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Finding the right Muhurt/Auspicious Time.

This is one technique of Astrology which is either followed blindly by a few people or there is complete unawareness regarding this. Needless to say that this technique is also equally useful and important as God never creates garbage. It is the easiest thing in the world to deny or ignore anything as it doesn’t need any reasoning to deny. To be affirmative, you need reasoning to prove it. Muhurt or finding Auspicious Day/Time to do something has to be understood properly and then it can be applied usefully to make our lives and works easy. So, let’s understand this concept on the basis of following points – 

System of Hora. 
Finding the Auspicious Time for any work.
Day Hora/Night Hora
Rahu Kaal
Abhijit Hora
Things I will consider. 

So, let’s try to learn things one after the other – 

System of Hora – Hora literally means Hour. System of Hora was founded since ancient times when ancient sages decided on which day to be called by which name and hence probably first ever calendar/panchange was made. The basic concept was that every day when it begins is ruled by the planet related with a particular day. As Sun is the King among planets, 1st day of the week was given to Sun as Sunday. That means Sun rules the 1st hour of Sunday and also the whole of Sunday. Then they divided 24 hours of Sunday into 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. It was done as per timing of Sunrise & Sunset. As Sunrise happens every day at different times, counting of hours started at different times, although only few minutes here and there. Then they assigned rulership of planets to each hour of the day. Although, Sun will rule whole of Sunday but then 2nd hour of Sunday will be ruled by Venus as rulership of planets per hour go back by two planets. It is like day before Sunday is Saturday ruled by Saturn and day before Saturday is Friday ruled by Venus. So, rulership of planets per hour will go back by two planets. So, 2nd hour of Sunday will be ruled by Venus. Likewise, 3rd hour of Sunday will be ruled by Mercury (Wednesday is 2 days before Friday and ruled by Mercury). Like this, going back 2 planets, hour rulership was assigned. So, the whole of Sunday will be ruled by Sun but its 12 hours during day time will be ruled by 12 different planets in the order given above. Likewise, then 12 hours of night will be ruled by 12 different planets in the same order one after the other. Then next day will be Monday as the 1st hour of Sunrise will automatically come with Moon as ruling planet. Whole of Monday will be ruled by Moon but then again Monday was divided into 12 hours of day time and 12 hours of night time as per Sunrise & Sunset timing and hours were given rulership of planets as per the rule given above. Like this, not only rulership of the day was assigned but hourly rulership was also given to planets. 

Finding the Auspicious Time for any work – Now, comes the main question as to how to find the auspicious time for any important work. And here, we will come to know why it was important to give hourly rulership to planets even after deciding which planet rules the whole day?

So, this depends on few things – 
  • What is the work itself?
  • Which house of your chart rules over that work?
  • Which planet is lord of that house? 
  • Which planet is the karaka of that work?
So, first of all we need to see what work/purpose we want to accomplish? Then we need to see that which house of horoscope has portfolio over that work? Like, if I want to apply for a job then it is matter related to Career. I need to see 10th house of Career in my birth chart. Then I need to see which planet is lord of 10th house. So if I am Leo Ascendant, 10th house of Career will have Taurus sign there. Taurus lord is Venus. So, I can apply for new job on Friday as it is ruled by Venus. Here, we also need to check the karaka of the work. So, Sun is the karaka of Career. So another day I can apply for job is on Sunday (considering online applications can be sent on Sunday). Now, comes the importance of giving hourly rulership to planets. Suppose, today is Wednesday and last day of application. Now, you can’t wait till Friday or Sunday. Now, look for the hour that is ruled by Venus (10th house lord) or Sun (karaka of Career) to apply for a job. Needless to say that best results can be expected when work is done on the day and hour both are ruled by the house lord or karaka. Like, in this example, best result can be expected when I apply on Friday in Venus ruled hour or on Sunday in Sun ruled hour. Likewise for other works, we should look first at the work involved, the planet that rules that work in our chart and then karaka of that work. Like, if you want to start a Business. Mercury is karaka of Business. Suppose 10th house lord is Mars being Cancer Ascendant. Start it on Wednesday in hour of Mercury or Mars, preferably Mercury. 

Now, some precautions to be taken while deciding the date and time of work – 

  • Sun, Mars & Saturn are malefic planets. So, on their days, i.e. Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday, do only those works which they are karaka of. Like Sun is karaka of Career, Mars is karaka of Real Estate & Property and Saturn is karaka of Career again. So, these works are advisable on days of malefic planets. 
  • Mercury, Moon, Jupiter and Venus are benefic planets. Here, we can begin different kind of works as benefic planets are providers and they don’t take away things. So, days & hours of benefic planets are advised to begin any new auspicious work. With days related to benefics, you will have more hours ruled by benefics, so more auspicious timings are available during these days. 
  • Ascendant Lord represents the person himself and day of birth of person is also directly related to person himself. So, the day of ascendant lord and the day on which person was born is always auspicious. So, if you want to do something exclusively for yourself then choose the day of your ascendant lord or day of your birth. It doesn’t matter then if it is benefic or malefic, but the work should be exclusively for yourself. It should not be like going to meet someone for marriage or starting a business where you have to deal with people. 
  • If Jupiter, while transit, is sitting/aspecting the house which rules over your work then chances of getting a favourable result increases manifold. 

Day Hora/Night Hora – There is a divisional chart with name Hora Chart. It is D-2 chart and is normally seen as a Wealth Chart. But its other importance is that it shows which hora a person is born into. It can have only 2 ascendants, either Cancer Ascendant (ruled by Moon) or Leo Ascendant (ruled by Sun). So, if someone’s D-2 chart is showing Cancer Ascendant that means he is born in night hora and if it is Leo Ascendant then he is born in day hora. Hence, doing some work in day time horas are more beneficial for someone who is Leo Ascendant in D-2 chart and doing some work in night time horas are more beneficial for someone who is Cancer Ascendant in D-2 chart. 

Rahu Kaal – Rahu Kaal must be avoided during the day to begin any new work. As Rahu is a malefic planet and causes illusion, it might be the case that while beginning a new work you might be under illusion. Hence, it should be avoided. Another interpretation can be as Rahu is demon planet, it doesn’t co-operate in any auspicious work. Rahu Kaal is normally a period of 1.5 hours every day. You can get info about all the timings or Muhurt, Hora and Rahu Kaal etc from this link - http://www.drikpanchang.com/. 

Abhijit Hora – Opposite of Rahu Kaal is Abhijit Hora. This makes life easy. It is an auspicious time during midday which approximately lasts for 50 minutes. Abhijit Hora is capable of destroying innumerable Doshas and it is considered one of the best time to start all sort of auspicious works. Abhijit Hora can be chosen for day-to-day life activities without going into intricacies of finding a suitable Muhurat for the day.

Things I will consider – For me, following will be the steps to find the right time to do any work – 

  • Birth Chart – As always, I will 1st look if birth chart is promising success in the work which my client is asking? It should be a long term success, not short term affair. 
  • Mahadasha/Antardasha – Then I will see if right MD/AD has started to gain the success as promised by planets in birth chart. Venture must be supported by MD planet to have any long term success. 
  • Transits of Planets – Transits of MD/AD planets and the planet which is karaka of that venture. I will always prefer to have Moon as waxing during the transit or if it is waning then it should be well placed in a favourable sign or with other benefics like Jupiter. Waxing Moon or good positioned Moon on the day of event shows growing benefits out of venture, especially if it is a new business. Also, I would avoid any date which is plus/minus 5 days of Solar/Lunar Eclipse. Again, this time can cause illusion and you may be mislead during eclipse time to start something which you may avoid. 
  • Then, finally I will go through this process of finding the right auspicious time for any work. 
Conclusion – It is very easy to say that all days are made by God and then neglect/ignore the importance given to a particular day by same God. Yes, all days are made by God and then all days are also ruled by different planets which are representations of same God. Then these planets are known to give different results as per their nature. So, you can’t expect Saturn to give you good relation, for that you have to look towards Venus. Likewise, you can’t expect Moon to give you authority, for that you have to see how Sun is treating you. So, it is always better to keep some additional knowledge/information which can be of some help in future. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • Nice article sir... Easiest article I ever seen on muhurtas.Thank you :)

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