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Mars Mahadasha

So, let's begin with our post of Mars' Mahadasha. What we can expect if we are going through 7 years time period of Mars' Mahadasha?

Well, as I told you the different results a particular Mahadasha can bring in life, Mars' Mahadasha will act in similar way. It will activate the house where Mars is placed, the houses where Mars is aspecting, the house where Aries and Scorpio is placed as Mars is lord of both these signs, the houses where planets are placed in Mars ruled Nakshatras (Mrigasira, Chitra, Dhanista) and the house where lord of Nakshatra is placed in which Mars is sitting. So, all these positions will be different for everyone. But apart from all these, Mars also represent few things which are common for everyone.

So, Mars represents our brothers, our male friends, a boyfriend for girl (Please don't misunderstand it with spouse. A husband is represented by Jupiter), our courage, our fighting ability, our strength in times of adversities, land, real estate, risk taking ability, sports involvement, vehicles, accidents, cuts & bruises, any injury which takes out our blood (bone injuries would be an act of Saturn), Surgeries etc.

Now, if Mars is well placed in horoscope like in Capricorn (exalted), Aries and Scorpio (own signs) or friendly signs, then during Mars' Mahadasha 1st of all it will provide you lots of courage and ability to take righteous actions to achieve your goals in life, you will be benefited by your brothers, there is always a possibility of gaining any land or home property during Mars Mahadasha. This time period can also make you a business man as it represents risk taking ability. If Mars is aspecting 10th house or sitting in 10th house, then it shows this person can take any courageous action to achieve anything in his career.

Now, if Mars is debilitated in Cancer with no other benefic aspect, then during Mars' Mahadasha, a person will still take actions but this time he doesn't know how to take any action. As Cancer is sign of emotions and Mars is our fighting ability, this person in Mars' Mahadasha will pick up fights emotionally, he will take actions which are not according to law, there is always a possibility of minor accidents, cuts, bruises and surgeries. One might suffer loses in buying/selling of property.

So, as we can see, in all cases Mahadasha results are based on the dignity of planet involved. If planet is well placed or well aspected, then good results. If not so well placed then not so good results but then there would always be other planets involved somehow through aspects, conjunctions with Mars which will help Mars to give some good results.

Let's see impact of Rahu Mahadasha tomorrow. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • R - dominating , controlling , possessive.

  • If mars is in cancer in 10th house what will be the nature of boyfriend

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