last about 3-4 years. I didn't see much written about it online, so I think it is time to write. Let's break this article in following points - 

Nature of Planets. 
Benefic Planets/Malefic Planets/Neutral Planets.
Friendship/Enmity of Planets. 
Dignity of Planets. 
Dignity of Benefic Planets.
Dignity of Malefic Planets. 
Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka and Results. 

Let's cover all points one after the other - 

Nature of Planets - As we know that all the planets are grouped based on different categories. These are their gender (masculine/feminine), nature (benefic/malefic/neutral) and cruel/gentle nature etc. Here, we will talk about the nature of planets. 

Benefic Planets/Malefic Planets/Neutral Planets - Planets are divided into 3 types of nature. These are benefic, malefic or neutral. Moon, Jupiter and Venus are considered as benefic planets. In any condition, they will give some benefits as it is their nature. Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are considered as malefic planets. In any condition, they will give some hardship or difficulty as it is their nature. Sun is considered as Mild-Malefic as although it is source of creation but still it has fire which can burn-up anything. Mercury is considered as Neutral and it changes itself as per the nature it is sitting with or the sign it is sitting in. So, with Jupiter it is benefic but with Saturn it is malefic. 

Friendship/Enmity of Planets - These two articles will help you in deciding about which planet is friend/enemy/neutral with which planet. a. Relationship of Planets (http://astrosaxena.com/relate) and b. Friendship/Enmity of Planets (http://astrosaxena.com/feplanets). 

Dignity of Planets - Now, the crux of astrology is interpreting the dignity of planets. If a planet is in exaltation/own/mool trikon/friendly or neutral sign, it is supposed to give easy beneficial results. But if a planet is in enemy/debilitation sign, then it will make you do some hard work before giving any good results. 

Dignity of Benefic Planets - But here comes the twist that a benefic planet will give some good result even in its worst dignity because it is its basic nature to benefit humanity. This is the reason why I never worry too much about Mercury debilitated because Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, a sign of spirituality and imaginations. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. So, actually Mercury is in Jupiter's company, in company of a benefic planet. I am not saying that all will be great with this Mercury but I won't have serious concern about it. Likewise, Venus in Virgo is debilitated but Virgo is ruled by Mercury which is friend of Venus. So, Venus will give some benefits in some areas of life. We can apply this rule on conjunctions too. Like Jupiter-Mercury or Jupiter-Venus are considered as enemies but they are basically benefic planets. So, their conjunction will give some benefits. Let's take an example of Mercury in Cancer. Mercury is in enemy sign but that sign & its lord Moon are the most gentle & benefic energy in world. At worst, this person can cry loud about his pains in life but he won't be able to harm anyone or self. At best, person can be writer on emotional topics. So, like this, a benefic planet in another benefic planets' sign which may even be its debilitated sign or sitting with another benefic planet which may even be its greatest enemy, can still give some benefits as the basic energy which is active there is benefic. We will discuss about the area of live which may have negative impact in such cases. 

Dignity of Malefic Planets - Likewise, a malefic planet's basic nature is to give hardship and difficulties to us. So, even if they are in best of dignity or sitting with best friends, they will still create a situation of trouble and hardship. This is why, even exalted Saturn in Libra can give biggest problems in relationship as Saturn is challenges in life and Libra is sign of relations. So, Saturn in Libra means person's biggest challenge in life is in relationship. Mars exalted in Capricorn may show a courageous person but it can also show a person who has to put best effort to gain any authority in life. Again, we can apply the rule on conjunctions. Suppose Saturn-Mars are conjunct in Capricorn, it shows a person of highest authority but to reach that position he has to work his ass-off due to this conjunction which never gives anything easily. Likewise, if Mars-Ketu are together in Scorpio, it can show a person who is extremely good at research but it also shows someone who can face situations like surgery and accidents. So, this is opposite situation from earlier one. Here, malefics sitting together or in each others' signs or even exalted signs are bound to give some hardship. But as planets are in good dignity the end result of facing hardship will be good. Real problem comes when malefic planets are in weak dignity, like Saturn in Aries or Mars in Cancer. This is where these planets are dependent on conjunction/aspects/dashas of other planets to give some good result. 

Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka and Results - Now, which areas of life may be negatively impacted or which area of life may still be beneficial in such cases. To understand it, we need to understand concept of Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka (http://astrosaxena.com/jkak). So, any planet in bad dignity may hurt the living significance of that planet/house/sign but it will still benefit person regarding the non-living significance of that planet/house/sign. Like, Jupiter debilitated for a girl may mean separation/divorce but she will still be good in knowledge and wealth area of life. Venus debilitated may hurt all kinds of relationship but person can gain well through work related with finances. Mercury debilitated may hurt relation with siblings or give skin/speech disorder but person can be extremely good writer. Saturn in Libra will hurt relationship but it will make person shrewd businessman. Hope this is understandable. 

Conclusion - In the end, everything is in addition. Life makes of both good & bad, positive & Negative, Benefic & Malefic. We can't expect only good to take place in life and bad to stay away. It is just not possible. Always remember that God is both together, i.e. Creator & Destroyer. Accept life and God totally. 

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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