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Planetary Positions for Music as Career.

Before we start Conjunctions Article, I just happened to receive this final request for writing on what planetary positions can make someone's Career in Music. Now, we can divide this in 2 parts, Vocal or Instrumental, i.e. Singer or Musician.

So, let's analyse both branches of Music related Career one after the other. 

Vocal or Singer - Let's break this analysis on following points - 

Houses - 1st of all, let's see the houses involved - 
  • 2nd house, planets there and position of 2nd house lord - 2nd house represents Mouth and Throat Area. So, it is of utmost importance that 2nd house should be on good condition. Benefic Gentle Planets like Moon and Venus in 2nd house in good dignity can show a good foundation for Singing talent. Also, 2nd house lord should be placed well. Ideally, there should not be any malefic impact on 2nd house or 2nd house lord from Saturn, Mars, Rahu. Ketu's impact can be actually beneficial as it will give interest in Spiritual Singing and will also make person research about it. 
  • 3rd house and 5th house - 3rd house is our skills and interests. 5th house is our hobbies and creativity. 5th house is also Bhavat Bhavam of 3rd house. So again, if benefic planets are there in these houses in good dignity, it shows person will work on nurturing his hobbies and talents. Person will be creative. So, 3rd house, 5th house and their lord positions show how much person is willing to give time to nurture his interests, talents and hobbies. Again, planets like Venus, Mercury and Moon will be helpful in these houses and will show creative abilities of person. Planets like Saturn can show delayed realization of talent and nurturing. 
  • 12th house - 12th house is another house related with Creativity as it is house of isolation, working behind the scenes and imagination. All very important necessities for Creative Pursuits of person. 
  • 11th house - Most important is 11th house because it is house of Gains. 3rd house, 5th house, 12th house or their lords should have some positive connection with 11th house or its lords. This shows that person will be able to gain from that hobby and talent. If this connection is not there then it is very difficult for someone to continue his creative pursuits without any rewards, So, it is very important that creativity should get backing of rewards to survive itself. 
Planets - Let's see the roles of different planets - 
  • Benefic Gentle Planets - As discussed above, if planets like Moon, Venus and Mercury are in the above mentioned houses then it is strong indication of a very creative and skillful person. Moon and Venus can give a very sweet and soothing voice, for ex - Lata ji with Moon in Cancer in 2nd house. Rahu/Jupiter conjunct Moon, Mercury and Venus can expand creativity like anything. Ketu conjunct Moon, Mercury and Venus can give ability to research a lot in creative pursuits. If Jupiter is heavily involved here then person can be interested in singing of Mythological/Spiritual Songs. 
  • Malefic Planets - Now, it also depends on the place and country person is born into. In India, we have grown-up with listening to sweet voices of Lata ji and other legendary singers but if there is a population which likes deep heavy voices like Leonard Cohen, then Saturn can be an equally important planet for singing. But it will also indicate that success will come after hard work, delays and mainly after mid-30s. 
Signs - Leo is the main sign of Creativity. Besides that, signs ruled by Moon, Venus and Mercury (Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus & Libra) will support any such creative pursuits. Benefic planets in these signs can make person very creative. But for singing, involvement of houses as mentioned above are necessary with these signs. 

Now, Instrumental - Let's understand it on following terms - 

Houses - Let's see important houses for Instrumental. 
  • 3rd house & 5th house - These two houses are again important here but for different reasons. 3rd house represents Hands and 5th house is Creativity. So, benefic planets in good dignity there shows how creative someone can be with his hands, which is very important for success in instrumental music world. 
  • As always, 11th house connection is important to make person gain from these creative pursuits. 
Planets - For Instrumental, involvement of Mars is necessary with houses and planets we discussed as Mars represents Tools and Equipments. 

Nakshatra - Venus & Moon ruled nakshatras, like Bharani, Purva-Phalguni, Rohini, Sravana, are important for career in Vocal . Additionally, Dhanishtha can play the most important role in Instrumental as its symbol itself is Drum & Flute.

Saturn Role - Now, you can get a success in music by a Youtube video going viral for couple of days or winning a talent show and then after couple of months, people may not even remember your name, but if we are looking for life long success like Lata ji, we have to pay attention to Saturn as Saturn represents Perseverance and Long Duration. So, Saturn's involvement with these houses and planets show that person will keep on working over his creativity and will get lifelong success. 

Mahadasha - Last but most important, Dasha should activate these houses and planets then only person will tread such a creative path. 

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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9 Comments on this post

  • @ SG - career determination needs detailed analysis. It cant be done in a comment. Thanks

  • Mer Venus Saturn in 11 th house Sun 12 th house moon in 9 th house Jupitor in 8 th house Ketu in 1 at house Mars is in 4 th house Rahu in 7 th house then which path should I select for career for money...? Musical or poetry or engineer or scientist .?

  • @ priyanka - i dont think we can rely on that chart coz other sites show her as gemini asc too. so until we get right chart, i m unable to comment.

  • as per details of shreya ghosal available on the internet, she seems to have exalted Saturn in second house. However saturn is making parivartan with venus which is posited in 6th house. While parivartana yoga is good for the planets involved .. this does not seem to be the best one with 6th house involved. in the light of this, can you explain the powerful and melodious vocal poweress of Ms Ghosal.

  • @Nishant -pls apply for consultation through consultation tab. Thanks,

  • Pranam, my lagna is vrishchick(Scorpio) with Sun in 1st house. I have Mars and Mercury in 2nd house; Jupiter and Venus in 3rd house; while my Saturn and Moon in 5th house.. can i become a good music composer as i have interest in it?

  • @ Abhijit - vocal looks better.

  • Sir, Capricorn ascendant with Venus, moon & Rahu in third house in pieces & Sun & Mercury in fifth house.Saturn in seventh house. Could you pls suggest, which would be better option Vocal or instrumental. Thanks in advance for your guidance.

  • Thank you so much Sir for quick response to request.

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