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Planetary Positions which are tough to initiate a relationship/marriage.

So, there was another request to note down the planetary position where initially getting into relation or getting married can be really tough. We have already discussed the planetary positions where relationships can be troublesome (http://astrosaxena.com/pptr), but this article is about when a person finds it really tough to get into relation or marriage itself, as if there was some block in the way of getting in relation or marriage. 

Again, it depends on whole chart to have a meaningful relation or not and also on dashas. So, you can have such planetary positions but if you are under Venus or 5th house dasha, you can still have relationship. 

As I have seen, I have found 3 such planetary positions where person finds it really hard to get into any sort of relation. These are - 

Paap Kartari Yoga (http://astrosaxena.com/paapkartari) - Whenever a Paap Kartari Yoga involves 7th house of marriage & Relations. It becomes tough to get into relationship. It can be slightly better if 7th house lord is in better position, like Saturn-Mars are causing PKY by surrounding 7th house but if 7th house lord is sitting in any other house then it shows that person will get results of 7th house of marriage and relationship, regardless of PKY involving 7th house, as and when he goes through 7th house lord dasha. That dasha will activate 7th house and it can be a relationship time for person. But if 7th house is in PKY and 7th house lord is also sitting in 7th house then that lord is also caught in PKY. Now, getting in relation or getting married can be really tough task unless there is any other support of Jupiter-Venus or dashas. 

Malefic Planet as 7th house lord in wrong dignity in 2nd house - Whenever a malefic planet rules 7th house and sits in wrong dignity in 2nd house, i.e. Debilitation or Enemy sign, then it becomes tough to get into relationship. The reason is that in this case, 7th house lord is going 8 places away from its house in 2nd house. 8th house is house of death and it shows the death of benefits of marriage. Like, Cancer Ascendant, Saturn rules the 7th house and sits in Leo in 2nd house. Saturn is malefic planet and Leo is sign of its greatest enemy Sun. So, this can lead to a position where person may find it hard to get into relation or marriage. Another example can be Taurus Ascendant with Scorpio in 7th house ruled by Mars and Mars is sitting in Gemini in 2nd house. Again, Mars being a malefic planet in enemy sign can indicate that relationship can come to person after much delay and hard work. Again, any other planetary position of Jupiter-Venus or their dashas can change the scene. So, this is not the last truth. 

Saturn in 10th house - Whenever Saturn is in 10th house, it aspects at 7th house with its 10th aspect of Burden, Duty and Responsibility. So, 1st of all it delays having any meaningful relation till 36 years of age and even after that marriage is more a duty for the person. If somehow person gets married in early life then it leads to a distant relationship. For Example - Sachin Tendulkar (http://astrosaxena.com/stendulkar). 

Last but not the least, everything is in addition. So, if there are some other placements in chart or dashas which are supporting relation, then it may not be that tough to have a relationship. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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