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Moon Mahadasha

So, let's begin with our post of Moon's Mahadasha. What we can expect if we are going through 10 years time period of Moon's Mahadasha?

Well, as I told you the different results a particular Mahadasha can bring in life, Moon's Mahadasha will act in similar way. It will activate the house where Moon is placed, the house where Moon is aspecting, the house where Cancer is placed as Moon is lord of Cancer, the houses where planets are placed in Moon ruled Nakshatras (Rohini, Hasta, Sravana) and the house where lord of Nakshatra is placed in which Moon is sitting. So, all these positions will be different for everyone. But apart from all these, Moon also represent few things which are common for everyone.

So, Moon represents Mind, Mental Peace, Mother and Motherly Figures in life, Stomach Part of Body. Home and Home Environment, Taking care of people, as it is related to taking care of people, it represents medical and nursing profession, it represents restaurants and hotels as they also take care of people, it also represents Local/State Level Government, it also represents interest in poetry or writing.

Now, if Moon is well placed in horoscope like in Taurus (exalted), Cancer (own sign) or friendly signs, then during Moon's Mahadasha 1st of all, what you have in life is mental peace, no matter what is going on in your life and how world is treating, you will always find some reason to think positive and leave the rest to God. You would get benefits from your mother, it may also signify the time of buying a home, it can give you jobs or promotions in state government jobs. You might think of opening a hotel or restaurant or find any other way of taking care of people. You might get a job as care taker at a hospital if you are in that field.
Now, if Moon is debilitated in Scorpio with no other benefic aspect or hemmed between a Paap Kartari Yoga, then during Moon Mahadasha, a person will have lots of unwanted and imaginary fears in mind, relationship with mother may go down. Person may have health issues related with stomach. He may get into troubles with state governments. So, majority of things which were giving good results when Moon is placed well, will go for a toss.

Let's see impact of Mars Mahadasha tomorrow.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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