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Outer Planets and their interpretation.

There was one request to write about the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. As I don’t practice Western Astrology regularly, I don’t know much about outer planets. So, I will share whatever I know about it through my research and study so far. I suggest people to read views of Ernst Wilhelm to know about outer planets in particular and Astrology in general, as Ernst remains the best astrology teacher.

Let’s cover this topic on following points –

Trinity of Gods – The first way of understanding Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is through the Trinity of Gods in Mythology, i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It would mean Uranus works like Lord Brahma, Neptune works like Lord Vishnu and Pluto works like Lord Mahesh/Shiva.

Uranus – As I said, Uranus works like Lord Brahma. What is Lord Brahma’s work? Lord Brahma is the creator in Hindu Mythology. It is believed that Lord Brahma created this Universe. Likewise, wherever Uranus is falling in our chart, we need to be creative and unique in the matters related with that house/sign/nakshatra. It means that we need to do something new or approach that house/sign/nakshatra in a new or unique way. Also, till the time we reach that creativity or uniqueness, Uranus will keep us engaged with things related with that house/sign/nakshatra. We can also say that person needs to be rebellious in that area of life. For example, I have Uranus in 12th house/Libra/Vishakha which means that I need to be very unique in my views on spirituality, hidden matters and sub-conscious mind. Unless and until I reach that rebellious or creative stage, I need to keep on working on my spiritual belief system.

Neptune – Neptune works like Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu sustains this Universe. It is also believed that we all are incarnation of Lord Vishnu, though most of us have not realized that. So, Lord Vishnu sustains within all of us to sustain the Universe. This means that we need to see matters of the house/sign/nakshatra where Neptune falls in chart as a blessing of Lord Vishnu and think that He is going to sustain it. For example, I have Neptune in 1st house/Scorpio/Jyeshtha of Self and Overall Life. So, I need to reach to the stage where I can accept that whatever good or bad is happening in my overall life is Lord Vishnu’s blessings. I should be able to let-go of my ego and resistance. Like, if someone has Neptune in 5th house then that person needs to take all good or bad events of 5th house as blessings of God. If person is having a love relation then it is blessing of God and if person is having a break-up then also it is blessing of same God. In a way, we need to become neutral in the house/sign/nakshatra wherever Neptune is falling in chart.

Pluto – Pluto works like Lord Mahesh or Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of this Universe, so that a new cycle of life can again begin with new creation through Lord Brahma. So, wherever Pluto falls in the chart, we can see lots of destruction and re-creation in matters related with that house/sign/nakshatra. For example, I have Pluto in 11th house/Virgo/Chitra Nakshatra. It means that I can see some big changes or transformation in 11th house or Virgo or Chitra related matters. As 11th house is house of income, I can see those major changes coming again and again as currently I am in my 4th profession. So, my source of income had seen major transformations throughout. So, Pluto brings major transformations in life.

Outer Planets – They are normally called Outer Planets in Astronomy. As they are farthest away from us, it is obvious if we have very limited information about them. We can also say that prominence of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in a chart can make someone of very high intelligence which is beyond comprehension of common man.

Generational Planets – Also, they are generational planets as their transits take from 7 years (Uranus) to 14 years (Neptune) to 21 years (Pluto). A whole generation or couple of generations can take birth during this time. So, impact of outer planets can be very similar to a whole generation of people.

Invisible Planets – As they are outer planets, they can also be said Invisible Planets. Now, as they are invisible planets, they can be used to make prediction of an invisible event in life. For example, Marriage, Child Birth etc are very visible events of our lives as we all can see those events. But if you see a person changing his behaviour all of a sudden after marriage or child birth, it means that those visible events changed something internally within the person. That internal event is invisible. Like, I took discipleship of Osho. It was a visible event but the kind of changes I am going through internally after discipleship and while following my spiritual pursuits like Meditation etc are invisible events which none else can know, except me. We can try to understand those invisible events through outer planets.

Lordship of Signs – Then Uranus co-rules Aquarius, Neptune co-rules Pisces and Pluto co-rules Scorpio. So, the things represented by these signs will also be represented by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto respectively. So, the representations of Aquarius will be the representation of Uranus. The representations of Pisces will be the representation of Neptune. The representations of Scorpio will be the representation of Pluto.

Mahadashas – Outer Planets can get activated through the dasha of their sign lord or nakshatra lord. Like, I have Neptune in Scorpio/Jyeshtha. It can be active during Mars dasha, Ketu dasha or Mercury dasha.

Visible Events – Finally, can we use outer planets to predict any visible events? It can be the case only when an outer planet is transiting over a visible planet of your birth chart. Suppose someone has Venus in Aquarius in birth chart and Neptune is right now transiting through Aquarius in sidereal system. So, in such situation, we can expect to predict some visible events. Also, if majority of other planets in transit are impacting a particular house where an outer planet is also placed in transit, then also outer planet can contribute its mite in final results.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • This was great! I enjoyed reading a Vedic interpretation of the outer planets!

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