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Negative Predictions Vs Positive Predictions.

So, I just wanted to write about this topic from a long time and I made a slight mention about it in one of FB Live Sessions. It is, why any prediction of negative event comes out true more often than a prediction of positive event? I have seen in my own consultations that many a times a good event predicted doesn't manifest itself but a negative event predicted does get manifested. And now after 3 years of consultations, even I started conversing in a way that a good event "may happen" but a bad event "will happen". Some people may feel that I am negative in my approach but this is outcome of the results I have seen post-consultation. But there has to be some reason behind it and that reason has to be purely astrological. So, let's try to understand the reason behind this -

Approach for Predictions.
Nature of Events.
Nature of Planets.
Mutual Impact of Planets.
Planetary Transits.

Approach for Predictions - Most of you are aware of my approach towards predictions. Specially, those people who have taken consultations from me are very well aware that I won't keep anything hidden if I see it. It doesn't matter to me if it is the brightest event of someone's life or something which he/she doesn't even want to think about it. My job as an astrologer is to tell what I see. For me, everything is divine. Being a Scorpio Ascendant myself, I have gone through many transformative events in my personal/professional life and I realize now that every event, either good or bad, eventually proved to be beneficial. So, I may never be someone who only shows the Rosy Side of Chart or one who only focuses on negative. I always try to be somewhere in between, The Buddha-field.

Nature of Events - Now, we normally split the events of our lives into good/bad or positive/negative. Basically, whichever event gives us happiness is a good event and whichever event makes us sad is a bad event for us. But somehow, we never realize that every good event is actually the beginning of bad event. Birth is a good event but it is also the beginning of death which is considered a bad event. With birth only, we start moving towards death. I don't think I can put better example here.

Nature of Planets - Likewise, we have nature of planets. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are known as benefic planets as most of the good/positive events are dependent on these planets. Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic planets as most of the bad/negative events are dependent on these planets. Out of total 120 years of Vimshottari Dasha, both group of planets are active for almost similar amount of time. Like dashas of Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter would last for 63 years and rest of 57 years will be shared by malefic planets. Another way of Universe telling us that good/bad or positive/negative events are equal part of our lives. Also,if we see closely then except Mars MD and Rahu MD, all other Dashas follow an alternate sequence where a benefic planet dasha is followed by a malefic planet dasha and sequence goes on. It only means that happiness is supposed to follow every sadness and rewards are supposed to follow every period of hard work.

Mutual Impact of Planets - But then why it seems that negative events are more prominent? To a certain extent, it is because of human nature that we focus on what we don't have or what we lose? We never appreciate what we have. That is a generic reason of unhappiness among people. But beyond that, astrologically too, if we see then we will realize that all the malefic planets come up as stern or heavy energy and all the benefic planets are actually very gentle planets. Like if we see -
  • Moon is the most gentle planet. It gets impacted by every other planet. So, if there is a conjunction/aspect/exchange of Moon-Mars or Moon-Saturn then what can we expect from poor Moon? Can it withhold against the heavy energies of Mars & Saturn and still give positive results? I don't think so.
  • Likewise, for Mercury & Venus. They are very gentle planets. If they are conjunct Sun/Mars/Saturn/Nodes then their nature and ability is heavily molded by the conjunct planet.
  • Even with heavy and giant Jupiter, if it is conjunct Saturn and Mars then either higher education is delayed/blocked or achieved after immense hard work or person may become a fundamentalist in matters of religion or belief. So, even Jupiter is not able to overpower the energies of malefics like Saturn & Mars. We also know about Guru Chandal Yoga caused due to Jupiter conjunct nodes.
  • All I am trying to say is that in every chart, these gentle benefic planets will be conjunct/aspected/exchanged by one malefic planet or the other and once it happens, their basic nature of beneficence is infiltrated by malefic planet and they are no longer totally or purely benefic planet. Hence, positive events promised by these benefic planets will not be 100% and will be molded to certain effect. In such cases, we can't expect to get the pure 100% beneficial results from these planets and results will always be combined with certain hard work, delay or frustration, depending upon which malefic planet is impacting the benefic planet.
Planetary Transits - Now, after charts and dashas, we can see the same thing in annual transits too.

Benefic Planet Transits -
  • Transits of Moon in a sign is for 2 days and 6 hours.
  • Transits of Venus or Mercury in a sign is for 20 to 25 days.
  • Transits of Jupiter in a sign is for 13 months.
  • So, out of all benefic planets, only Jupiter has a transit of substantial time where we can expect something good happening.
Now, Malefic Planets Transits -
  • Sun transits a sign in 30 days.
  • Mars transits a sign in 45 days.
  • Nodes transit a sign in 18 months.
  • Saturn transits in a sign in 2.5 years.
So, it is clear that when a heavy malefic energy will remain in a sign for 1 year to 2 years time then it is bound to give some hardship or trouble related to that sign or house where it is falling in your chart.

As I see, this is the main reason why a negative prediction has more possibility of manifestation in comparison of a positive prediction.

Conclusion - But in the end, what makes us happy? I had this conversation with 1 of my client recently. I asked him why we become happy when we achieve something in our lives? Is it just the achievement of getting a job, promotion or hike or home that is giving us happiness or is there anything else? Is it not the happiness of the fact that we have overcome so many hurdles or obstacles during the process of achievements? What if our road was absolutely clear with no challenge at all then would we been so happy about our achievements? Osho used to say that ego feels satisfied with challenges and by overpowering those challenges. If all the malefic planets hadn't given us challenges then our achievements won't be worthy. Hence, if we want to feel real happiness for your achievements then have a desire for more and more challenges & obstacles.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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  • Very insightful Vishal. Thanks :)

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