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Meaning of Moon's aspect through Houses for Cancer Ascendant.

Today, meaning of Moon's aspect through Houses for Cancer Ascendant

Let’s take a look at those things which matter here –

Moon - It represents Mind, Emotions, Mother, Local Government, Peace of Mind, Home Environment, Water, Milk etc.

For Cancer Ascendant people, Moon rules the 1st house of chart with its sign Cancer. So, let’s look at 1st house and Cancer too.

1st house/Ascendant - It is your self, personality, overall health, life path and head in human body etc.

Cancer - It is 4th sign of Zodiac Belt, hence it represents the things represented by 4th house like Mother, Mother's care, Emotions and Nourishment etc. Cancer's lord is Moon.

What will Moon do in Aspect?
– Now, Moon can be sitting in any house of chart for Cancer Ascendant person.1st of all, Moon will take the energy of house of chart, it rules with Cancer sign, and take it to the house where it sits. Then from the house it sits, it will throw its aspect on the 7th house from its place. As Moon represents Emotions, Mind, Care and Motherhood, Moon's aspect on a house will show where person wants to feel emotionally connected to the things which it rules with its sign Cancer.

Things which I still can’t cover – Although, I am trying to make it a detailed analysis of planetary aspects but I still can’t cover few things like Moon conjunct with other planets, if there are planets in 7th house from Moon where it aspects in which case those planets will aspect back at Moon and impact it, and planets aspecting Moon from other houses. That’s why, no matter how detailed analysis you do in Astrology, there are still few things uncovered and that just shows the limits of Human Efforts.

Now, let’s see the meaning and impact of Moon's aspect through different houses for Cancer Ascendant people.

Moon in 1st house – Here, Moon is in own sign.This shows a very emotional attachment towards Self and Mother. This person is always concerned about self, mother & home. They are concerned to the extent of being selfish. They are highly emotional but emotions are limited to self, mother & home. Moon's aspect on 7th house shows that they seek same emotional bond with other people/masses and spouse. They find peace of mind if they are able to emotionally connect with spouse.

Moon in 2nd house – Moon is in Leo here. It shows a person who is very much emotionally inclined towards his family and mother. Their mind is all about taking care of family, mother and wealth. Moon's aspect on 8th house suggests that they seek same emotional attachment from in-laws family. They find their mental peace and balance when they are able to emotionally connect with in-laws and mystic world.

Moon in 3rd house – Moon is in Virgo here. This person will be more critical, analytical and perfectionist to his siblings though emotional and mother-like relation will be there. They will be equally perfectionist in their communications and teaching. And to perfect their communications as such, they get inclined towards 9th house of higher learning and teachers. Their mind gets inclined towards higher education so that they can be perfect with their communications and teachings.

Moon in 4th house – Here, Moon is in Libra. This shows that person's emotional balance comes when he has a balanced relation with Mother and at home. As Libra is sign of Business, with Moon's aspect on 10th house of career, it shows that they may be inclined towards careers of home based business or taking care or nurturing people like in medicines. They are emotionally attached with their work and colleagues.

Moon in 5th house – Moon is debilitated here. This shows that person is emotionally inclined towards love, romance and children but as Moon is debilitated, he will get into wrong relations. This shows a love life full of emotional ups/downs. It also shows an inclination towards education of occult. Moon's aspect on 11th house suggests desire to be attached to some higher humanitarian cause, social welfare. They also like to have emotional connection with elder siblings.

Moon in 6th house – Moon is in Sagittarius here. This shows a life path towards jobs/services, but more so in healing and nourishing people. They do it through their higher education. Moon's aspect on 12th house confirms that they are emotionally inclined towards spirituality and utilize it for healing/helping people. It also shows their inclination towards working in hospitals. If they are in jobs then Moon's aspect shows inclination towards serving in Foreign Lands/Foreign Companies.

Moon in 7th house – Moon is in Capricorn here. As Moon is in enemy sign ruled by Saturn, it shows a mind which is totally inclined towards relationships. But as Moon is in enemy sign, person won't get into fruitful relations in early life. Things will improve from 30s. Then Moon's aspect on Ascendant shows that they will find emotional & mental balance when they are able to connect to other people/spouse.

Moon in 8th house – Moon is in Aquarius, again ruled by Saturn & Rahu. Moon is also in Marana Karaka position here. It shows that mind feels stressed/pressured due to constant sudden events in life. It also shows a person in scientific and technological research. This person finds peace when he gets involved in research oriented work. Moon's aspect on 2nd house shows that person seeks emotional attachment/help from Family as he goes through transformations of 8th house.

Moon in 9th house – Moon is in Pisces here, a Spiritual Mind. This person is all about higher learning, religion, spirituality and being a Teacher. His mind is all about teaching and guiding others. They can be best spiritual Gurus. Moon's aspect on 3rd house shows an emotional way of communication/counselling and teaching. It also shows an emotional relation with siblings. A very good placement for Moon. Mother becomes person's Guru.

Moon in 10th house – Moon will be in Aries here. This shows a person who is totally inclined towards Career. Their mind is all about their Career. They feel great about self only when they are able to make a good career for themselves. It can be a Career in Medical/Nursing field. Moon's aspect on 4th house also suggest that they wish to nurture and take care of people in private surroundings. This also shows an emotional connection with home and mother.

Moon in 11th house – Here, Moon gets exalted in Taurus. This shows a person who is on the path of working for humanitarian causes and bringing social welfare by nurturing and taking care of people. They may be working in Health related Groups/NGOs/Medical Institutes where they help and heal people. Moon's aspect on 5th house shows a natural inclination towards taking care of children or people in transformative situations in life.

Moon in 12th house – Moon is in Gemini here. This shows a person who is highly imaginative, lives in his own world, creative, business minded and one who will get success only after moving away from birth place. They can be great authors. Moon's aspect on 6th house shows that they want to use their imagination, creativity and business of 12th house to heal/help people in removing their obstacles in life. As 6th house/12th house are involved, and Moon naturally represents Medical Career, it also indicates a Doctor/Nurse.

So, this is a basic idea of how Moon's aspect will work in different houses for Cancer Ascendant people. Emotions and Care will remain factors with Moon, no matter it is exalted or debilitated. Exalted Moon means a nurturing & caring emotions whereas Debilitated Moon means Controlling Emotions.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post comments and queries, if any.


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer 

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