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Panpsychism & Mythological Stories in Astrology

There was a request to write about mythology of planets and how planets affect human life? Let’s try to understand these topics today.

How Planets affect Human Life? – This is one of the most basic doubt people have on astrology that how planets which are so far from us can affect human life on Earth? Let’s understand it on following points –

1. First of all, it is not that only planets affect human life but if we see it logically then this existence works on the law of inter-dependence and mutual cooperation. In this existence, everything impacts everything. We normally say that Plants or Trees are important to us as they provide us Oxygen. Well, then it means that we are equally important for them as we provide them Carbon-di-Oxide. In this existence, everything is equally important. Nothing or No one is so important that it can overpower others. Nothing or No one is so less significant that it has no values.

2. One of the basic information on human life is that if Sun stops burning right now then human life on Earth will finish in next 8 minutes time. These 8 minutes delay is also because of the time taken by Sunrays to reach Earth from the time when it stops burning. So, there must be a big connection between Sun and Humans on Earth.

3. And is it the case that only Human Life would come to an end? As I see, the life itself would come to an end during this time. If flowers bloom in morning that is only because of Sunrays falling on to them. So, with Sun stop burning, the whole life will come to an end. It is just the human ego that we end-up in saying that planets are affecting human life but if we see logically then planets are impacting life itself.

4. Now, if one planet Sun has so much of impact on life on Earth then it is obvious that other planets would also have their impact because other planets have actually came out of Sun only. The Big Bang Theory or the story of Chitra Nakshatra says the same thing. Sun remains source of creation.

5. So, there has to be some major link between all these planets and life on Earth. It is like two magnets attract each other when they come into contact with each other at the right frequency.

6. Now, understand that all these planets represent many different things related with life. Like, Mars represents Aggression and Venus represents Love etc. We all have aggressive tendencies and we all have loving nature too. All these traits, characteristics and tendencies are within us in one or the other portion. They are part of our innate nature. So, can it be the case that all these planets are actually present inside all of us and human mind just projects them in outside world?

7. If we study the people who are self-realized and enlightened then they will say something like this only that whole of Universe is present inside all of us inclusive of all planets and as we can’t see it inside, the human mind projects the same outside. We can see the same in mythological stories too where Mother Yashoda of Lord Krishna happened to see the whole Universe within the open mouth of Lord Krishna. One can say that they don’t believe in mythological stories. Well excellent, don’t be a believer but always be a seeker. If you don’t believe in it then try to know it.

8. We can understand it with simple example that if we have a desire of relationship inside then human mind will project it on other person outside. It won’t matter who is that other person? You will see only what your mind wanted you to see and you will hear only what your mind wanted you to hear & understand. Quite inversely, if you don’t have a desire for relationship then same person will walk all around you and you won’t feel anything. So, did the person outside impacted you or your life? Or your own innate nature impacted you?

9. Likewise, all these planets are present inside us and hence they impact our life as per their nature and our consciousness level. It is not that any outer Mars is making you aggressive but the Mars inside you has traits of aggression with it. But as we can’t see inside us, the human mind projects it outside. This whole world is manifestation or projection of human mind. This concept is called Panpsychism - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panpsychism.

10. Again, it is not desired that anyone should believe in any theory. There are many ways to go within yourself and have this realization by yourself that all the planets and whole Universe is present within ourselves, as we see it outside.

Mythological Stories in Astrology – This should not take much time :) . So, if I tell you that Pushya Nakshatra represents self-less nourishing others, infidelity, relationship issues, foster parenting, adoption etc then there is a big chance that you may forget some points. So, it is better if I can just take all these traits & characteristics and build a story around them. Now, if you can remember the story of Pushya Nakshatra then automatically you will be able to remember all the traits/characteristics or pointers represented by Pushya Nakshatra. It is like taking all the flowers together and making a garland out of them through a thread. Mythological Stories are like those garlands which have all the different flowers at one place, so that you don’t miss or forget any flower. For me, the purpose of all the mythological stories is to help us in remembering different traits and characteristics.

Again, I don’t claim that whatever I said here is perfectly alright. We all can have different opinions and different belief system. Follow what suits you.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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