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Mars Saturn Conjunction and Other Important Transits & Dates.

As we keep on getting news of latest terrorist attacks from around the world, I am bound to revisit all important transits of this year after 6-7 months have passed. Please consider this article as sequel of my earlier article on transit (http://astrosaxena.com/step2016) at the beginning of the year, in which I tried to alert you guys of the upcoming transits during this year. As we have seen this year has really turned the heat as terrorists attack and stressful situations keep forming, both nationally and internationally, it is perfect time to revisit the annual transit once more to make ourselves aware of any foreseeable problem. Let’s try to see how these transits may impact at World Level and Individual Level. 

As I always do, let’s break this analysis on following points –

1. Mars – Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio.
2. Rahu in Leo.
3. Solar Eclipse in September.
4. Neptune-Ketu-Mars Conjunction in Aquarius.
5. At individual level.
6. Ketu in Aquarius.

I will keep Jupiter away from this analysis as it is changing its sign from Leo to Virgo in Aug, 2016. So, it won’t have much of impact on this grand trine combination between Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. So, let’s begin –

Mars – Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio – So, Mars entered Scorpio in February this year where it joined Saturn. Actually, they never got closely conjunct to each other. Mars was about 10 degrees away from Saturn when it started retrograde in April. Real events began as Mars completed its retrograde motion and stationed in Libra. A stationed planet is super powerful. At that time the news of Istanbul Terrorist Attack came and now as Mars is again in Scorpio and moving towards Saturn things are getting more and more intense. Terrorist Attacks are becoming a daily affair. There seems to be no fear in minds of Terrorist Organizations. Turkey, France, Germany, US, Bangladesh, Kabul etc. It seems no area in world is untouchable for them. Here, we need to be very careful as Mars gets closed to Saturn. Right now, Mars is at about 3 degree Scorpio and Saturn is about 16 degree Scorpio retrograde. With every passing day, they will come closer and on 23rd Aug, 2016, they both will meet at 15 degree Scorpio and this time Saturn will be stationed. Avoid any travel in the week of 20th Aug please. Some extreme violent event is about to happen in Aug. At least for that week of 20th Aug, I seriously advise everyone to please stay home. I am very serious about it. At the same time, avoid Alcohol and food from outside. Mars represents Bloodshed, Saturn rules Death and Scorpio rules Sudden Events like Accidents or Terrorist Attacks. I sincerely request again to stay home please in the week of 20th Aug as Mars closes in towards Saturn.

2. Rahu in Leo – One of the ways to find out what will happen in future in a particular planetary transit is to check what happened earlier when same transit happened? Currently, Rahu is in Leo. Last time Rahu was in Leo in 1998. What happened then? India did Nuclear Tests followed by Pakistan’s. These events lead to extreme stress between 2 countries. And we are seeing this again since last 1 month or so. Due to prevailing situations in Kashmir, both countries are again at conflicts. This is the time to practice patience and work for common good. And it is not only in India. It seems all nations are ready to settle some old scores against each other. Time to show restrain.

3. Solar Eclipse in September – Time when this Rahu in Leo will really show its impact is when we have Solar Eclipse on Sep 1st. Leo is ruled by Sun. Leo and Sun both represents Leaders. So, as Sun goes into eclipse, this may be a time when there is harm/danger to any world leader. Another thing is that eclipse will occur at Sun at 15 degree of Leo. Sounds familiar? Right? On 23rd Aug, Mars-Saturn getting conjunct at 15 degree Scorpio and after a week Sun is getting eclipsed at same degree in Leo. Actually, 15 degree is mid-point of any zodiac sign and here the power of sign really gets intensified. So, expect some intense events near eclipse time. During the same time, Ketu will join Neptune in Aquarius at 15 degree. This really makes it a case of some intense violent event around eclipse time. At the same time, Sun also comes out of eclipse which represents a Truth coming out of darkness. So, after eclipse is over, there may be some realization or new truth coming to the fore. As Buddha said – “
3 things can’t be hidden for a long time. The Sun, The Moon and The Truth”. So, World is about to see some truth. And it always happens. Deeper the Darkness, Nearer is the Dawn. From this dark time of Terrorism only, we would gain higher consciousness to realize the value of peace and love for each other.

4. Neptune-Ketu-Mars Conjunction in Aquarius – After Sep 18, Mars will leave Scorpio and we will feel things to be little relieved but then towards the end of the year, it will enter Aquarius and join Ketu and Neptune. Again, a time when Violent Attacks can take place. It will be Christmas and New Year time. Again, advice is the same. Stay Home please. Celebrate New Year with Family. There are far more important people at home than outside.

5. At individual level- So, how all this is going to impact at Individual Level?

a. It depends on where the signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius fall as per your Ascendant. You need to take care of things related to those houses. Like, for Aries Ascendant person, he needs to be careful about 5th house, 8th house and 11th house related matters as these 3 signs are falling in these houses respectively. Precaution while Driving and eating/drinking habits is common for all. Saturn-Mars in Scorpio will signify accident for everyone. So, we need to be careful. As Sun signifies Father and Career, we need to be careful about Father’s Health and Career related matters. Person’s own health may also be a cause for concern as Sun signifies our own vitality too.

b. As Mars and Saturn come close in Scorpio, Venus will go through its tough transit of the year when it passed through Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Venus is not happy in Cancer and Leo and it is debilitated in Virgo. Actually, when Venus is in Cancer, we make unnecessary emotional compromises just to keep relation going. When Venus is in Leo after about 25 days, we feel frustrated out of making compromises and try to show authority and ego. And then relation goes through turmoil when Venus is in Virgo. It leads to conflict. So, as Venus goes through this transit and at the same time Mars and Saturn close-in, it is an ideal scenario of break in relations, either married or not. So, we need to be restraint thereto.

6. Ketu in Aquarius – So, is it all bad and gloomy? Nope. As I said, Deeper the Darkness, Nearer is the Dawn. This is also the time when new level of higher consciousness can be achieved. Neptune-Ketu in Aquarius signifies that World will get guidance of some new Enlightened Being towards Peace. It also shows new Scientific and Technological inventions. Not to forget that last 2 times when Ketu had transit into Aquarius, two of greatest inventions happened. In 1979 Ketu had a transit into Aquarius and in 1979 only, after a tour of Xerox PARC, Steve Jobs saw the commercial potential of the Xerox Alto, which was mouse-driven and had a Graphical User Interface (GUI) (Courtesy - Wikipedia). Then in 1997, Ketu came back to Aquarius and PC and Internet became household things through Microsoft when Bill Gates pledged to fill every home with a PC. Besides this, Ketu in Aquarius is an excellent placement for Spiritual Development of people and for someone who is regularly into Meditation. So, we will have light coming our way from 2 sources, i.e. Science and Spirituality.

Hope this covers maximum points and is helpful.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer. 

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