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Direction of Movement of Planets.

So, now we come to the next lesson of Astrology, i.e. direction of movement of the planets. There are two types of directions of planetary movement. a. Direct and b. Retrograde.

Now, to understand movement, please refer to this chart. It is a Taurus Ascendant chart, as Taurus (2nd number sign) is placed in the Ascendant and after that all other signs from Gemini to Aries occupied 2nd house to 12th house respectively.

Direct Movement - Direct movement of planets is when planets move in anti-clock wise direction, means from Taurus (1st house) to Gemini (2nd house) to Cancer (3rd house) till Aries in 12th house. When a planet moves like this it is called Direct Movement of Planet.

Retrograde Movement - Quite opposite to direct movement, when a planet start moving clock wise direction, i.e. from 12th house to 11th house to 10th house, that is called Retrograde Movement.

Sun and Moon are always direct moving planets. They never retrograde because if they retrograde or move in reverse direction then world will come to an end as their movement causes day and night.

Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde. They never move direct.

Other planets are retrograde and direct at different times. It depends on the distance between these planets and Sun. So, as I told every zodiac sign is 30 degree long. Every planet is sitting at a particular degree in a zodiac sign. Like today Sun is at 18* at Scorpio, which means Sun has already entered the Scorpio sign and covered 18* out of total 30* of Scorpio. Now, every planet can be at a particular maximum distance from Sun, it cant go beyond that. Like, Mercury cant be beyond 28* away from Sun. So, if Sun is at 1* Scorpio then Mercury can be maximum at 29* Scorpio and not beyond that and once it touches 29*, it will start moving backwards (retrograde) and come back to 28* Scorpio then 27* Scorpio then 26* Scorpio.

One of the easiest way to find which planet is retrograde in your horoscope and which is direct is to check if any planet in horoscope (see attached pic) is accompanied by R. Like in attached picture, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are accompanied by (R).

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